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Programs and Workshops

2022 Lectures and Workshops “A Little Bit of Everything”

In 2022 SRQG is offering a wide range of Programs & Workshops that has something for everyone.

Want to explore quilting techniques from around the world?  Try our Lectures on “The Alluring World of Japanese Quilts” or "Quilting with African Fabrics”.

Interested in Modern Quilting?  We’ve got a lecture from the UK on “What Makes it Modern?” or workshop with Seattle Modern Quilt Artist, David Owen Hastings using indigo fabrics for “Inidgo-Modern”.

Like Arts quilts?  We’ve got an in person Laura Fogg trunk show & workshop of “Collage Quilting” or fun, wonky technique  “Conquer your Fear of Curves w/ Cosmos” workshop.

Traditional Quilting more your style?  We have a Paper Piecing trunk show & workshop by a Judy Neimeyer Certified Instructor and a Lecture & workshop on Baltimore Album quilts.

Want to work on your Design skills?  How about a lectures on “Approaching Quilts as a Graphic Designer” or “Got Color”?

How about hand work & appliqué ?  We have workshops on “Double Friendship Knot” and “Baltimore Blooms”

Are you interested in trying a class, but don’t want to spend $40?  Try one of our 3 hour mini workshops, “Quilted in a Flash” or Ankara String Quilting”, offered this year at a reduced rate of $25!

How about a chance to add to your fabric stash w/ some global fabrics?  We have the chance to do some online shopping for Japanese fabrics @ Okan Arts in Seattle and African fabrics @ Cultured Expressions on the East Coast (one of our speakers does yearly buying trips to Africa).

Want to meet the teachers or get info about their workshops BEFORE signing up for a workshop?  We’ll provide links to teacher’s videos, pictures of their work, and class descriptions.  We also plan to have some of the teachers drop in via zoom in advance, so you can meet them before signing up for a workshop.

Want to join in some in person workshops?  Both the collage quilting & paper piecing workshops will be  in person.

Prefer Zoom?  All of our lectures and many of our workshops will be on Zoom, so you can join in from home.  Many of the Zoom Workshops are broken into 2 three hour workshops, some are 6 hours and some are the 3 hour mini workshops.  

Reservations for upcoming classes are OPEN NOW, so don’t miss out.  Sign up now by contacting Elaine Ramires

For more information on upcoming programs, workshops & teachers, including supply lists and pictures of quilts,  please check out the SRQG Workshop website 


“Content, Concept & Quilts: Approaching Quilts as a Graphic Designer” with Sheri Cifaldi Morrill

Jan 20th, 2022 to Jan 20th, 2022


Our own life experiences can play a big role in our work as quilters. In this virtual online presentation and trunk show Sheri will share how she applies her graphic design training and practices to design quilts while showing a selection of her award-winning quilts. Come hear, see and be inspired as Sheri describes her creative journey and process.

Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill is a designer, quilt pattern publisher, award-winning quilter and educator. As a trained and practicing graphic designer, her quilts start with a concept and research shapes the design. Sheri strives to enhance people’s everyday lives through beautiful meaningful design. Through sharing her work and teaching, she loves to empower and inspire others to enjoy the process of making.

Sheri’s quilts have gained international recognition, including awards from QuiltCon, International Quilt Festival, Quilt Week/Paducah and the Modern Quilt Guild. As an active member of the modern quilt community, Sheri collaborates with leading industry organizations such as Aurifil, Janom Art Gallery Fabrics, Oliso, Ruby Star Society, and The Warm Company. She designed, created and filmed two segments for Fresh Quilting, a public television show co-produced by the Modern Quilt Guild and KS Productions.

Learn more about Sheri and her work at

Watch Sheri’s intro Video at

“Double Friendship Knot” with Sheri Cifaldi Morrill

Jan 21st, 2022 to Jan 28th, 2022

10 am - 1 pm PST and Jan 28, 2022 10 am- 1 pm

This is a machine sewing + handwork class, taught by Sheri Cifaldi-Morrill of Whole Circle Studio.
Learn how to make the Double Friendship Knots mini quilt (18” x 18”). This block incorporates foundation paper piecing on a machine and hand needle-turn appliqué. In the first class, students will foundation paper piece their “scrappy knots” on a sewing machine. In the second class, we’l slow it down and kick back with some handwork— learning how to prepare the appliqué and how to apply the layered motif by alternating basting and needle-turn appliqué techniques. Along the way, Sheri will share all of her tips and tricks for both foundation paper piecing and needle-turn appliqué. When complete, students can make their mini quilt into a wall hanging or pillow. It makes an excellent gift for a friend, partner, or special couple.

