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Welcome to our Library. This list shows the latest additions to our collection. Please use the search above to find older titles. 

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Title/Author(s)/Classification(s) Date Introduced
Creative Image Transfer - Riley, Lesley, Embellishing

I had been wondering what "TAP" was, and now I know tht it stands for "Transfer Artist Paper." This is a product the author developed for iron-on transfers to fabric and just about any other flat surface.  C&T published the book and markets the packages of TAP. The ideas are endless. My thanks to Judy Dieter for requesting this book for our library.  

Oct 16, 2014
Art Techniques for Quilt Design - Bloomston, Carrie, DVD

Quoting the artist on the back of the DVD: "My goal is to help people sew simple, artful stuff. My whole life I have heard people say, 'My aunt was an artist, but I can't even draw a stick figure,' and the like.  Phooey, I say.  Think of me as your inner-artist enabler!"  Our thanks to Judy Dieter for requesting this DVD for our library.

Oct 16, 2014
Handfuls of Scraps - Sitar, Edyta, Scraps

The English paper-pieced Grandmother's Flower Garden variation on the cover jumped right out and said, "This needs to be in our library!"  Scraps are the stars of this book, and we are encouraged to use them rather than keep them hidden away.  A gallery of antique quilts are the inspiration that gives us permission to play.  Patterns include medallions, stars, Monkey Wrench, baskets, one of the most interesting Snails' Trails I have encountered, Wild Goose Chase, and samplers, and more.  

Oct 2, 2014
Pieced Drawing - Exercises in PIeced Block Design in EQ7 - Anderson, Patti R., Computers

Jim Jensen suggested this book for all of our guild members who have the Electric Quilt 7 computer program.  Learn to draw pieced blocks that can be turned into contemporary designs making this a book for all styles of quilt artists.  Quoting from the book:  "The exercises in this book assume that you have watched the Help videos in the software and worked through the EQ Lessons available in the Help menu.  If you have done at least this, you should be somewhat familiar with the basics of EQ7.  If you have not worked through tese lessons, I highly encourage you to do so before proceeding with the exercises in this book.  In other words, you will have a lot more fun with this book if you are familiar with the basics of EQ7!"  I include the quote not to scare you off, but to prepare yourself BEFORE you check out this book so that others who are ready for the book may borrow it first.  I will be monitoring the check-out card to ascertain which of you will be able to help me design blocks in the future!!!

Oct 2, 2014
100 Any-Size Christmas Blocks - Weiss, Rita and Linda Causee, Christmas and Holidays

The attached CD makes it easy to make blocks in many sizes.  Patterns for foundation piecing, applique, and piecing.  Motifs include:  trees, angels, snowpeople, candles, stars, presents, reindeer, snowflake, stocking, Santas, gingerbread people, ornaments, nativity, holly, poinsettia, candy cane, Christmas cactus, church, house, wreath, Christmas lilies, and more. Also ideas for using the blocks.  

Oct 2, 2014
100 Any-Size Flower Blocks - Weiss, Rita and Linda Causee, Flowers

Use the attached CD to help you print flower patterns in sizes from four to 16 inches. Techniques include foundation piecing, applique, and piecing.  Patterns include: cosmos, daisy, tiger lily, bird of paradise, daffodil, poinsettia, tulips, pansy, sunflower, calla lily, violet, aster, roses, crocus, water lily, iris, Jack-in-the-pulpit, lotus, sweet pea, hibiscus, peony, petunias, flower basket, flower wreaths, buds, and more. Also ideas for using blocks.  

Oct 2, 2014
50 Any-Size Travel Blocks - Weiss, Rita and Linda Causee, Landscapes

Attached CD prints out patterns in four sizes (5, 6, 7, or 8 inches).  Patterns included: Basket Building, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, The Capitol, Eifel Tower, Empire State Building, Fallingwater, Guggenheim Museum, Notre-Dame Cathedral, One World Trade Center, Pantheon, Space Needle, St. Paul's Cathedral, Statue of Liberty, Sydney Opera House, Taj Mahal, Transamerica Pyramid, Washington Monument, The White House, and many more.Document in fabric places you have visited (in person, or in your dreams!). Ideas for block uses included.

