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Technique Sharing Workshops

What is a Technique Sharing Workshop (TSW)? A TSW is a way for guild members to teach a technique they have found especially helpful in improving the quality of their quilts and quilting experience. These workshops are usually 10-15 minutes long and have been taught after general meetings in the past. Now, with the advent of Zoom and YouTube, members can share something they have found, or demonstrate their technique, and have it posted on our Website.

Our guild is thriving because we have volunteers who share their time and talents. If you are looking for a way to be an active member, please consider being the chair of TSW. The chair searches out possible members to teach or share a technique and schedules the workshops for a year.

Accuquilt Die Cutter with Jan Westerman

Mar 21st, 2024 to Mar 21st, 2024

Jan will demonstrate how to use the Die Cutters in the Guild library

Technique Sharing Workshop Plus Free Motion Quilting Workshop with Betty Upchurch

Apr 11th, 2024 to Apr 11th, 2024


Hello all! We have a date and a space for our Technique Sharing Workshop on Pin Basting and Free Motion Quilting. Betty will teach her fantastic Free Motion Quilting class Thursday, April 11, 2024, at the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center, 2050 Yulupa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA from 9:30am to 3:30pm. The Technique Sharing Workshop on pin basting is an old-fashioned way to secure your quilt sandwich with safety pins for the quilting process.  Free Motion Quilting is a super cool way to quilt your quilt with your home sewing machine using feed dogs down and a walking foot. You have freedom to move any direction you like circles, squiggles, flowers, ferns, verses, etc. The workshop is $10.00, and the kit fee is $10.00. This is an incredible opportunity to get your learn on for a great price of $20.00 for a 6-hour workshop! You have to write separate checks, one to Santa Rosa Quilt Guild for the rent, and one to Betty for the quilt sandwich kit (or cash or both). The pin basting will be first on the agenda and Betty has enough safety pins for everyone in addition to the three-layer quilt sandwich kit she supplies. You will need your sewing machine, a walking foot, and colored thread (plus two filled bobbins). There is a refrigerator and a microwave to bring lunch and/or something to share and your own beverages and utensils and a cushion for your tush. We will need volunteers to sign up for set up and clean-up. Do not hesitate to sign up as there are only 10 spots remaining. Let me know.

My contact information is in the guild directory. Betty is an excellent teacher, and she is fun too. Join us as we increase our quilting skills and flourishing inspiration in a lovely space with friends and snacks.

Betty Upchurch, Rhonda Denny, and Chris Rogers at your service.

How to Bind Your Quilt with Vicki David

May 16th, 2024 to May 16th, 2024

During this demonstration I will discuss how to get your quilt ready for binding and how to apply it so that the beginning and ending of the binding is indistinguishable.  I will also show you some tips on how to achieve square corners and keep your quilt from rippling along the edges.

Vicki David

Let’s embellish! When is enough, enough? with Rhonda Denny

Jun 6th, 2024 to Jun 6th, 2024

For me, it is a fine line because my philosophy is: If some is good more is better. I fell in love with embellishing at one of my first SRQG Workshops called ‘Eye Candy’ (although I had been embellishing since I was a child.  Sadly, I do not remember the woman’s name, but I will never forget her words. “You will know when enough is enough, the project will guide you.” And guess what? It Does! I believe it was a November meeting, I asked her, could a person make umpteen of these eye candies before Christmas? She replied, “Yes, with dedication.” I met the challenge. Some of my prettiest pieces ever came from this project.  (See the pink mini- EC# 1)

Thank you so much. See you there!


English Paper Piecing Tips and Tricks with Jan Andrews

Aug 1st, 2024 to Aug 1st, 2024

From the girl who said “I will NEVER make a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. English Paper Piecing is not for me”, a TSW with tips I’ve learned about EPP after years of doing just that.  Join me for some tips and tricks I’ve learned over time. A cardstock page with paper shapes for you to cut out and use at home will be provided at the July 18th meeting.

Big Bags with Genelle Voorhees

Aug 2nd, 2024 to Aug 2nd, 2024

Have you ever found yourself carrying several quilts to Guild or to the Fair and asking yourself ‘what could be done to make this a simpler task?’

You guessed it! Make a Big Quilt Bag with sturdy handles.

Join us for a fun filled day at Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center on Friday, August 2, 2024, to create the Big Bag of your dreams with your imagination plus lots of inspiration from your very clever SRQG members. You are bound to learn at least one new skill and make many new friends.

Sign-ups required. Contact Rhonda to get in the TSW. The fee is $15 per person. Supply list will be released at a future date.

Modern Quilting Trends in 2024 with Toni Anderson

Sep 5th, 2024 to Sep 5th, 2024

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at a modern quilt but weren’t sure where to start?  We will “demystify” the approach to beginning modern quilting by discussing top trends including color, shape, and scale.  2024 trends tie modern and traditional quilting together by combining techniques intrinsic in the quilts you might have seen in your beginning days of quilting.  In addition, I will show you a way to play with improve quilting (one of the 2024 top trends) without wasting your fabric in the process.   


Rhonda Denny's Community Project

Jan 1st, 2025 to Dec 31st, 2023

Hello Good People,

It’s time to update the Baby Closet at Santa Rosa Community Health Lombardi Campus.  After two full years of service, we want to standardize and streamline content for easier access and opportunity. This means we are eliminating and adding baby basics.

The approve list consists of

-          Clothing such as onsies, pajamas, sweatpants, t-shirts and socks. Sizes 0 to 2 years or (24 months)

-          The greatest need is boys, 6 to 9 months. Boys, boys, boys, and gender neutral.

-          Journals for mom’s - any and all. The feedback on journals has been positive. We’ve had plain to beautiful books - some hard cover, some soft, some with pockets, some with locks. These journals encourage dreams, desires, intentions and a feeling of well-being that is mom’s alone.

-          Burp Cloths are used often, many times a day. A fat stack of burpees can be depleted in just a few hours. The most loved burpee pattern can be found on the TSW page.

-          Receiving blankets – one sided with finished edges or two-sided, flannel on flannel or flannel on one side and cotton on the other side.

-          Doll quilts, dollies, or stuffed animals. Also, books that can be read to the babies.

-          Small quilts or blankets.

We want to put each set into a big, fabric bag. Lady Mary W made over 100 bags last year and, already this year, 100 more!

Off the list:

-          No more Tegan hats. The noggin nubbin was just too problematic. (The Tegan hats will be replaced with super simple, knitted hats, sizes newborn to 6 months.TBA)

-          Circle receiver, kerchief, cat friend, knit blankets, and bibs.

Note: any larger sizes will go to the Pediatric Clinic. At this point, the Lombardi Campus wants only sizes 0 to 2 years.

Thank you for giving to the families in our communities that need it the most.


Rhonda Denny

Burp Cloth instructions

Receiving Blanket instructions

Stuffed Cat Pattern

Baby Bag Tote Pattern

Circle Receiving Blanket Pattern  

Kerchief Instructions