All skill levels—confident beginner to advanced are welcome! Previous experience with foundation paper piecing is helpful, but not required.

No kit required - use your stash!  Pattern included in price of class

“The History and Mystery of the Baltimore Album Quilt” with Jaimie Davis

Feb 17th, 2022 to Feb 17th, 2022


Formerly a scientist, Jaimie Davis is an award-winning quilter who began quilting in 1993. In addition to making quilts, she designs patterns, kits and technique-based workshops and travels widely to teach for quilt guilds, retreats and quilting festivals.

Her work has been shown in national and international exhibits including the International Quilt Show in Houston, Texas and the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara, California.

Jaimie draws inspiration from color and curvy lines and loves to add a touch of whimsey to every project.

The history of the Baltimore Album Quilt is a fascinating journey into an America headed for the Civil War.  Discover how the Industrial Revolution, the struggle over slavery and the social and moral climate of the time contributed to this beautiful art form.  Through stories, Jaimie will explore how the demise of Baltimore Album quilts leads us into the hearts and minds of the women who made them, and find out how a pregnancy, a Christmas gift, and a quilt class gone horribly wrong helps to explain the mystery of why these quilts disappeared almost overnight.  It’s a funny, provocative, and insightful look into some of America’s most beautiful treasures. 

Learn more about Jaimie and her work at

Watch Jaimie’s intro Video 

Baltimore Blooms with Jaimie Davis

Feb 18th, 2022 to Feb 25th, 2022


This class is a great introduction to the art of Baltimore Album Quilt making.  Students will learn the basics of hand appliqué, the dimensional floral technique of ruching, and hand embroidery.  The focus is on freezer paper on the bottom method of appliqué, which is ideal for beginners, but this class is easily adapted for advanced students. 


Kit fee is $10 or you can order the complete kit w/ fabric & ribbons for $45

“Got Colour?” with Linda Sullivan

Mar 17th, 2022 to Mar 17th, 2022


Boost your colour confidence and learn to use every colour of the rainbow in your quilts.   Linda will discuss the basics of colour theory, demonstrate colour concepts, mood boards and share her tips and tricks on how to find colour inspiration in everyday objects to inspire, infuse and ignite the colour in your next quilting project.

 It’s no surprise that Linda and Carl love color and love creating colorful contemporary fabric designs and patterns!

With over 20 years experience as a professional designers and quiltmakers, Linda and Carl are intensely passionate about bold bright colors and gorgeous pattern designs. Always searching for a twist on the traditional, their quilt patterns are well known for their modern look, spontaneous movement and fearless use of color.

Today, they reside in Palm Desert, California and enjoy collaborating together in their design company, Colourwerx and traveling across the country to share their love of color, quilting and contemporary design.

Learn more about Linda & Carl’s work at

Conquer Your Fear of Sewing Curves with Cosmos with Linda Sullivan

Mar 18th, 2022 to Mar 25th, 2022

Mar 18, 2022 10 am- 1 pm and Mar 25, 2022 10 am- 1pm 

Liberated slash ‘n sew strips come together in a traditional drunkard’s path block to form the gorgeous, strippy, 22 inch diameter Comsos circle. This workshop is perfect for beginning or advanced students to learn fun, easy and wonky strip piecing while conquering their fear of sewing curves with Linda’s easy tips and tricks. 

Use your stash or a strip set/jelly roll.  Pattern included in class fee!

Click here to watch a trailer on the Cosmos Class

The Alluring World of Japanese Quilts with Patricia Belyea

Apr 21st, 2022 to Apr 21st, 2022

On Zoom

A creative quilt maker, speaker and teacher, Patricia co-owns Okan Arts with her daughter Victoria. The small family business imports vintage Japanese textiles for adventuresome quilters. Patricia is the author of East-Meets-West Quilts, a book about making improv quilts with Japanese fabrics. 

Join Patricia Belyea as she takes you on a virtual tour of the Tokyo Quilt Festival. Then get swept away to a chusen-dyeing workshop where you watch the elaborate hand-dyeing process.  Patricia finishes with a trunk show of her quilts made with Japanese cottons and talk about how the fabrics inspired her quilt compositions.  