Oct 2, 2014
Playful Patchwork Projects - Pearson, Kari and Friends, Babies and Kids

Really cute patterns for bumblebees, butterflies, snails, ladybugs, grasshopper, dragonfly, kids, Raggedy Annie and Andy, sailboat, bird houses, watermelon, flowers, watering can, sunshine, bunny rabbits (and carrots, of course!), flowers, barn, bear sporting a bow tie or a hair bow,  Santa, stars, Christmas tree, snowpeople, and more.    Ideas for pillows, vests, skirt, overalls, jumper, stockings, and quilts of many sizes.  A very nice donation.  

Oct 2, 2014
Becolourful Quilt Collection, The - deJonge, Jacqueline,

This quilter, from Delft in the Netherlands, designs and creates quilts bases on traditional designs but constructed with contemporary and colorful twists.  Fifty-four quilts included, and very few words.  I am so curious about the size of the quilts, the inspiration behind them, etc., but . . . 

Oct 2, 2014
Making Welsh Quilts - The Textile Tradition That Inspired the Amish? - Jenkins, Mary and Clare Claridge, History

Who knew that the Welsh may have influenced the Amish quilt designs?!  Our thanks to Jim Jensen for requesting this book for our library.  Learn about Wales as you enjoy the gallery of quilts.  The two authors go about designing and quilting in very different manners, so you can choose the style you wish to try (or try both!).  One likes mixing lots of prints, the other prefers solids.  All very pleasing.  Some very intricate quilting patterns included. The word of the day is CARIAD (Welsh for "sweetheart").  

Oct 2, 2014
Kids Quilt Together - The ABCs of Group Quilts - Emmel, Kathy, Babies/Kids

Quoting the back of the book: "Make a group quilt with children!"  Stop!  Please do not limit this book just for kids -- there are tons of great ideas for groups of all ages, or maybe just for a quilt to make for yourself!  How about entertainment at a shower or a family reunion, or for a get-well gift?  There are many fun techniques to try, such as: painting, crayons, fabric markers, stenciling, photo printing, machine embroidery, and more.  A Donation.

Sep 18, 2014
Critters Quilt, The - Brandywine Design, Babies/Kids

Here I quote from the back of the book: "The CRITTERS QUILT is an original design by Linda Hohag, based upon the song, "A Place in the Choir."  Full size drawings include patterns for more than 35 different animals, birds, butterflies and flowers, and coordinating labels for the back of your quilt.  Instructions included for more than two dozen projects plus ideas for many more!"  Included: bear, parrot, owl, aligator, duck, raccoon, dog, cat, donkey, horse, squirrel, fox, grasshopper, cow, frog, hedgehog, hippo, turtle, beaver, bumblebee, fox -- all very whimsical.  A Donation

Sep 18, 2014
Ladybug, Ladybug . . . - Christopherson, Teri,

Not only ladybugs, but daisies, peppermint candies, gingerbread men, and what Cathie Hoover cals a "fried egg" flower.  A Donation.

Sep 18, 2014
Sew Serendipity Bags - Whitt, Kay, Wearables

A bag for every skill level, every occasion, every style.  Twelve bags with variations, such as handbag, backpack, lunch bag, shopping bags, diaper bag, foldable shopping bags, cross-body purses, duffle bag, laptop messenger bag, etc.  Very stylish.  Super good instructions.  LOTS of illustrations so that even inserting a zipper does not look intimidating.  Full-size patterns are included in an envelope attached to the inside back cover.  I hate to let this book out of my sight!  A Donation.

Sep 18, 2014
Fusing Fabric - Creative Cutting, Bonding and Mark-Making with the Soldering Iron - Beal, Margaret, Embellishing

To quote from the inside cover: "Armed with this book and a soldering iron you will discover how to cut, bond, seal, seam, score and make marks on single or multiple layers of synthetic fabric, creating finished pieces that are beautiful in their own right, or make unique surfaces for further stitching, whether by hand or machine."  Even if you choose not to use the technique, you will still be inspired by the designs and projects, such as a fabric book, picture frames, and of course, wall art.   A donation.

Sep 4, 2014
Big 'n Easy - Supersized Quilts for Queen Beds - Hopkins, Judy,

As beds have gotten bigger with thicker mattresses, there is a need for larger quilts.  The author likes to make her quilts without a pillow tuck, therefore instructions for accessories such as pillow cases and pillow shams are included.  Patterns include Bergoyne Surrounded, Double Nine Patch, stars, log cabin variation, and more. A donation.

Sep 4, 2014
Paper, Metal & Stitch - Grey, Maggie and Jane Wild, Embellishing

Cut, tear, burn. Acrylic textue gels, puff paint, and gesso. Make your own paper, flat or molded. Weave, stitch.  Foil, copper, brass, recycled metallic tubes from tomato paste, toothpaste tubes, aluminum sheets. Combine methods. Have fun!  Make books, wall art.  A Donation.

Sep 4, 2014
Polka-Dot Kids' Quilts - Van Bockel, Jean, Babies/Kids

Polka-dots aplenty, but any fabrics will do. Frosted Animal Cookies are appliqued, then pom-poms added for adorable texture. Patterns for lion, zebra, bear, bison, hippo, tiger, elephant, rhino, camel, giraffe, gazelle, penguin, alligator, polar bear, seal, kangaroo, monkey, gorilla, walrus - or grab your favorite cookie cutters to use as patterns! Pieced cats wearing bow ties. A Pocket Quilt to hold little treasures. A spotty (Scotty) dog. Pillowcase. Sock Monkey quilt. And lots of patterns that need not be used just for kids. Ideas for embellishing kids' clothes and pillows. A Donation.

Sep 4, 2014
Surface Designer's Handbook The - Dyeing, Printing, Painting, and Creating Resists on Fabric - Brackmann, Holly, Dyeing and Painting

Fiber reactive, acid, vat, disperse - step-by-step how to safely use dyes to alter and change surfaces by discharging, screen printing, monoprinting, stamping, stenciling, resist dyeing, devore, and painting; foiling, embroidery, beadwork, collage; dye worksheets, recipes.  Tons of tips and photos of finished products.  A Donation.

Sep 4, 2014
Take 5 - Quilts from Just 5 Fabrics - Brown, Kathy,

Choose a focus fabric and four coordinating fabrics; stack them, cut them simultaneously, and sew! The fifteen patterns are all very easy, and yet look difficult.  Designs include a Maple Leaf, Pinwheel, Log Cabin, Snowball, Square-in-Square, Rail Fence, Stars, and more.  A Donation. Signed book

Sep 4, 2014
Stretching for Quilters - Cook, Randall, DVD

No Image Available

EVERYONE needs to check this DVD out.  Your quilting will benefit from taking care of YOURSELF, and it is as easy to do as S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G.  Randall is a fitness professional who also happens to be a quilter.  Check out his website to learn what famous quilters he hangs out with and see his quilts!  A super donation for our library

Aug 21, 2014
Scrappy Bits Applique - Brinkley, Shannon, Scraps

Your scraps can easily be turned into works of art with this very simple collage technique that employs raw-edge applique.  Learn how to have a "modern" look with vintage fabrics.  Patterns include baby quilts, wall hangings, and pillows.  My very favorite is the world map!

Aug 21, 2014
Endless Stars -o Strip-Pieced Quilts That Sparkle - Potetz, Jean M., Stars

Quoting from the back of the book:  "Create four-pointed star quilts quicker than ever with this clever technique!"  Sew strip-sets.  Cut with ruler (no template required).  Sew into star blocks. Lots of variations.  The sewing is simple, and the design can go from very simple to very complex -- but all very do-able.  A Donation.