Learn more about Patricia & her Japanese textiles (available at her store in Seattle for purchase online) at

Indigo-Modern with David Owen Hastings

Apr 22nd, 2022 to Apr 22nd, 2022

Workshop: 9am - 3pm
On Zoom

David is a quilter, graphic designer, print and textile artist, and a former President of the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild. He creates contemporary art and modern minimal quilt and textile designs. David’s creative approach to modern quilting has led to a busy schedule of workshops and lectures on quilting, branding for artists, art and textile techniques.

Indigo-Modern  From classic kimonos to denim jeans, indigo has been used by many cultures for dyeing cloth, and the Japanese have refined the use of indigo to an art form. This is the class to use all those lovely blue and white shibori fabrics you’ve dyed yourself, or use carefully curated blue and white fabrics from your stash.

Each participant will develop a simple geometric block design based on unfolded origami shapes, set a theme and create variations, and combine them into the beginning of a fresh and modern mini quilt top

We will start out by stitching practice blocks from blue and white paper, to explore composition using minimal, modern shapes           inspired by origami. A PDF will be supplied with blue and white images of fabric, which you can print at home or at a local copy center.

We’ll then translate our ideas to fabric, and I will demonstrate simple pattern making using cereal box cardboard. If you don’t have any Japanese-inspired blue and white fabric already, I recommend purchasing vintage Japanese yukata cotton fabric from Note that Oban Arts will reopen Jan 2022.  Please stick to the blue and white theme. You will want to have some solid dark blues plus some whites/creams to blend with the patterned fabrics.

Click on this link for a preview of the Workshop


Collage Quilting with Laura Fogg

May 19th, 2022 to May 19th, 2022

In Person

I have been an art quilter for twenty-five years. My work is shown regularly in major quilt shows across the country, including Visions, Quilt National, and numerous SAQA shows. Articles and photos of my work have been published in most of the quilting magazines in the US, as well as in a number of national and international books and calendars on art quilting. I have also been featured in two documentary films (one by the American Quilters Society and the other by Lifetime TV in conjunction with the Vagina Monologues production) and on the Alex Anderson show.

I am the recipient of two art-related awards in Mendocino County- the Women’s Art: Women’s Vision award in 2008 and the Art Champion award in 2012.

I have lived all of my adult life in Mendocino County, where I worked for 30 years as a teacher of the visually impaired. In that capacity I won the Schoolmaster of the Year award in 2011. I am now retired.

I was an art history major at UC Berkeley, with a minor in art, and I have a Masters in Education from CA State University-San Francisco. I am mostly a self-taught quilter, though I studied briefly under Natasha Kempers-Kullen many years ago. I currently lecture and teach art quilting classes and retreats throughout northern California.

Collage Quilting with Laura Fogg

May 20th, 2022 to May 20th, 2022

Workshop: 9 am- 3:30 

Expect this to be a fun, creative, beginner-friendly, out-of-the-box class. You do not need to have any quilting skills besides basic knowledge of how to do freehand machine quilting on your home sewing machine, nor do you need to be a recognized artist. You will discover the “artist within” as you play with the fabrics of your choice to create a small (about 18”x24”’) collage wall quilt. Subject matter can be a landscape, a still life, or even a fantasy scene… whatever moves you to want to create it in fabric. You will start with a photo of

your chosen scene for inspiration and beyond that your own imagination is the limit. (One caution though… for beginners it is smart to avoid subjects that include people, pets or complicated architecture. You will get frustrated trying to get the perspective and details “right.” It will be more fun to stick to nature scenes, where nothing you do can possibly be “wrong.”)

Basic technique is raw-edge fabric collage, where cut or torn pieces of fabric (and/or other materials) are layered and freely arranged to create as much or as little detail in your piece as you see fit. Nothing is pinned or sewn until you are happy with your design, so the stakes are low and the composition can be changed infinitely. There are no patterns, no directions, and no rules.

The piece you create in class can be machine quilted in class or at home.

“What Makes it Modern?” with Judy Kirk (From England!)

Jun 16th, 2022 to Jun 16th, 2022


Modern quilts are being featured more and more in books, magazine and shows. So, what makes a quilt “Modern” and how does it differ from other quilt styles?

As an international quilt judge and member of both the Modern section of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and the Modern Quilt Guild, I can bring a unique insight to this topic.

In this talk I look at the current definitions of Modern quilts and illustrate what the terms mean. You will gain a better understanding of what makes a quilt Modern and may find that you have been “quilting modern” without knowing it!

With my wonderful, supportive husband, I live in Canterbury, England- a World Heritage site roughly 70 miles from London. We have one son, who lives and works in London.