Aug 7, 2014
Feedsacks - Beautiful Quilts from Humble Beginnings - McGinnis, Edie, History

I did not know that feedsacks were often called "chicken linen."  This is a very easy-to-read and enjoyable history about feedsacks.  The book contains such patterns as:  pyramids; lots of different stars; appliqued tulip wreath, rose,  and darling Scottie dog; an easy nine-patch; a seven sisters table topper; flower pot basket; and more.  Also included are projects: handtowels, needlepunch, a crocheted doily, and more.  It goes without saying that any fabric may be used for these projects, not just feedsacks.  A Donation.

Aug 7, 2014
Sneaky Piecing - Ferrier, Beth, Basics

After Pat Schabel read our library's copy of MORE! HAND APPLIQUE BY MACHINE she asked if there were other books by Beth.  You will recognize Beth from Alex Anderson's SIMPLY QUILTS show, as well as Alex and Ricky's THE QUILT LIFE.  Her humor and down-to-earth tips and techniques on TV are reiterated in her writing.  I am filing this with the other BASICS books, but by no means is this only meant to be read by new quilters.  There are definitely many ideas for quilters at all levels of expertise.  

Jul 17, 2014
Simple Graces - Diehl, Kim,

The colors on the cover jumped out at me, and then when I looked more closely I noticed a quilt with yo-yos used in a different manner.  Lightbulb!  Stay tuned for my interpretation of that yo-yo quilt.  As a bonus, this book also includes ideas for wool appliques.  Each of the eight quilt patterns is accompanied by at least one additional companion project, such as a lampshade, tea towel, pincushion, pillowcase, mug rugs, throw pillow, door hanger, and sunglasses sleeves.  I am having a hard time giving this book up!

Jul 3, 2014
Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures - Williams, Wendy, Folk Art

Whimsical, bright, happy folkart-style flowers, leaves, birds, owls, bumblebees, dragonflies, butterflies, trees, fish, donkies, horses, zebras, camels, giraffes, hippos, elephants, flamingoes, sheep, lions, and houses.  Patterns for quilts of various sizes, pillows, sewing kit, needle case, and bags. Use combinations of wool, cotton, and/or linen.  Enhance with hand embroidery stitches, thirteen, of which are illustrated.  

Jul 3, 2014
More Adventures with Leaders and Enders - Hunter, Bonnie K., Scraps

To quote from the back cover of the book: "Imagine making more than one quilt at a time while watching your stash dwindle.  Sounds too good to be true, but it's not!  Join Bonnie K. Hunter as she shows you how to get your scraps organized into usable sizes - at the same time, you're saving money, fabric, thread and time."  Or you can jump right in and start from scratch and make any of the dozen terrific quilts without working on other quilts at the same time -- lots of options -- just enjoy!  Patterns include bowties, spools,  stars, crosses, appliqued baskets, and lots of squares and triangles.

Jul 3, 2014
Dynamic Quilts with Easy Curves - Alexander, Karla, Stack 'n Whack

Take Karla's Stack the Deck technique and learn the easy way to make blocks with curves.  If you are not confident with cutting curves freehand, use on of the rulers Karla has designed. Patterns include hearts, diamonds, rails and fences, circles, and more -- all very do-able while only looking complicated.  

Jul 3, 2014
Critter Halloween - Brandywine Design, Christmas and Holidays

I just could not help myself ~~ those adorable bears, hedgehogs, owls,dogs, cats, pigs, etc., in their Halloween costumes just crack me up.  Make all of the characters, or choose one for a small wall quilt, pillow, or Trick or Treat bag.  Too yummy, and no calories!

Jul 3, 2014
Critter Christmas, A - Brandywine Design, Christmas and Holidays

Since it is never too early to start making Holiday items, check out these super cute penguins, bears, cats, reindeer, mice, hedgehogs, owls, birds, sheep, turtles, squirrels dressed in hats, scarves, mittens, and coats.  Use them all in a quilt, with the addition of a tree,  ornaments, gift boxes, hearts, snowflake and stars blocks; or add them to a stocking, gift bag, small quilt, or a label.  Toooooo cute!

Jul 3, 2014
Quilter's Applique Workshop, The - Kosbab, Kevin, Appli

Applique need not be limited to traditional quilts.  Here the author thoroughly teaches three methods of applique (raw-edge, prepared-edge, and needle-turn), and illustrates with the "modern" look.  We are encouraged to have fun with our quilting with ideas for bed quilts, wall quilts, table runners/toppers, and pillows.  Some projects are quick and easy, some, such as the fruit sampler, more time consuming.  Judy Dieter requested this book for our library.  

Jun 19, 2014
Another Season of Beautiful Blooms - Propst, Susan Taylor, Flowers

The petunias on the cover grabbed me, and the poinsettias sold me on this book.  Here are nine floral designs, each for a wall quilt and a pillow, in two different colorways.  I also love the patterns for the tulips, lilies, black-eyed Susans, cherry blossoms, bougainvillea, clematis, and a rhododendron.  These are flowers we don't have to water!

Jun 19, 2014
Karen Kay Buckley's Border Design Workshop - Buckley, Karen Kay, DVD

Award-winning quilter Karen Kay Buckley shares her tips and tricks for border designs on two and a half hour  DVD.  She lists the supplies needed (such as chiropractic paper); supplies that are nice to have (such as a tool for pressing cording perfectly and great binding holder clips); explains the five types of borders; how to make perfect flanges and cording; how to measure for a flat quilt; binding options; and so much more.  Don't forget that if you need to take a note, pause and/or reverse the tape.  Watch it from start to finish, or choose a particular chapter.  Thank you Vicki David for requesting this excellent DVD for our library.

Jun 19, 2014
Pieced Hexies - A New Tradition in English Paper Piecing - Depre, Mickey, Shapes

English paper-piecing is an old technique, but Mickey has devised endless ways to update these little hexagons we associate with "Grandmother's Flower Garden" quilts.  When you finish reading this book and want to see more, let me know and I will purchase her sequel.  

Jun 5, 2014
Minimal Quiltmaking - Marston, Gwen, Contemporary (Modern)

Quoting from the book:  "In the 1700s, long before the term "minimal art" made its debut, American women were turning out wholecloth quilts using unprinted fabrics with no piecing or applique."  "If you apply the definition of minimalism, 'any design or style in which the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect,' it seems these quilts might surely be considered 'minimal."  

When I think of "modern" quilts I think of the simple Amish designs, and I am reminded that there is nothing new under the sun.  But -- do check out this book as it might just inspire you to try Gwen's intuitive techniques.  

Jun 5, 2014
Back-Basting Applique Step by Step by Hand or Machine - Eikmeier, Barbara J., Applique

Judy Dieter has requested this book.  Back-basting applique can be done totally by hand, by hand and machine, or totally by machine.  The author addresses questions about layering pieces, plus explains why she prefers a regular No. 2 pencil as a marker, why she likes certain types of threads and needles, and why we should all have a light box.  Seven projects, including table toppers, wall hangings, and a banner are included to give us practice with this technique.  

Jun 5, 2014
10-Minute Blocks 2 - McNeill, Suzanne, Blocks

These arge blocks go together quickly and have dimension added to them.  Make multiples of one block for a quilt, or try each of the designs in the book and combine them into a sampler. These blocks would make great Community Quilts!  

Jun 5, 2014
Stack, Shuffle, and Slide - A New Technique for Stack the Deck Quilts - Alexander, Karla, Stack 'n Whack

Here are brand new designs, and many in the "Modern" look, for the really fun technique of "stacking the deck."  We have all of Karla's books, but even if you have never tried her method before, all of the essential are right her in this book.  This technique really can be accomplished by beginners with the results of very complicated quilts.  A winning hand for all!