I enjoy all kids of patchwork and quilting but I particularly love the bold designs of modern quilts.  I am a member of both the Modern section of the Quilters Guild of the British Isles and also the US-based intention Modern Quilt Guild.

Having spent two years undertaking the Quilter’s Guild of the British Isles quilt judging course, I am certified to jury and judge all types of quilts world wide.  Currently serving on the Quilters Guild judging committee, I organize the judging for the Festival of Quilts - the biggest Quilt Show in Europe- and have been privileged to help judge Best in Show for a number of years.  I was recently on the jury for the Quilt Around the World competition based in Munich, Germany. 

I have just completed organizing the judging for the Festival of Quilts first virtual show, where we had over 650 entries from around the world.

Check out Judi’s website

“Quilted in a Flash” with Judy Kirk

Jun 17th, 2022 to Jun 17th, 2022

Workshop: 9am - 12noon

You may love to free motion quilt yourself, or it’s an easy and effective option to “quilt by chequebook” and send tops to be longarmed, but what to do with charity quilts, baby quilts for your neighbours’ relatives, etc. when you may not want to spend a lot of time or money to get a quilt finished.

Use the walking foot on your domestic sewing machine combined with straight or decorative stitches to create a host of easy designs that will get your “duty” quilting finished faster and easier than you ever imagined! You may find that you like the look of this quilting style so much that you use it for all your quilts. 


“Quilting with African Fabrics” with Lisa Shepard Stewart

Jul 21st, 2022 to Jul 21st, 2022

On Zoom

Lisa Shepard Stewart is a writer and fiber artist, and the owner of Cultured Expressions. She promotes the creative use of African textiles for sewing, quilting, home decor and crafts. After successfully running her business online for 17 years, Lisa opened CE's first studio location in downtown Rahway, NJ in December 2017. Here, she offers a curated selection of fabrics and embellishments, plus events and lots of creative inspiration, whether in person, online, and virtually.

Quilting with African Fabrics

Lecture / presentation focusing on African textiles and how Lisa uses them to create quilts, accessories, home decor and crafts. You’ll gain lots of inspiration and creative tips, so be prepared to take notes if desired!  Combines live show-n-tell, slide show images of African artisans, a brief studio tour.

Check out Lisa’s website



“Ankara String Quilt” with Lisa Shepard Stewart

Jul 22nd, 2022 to Jul 22nd, 2022

Workshop: 3 pm - 6 pm Pacific Time (note afternoon workshop time!)

The drama and color of Ankara/ African prints are featured in this fun and addictive project! The key is to achieve a random look we call "Organized Chaos", with a combination of improv block building and Lisa’s tips and tricks.

The workshops guides you through the standard four-block wall hanging, as well as a mini trunk show of other projects beyond the classic wall hanging requiring from one to nine blocks.

SRQG members can book a virtual shopping appt for these African fabrics @


Paper Piecing Trunk show with Jeanette Walton

Aug 18th, 2022 to Aug 18th, 2022

In Person

Jeanette is a Judy Niemeyer Certified Instructor and an award-winning quilter. As both her grandmother and mother were hand quilters, Jeanette believes quilting is in her DNA. In 2008, she took a class with Judy Niemeyer and quickly fell in love with paper piecing and Judy’s patterns. After training with Judy for several years, she became a Certified Instructor in 2014. 

Jeanette loves teaching beginners. Her passion is showing beginning students how easy Judy’s patterns are to read, how organized the patterns are, and how simple to finish if the steps are followed. Her biggest reward is the satisfaction of seeing amazing works of art from beginning students who said, “I could never do that.” In addition to teaching at local quilt shops and guilds, Jeanette enjoys teaching on cruises with Quilt Seminars at Sea, at the Houston Quilt Festival, and Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar. 

“Star Baby” Paper Piecing with Jeanette Walton

Aug 19th, 2022 to Aug 19th, 2022

Workshop:  9:00 am - 3:30 pm
In Person

The Starbaby pattern is fast, easy, and fun! The Lonestar uses only nine strips of 2.5” wide fabric. The  strip sets are cut apart, rearranged and resewn into a diamond star point! Easy Peasy! Choose your background fabric and a border fabric and call it done!  32” x 32” (or 40” x 40” with optional border). Perfect size for a baby quilt!

This workshop also includes a special cutting demo by Jeanette on Zoom BEFORE THE CLASS, so we can all concentrate on sewing in our in-person workshop.