May 15, 2014
Contemporary Folk - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

Lori Platt not only requested this book, but did the leg-work to locate where I might be able to purchase it, which turned out to be the author's website.  Sue was kind enough to sign the books I purchased.  When you start reading this book you may do exactly what I did and think this is a mistake as it is in written in French and say "darn, I should have studied harder in school." But don't worry as each page is also translated into English.  Start out with an introduction to the artist in her studio, then find many projects from full-size quilts to pillows, a pin keeper, a duffle bag, needle roll, a table rug (a.k.a. table runner), purses, totes, and even three-dimensional birds (that don't talk back) that keep track of scissors, or just amuse you. Sue specializes in wool (and velvet) applique, but do not be scared off -- the patterns are also inspiration for cotton applique using your favorite method.  Find pattern designs for houses, imaginative flowers, trees, a horse, dog, elephant, and the cutest giraffe, and lots, lots more.  Mix or match to your heart's content -- then embellish with embroidery stitches (be sure to check out her CREATIVE STITCHING book!).  Also see Sue on an Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims DVD, which you may check out from our library.  Can't wait to see what Lori comes up with!

Apr 17, 2014
Liberty Love (Liberty of London) - Abegg, Alexia Marcelle ,

Carmen Black very kindly donated this book for our library.  Learn about Liberty of London fabrics, especially Liberty Tana Lawn, and get ideas on how to use them (or any other fabrics). Not only quilt patterns are included, but also a pincushion, how to miter corners on a napkin, a pet collar, "device" cases, tote bag, zippered bag, sew-and-go organizer, purse, and even wearables.  Thank you, "Carm," for a trip down memory lane and my own visit to Liberty of London's store in London (and I still have the souvenir fabric that I purchased!).  

Apr 17, 2014
Creative Stitching - Spargo, Sue, Embellishing

Why tax my brain with a description of this book when I can quote the front and back covers?!?! "How to create vivid, lively textures using 50 of my favorite stitches."  "How to enjoy Creative Stitching: Carry this small book wherever you plan to stitch.  Enjoy the easy access provided by a book that stays open.  Pick a stitch that creates the effect you want by choosing from the categories at the front of the book.  Refer to the alphabetical index at the back to find a stitch for which you have the name.  Learn each stitch quickly from the clear illustrations.  Add to your understanding with the help of the concise, written instructions.  Refer to the photo examples showing how each stitch has been used in my work.  Expand the range of your stitchery from the dazzling array of colorful notions illustrated in the secion on 'Needles and Threads.' "  See the author on an Alex and Ricky DVD in our library, and check out the five books by Sue in our Folk Art section.

Apr 17, 2014
Where Women Create - Quilters - Their Quilts - Their Studios - Their Stories - Packham, Jo, Sewing Spaces

Aren't we all curious about other quilters' studios?  Here you can have not only a tour of over twenty atliers, but also meet the artists, view some of their quilts, and read about what inspires them to create.  A few who are included are Judith Content, Liza Prior Lucy and Kaffe Fassett, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Tula Pink, and Amy Butler and her husband David Butler.  As a bonus, the artists' have created blocks with instructions that may be seen at   Definitely a very "modern" flair.  Sorry -- gotta go sort buttons by color . . . 

Apr 3, 2014
App is for Applique - Hire, Dianne S., Applique

I really like not only the way Dianne Hire creates quilts, but also her style of writing as it is fun and creative.  We do have all of her books in our library.   I was rather surprised having known and enjoyed her previous books that she had turned to the more traditional technique of applique for this book.  But let me tell you -- there is really nothing traditional about her applique designs -- and yet there is.  Confused?  Check out the book and see for yourself!   It all started when Dianne stopped by a friend's home and met up with Jeana Kimball and learned her form of back-basting applique.  Jeana is the author of the book that our member Dorothy Ingham found her patterns for Friendship Blocks that were turned into our guild's 2014 Opportunity Quilt!  And, yes, we do have that book in our library also!  Dianne designed fourteen floral motifs, then asked friends to each take a design and "do something."  Each chose their own favorite way of appliqueing, which are discussed in the book, and chose their own color combinations.  Make one block, make a bunch for a larger project, make them all, and/or combine two patterns or more for something unique.  I thought of our own Diana Roberts' beautiful wool applique and wonder if she will find inspiration here.

Apr 3, 2014
Bodacious Quilts from Just One Block - Granger, Colleen, Blocks

Our guest speaker on February 20, 2014, Colleen Granger, very kindly donated and autographed this book for our library.  Here she explains how to make a very simple block that even beginners need not be afraid to try, then gives recipes for a variety of sizes, plus illustrates many ways to twist and turn the blocks into designs that look way more complicated than they really are.

Mar 20, 2014
Visual Guide to Working in a Series - Barton, Elizabeth, Contemporary

Linda Morand recommended this author's second book for our library.  And yes, we also have her INSPIRED TO DESIGN in our library, also.  Deepen your quilt artistry by creating quilts in a series.  Learn to choose a theme, explore that theme, develop the series -- all explored in depth with the help of many photographs.  

Mar 6, 2014
Housewarming Patachwork - Saito, Yoko, Japanese

Diana Roberts thought, and rightly so, that this would be a nice addition for our library, and I thank her, and all others, who watch out for good books for our shelves.  Find original block designs for cats, dogs, rabbit, butterfly, dragonfly, beetle, crab, fish, robot,  teapot, teacup, sugar bowl, gift, mitten, harvest basket, clover, thistle, flower basket, Nantucket basket, oval basket, watering can, birdhouse, church, houses, trees, pinwheel, shamrock, cockscomb, primrose, scissors, sewing machine spools, compasses, star flower, plus all the letters of the alphabet, and more.  Use her blocks, or your own, to create projects, including business card holder, water bottle tote, table pocket, shoulder bag, purses, boxes, and pouches. 

Feb 20, 2014
Paper-Pieced Garden, A - Bakker, Maaike and Francoise Maarse, Foundation Piecing

Tera requested this book to challenge her with new foundation pieced blocks.  Mix and match patterns that include:  a squirrel, pinecone, rose, daffodil, Dutch tulip, amaryllis, poinsettia, plus other flowers, leaves, mushrooms, a basket, a vase, strawberries, cherries, and birds. There are also applique patterns for leaves  Suggestions for settings include wreaths, a garden path, a fairy ring, and a sampler.   

Feb 6, 2014
Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts - Martin, Judy, Log Cabins

Here I quote the author: "I aim to make memorable quilts."  "I do not have time to make quilts that do not speak to me."  "I don't have time for anything less than an extraordinary quilt.  It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that you have time to make a time-consuming quilt but not a less complex one.  However, if you are going to spend X amount of time making quilts, wouldn't you rather make one extraordinary quilt than two or three ordinary quilts?"  "The quilts in Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts are not only unique and memorable; they are also within your grasp.  These quilts are made principally, if not entirely, from rectangles." And many are made from scraps.   Not only are Judy's quilts extraordinary, but so are her books.  She really puts a lot of valuable information into them, including such items as why strips should be cut from lengthwise strips.  I always appreciate when quilts are shown in other color combinations, and here she also illustrates various settings for each of the blocks.  The Heart quilt might be my favorite in this book.  Please don't be scared off -- these blocks are not really difficult with her explanations.  

Feb 6, 2014
Save the Selvages - Thompson, Sandy, Scraps

Foundation piece the selvages from yardage into new, colorful, interesting fabric, then make into a tote, eReader pouch, tablet pouch, steno notebook cover, zipper purse, armrest pincushion, teabag/card holder, thread catcher, needle organizer, tissue holder, pincushion, purse, paperback book cover, coffee cup holder, and/or bookmark. Don't have enough selvages saved up yet?  Do what I did -- just use scraps of fabric!  A warning:  I could not find magnets small enough, yet strong enough, for the bookmark.  I emailed the publisher and had a response back from the author within a couple of hours!  Sandy was VERY nice and made some suggestions, but so far, I have not found the perfect magnets.  If anyone can give me a clue, please do!  As a "librarian" I could use lots of bookmarks!

Dec 5, 2013