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Welcome to our Library. This list shows the latest additions to our collection. Please use the search above to find older titles. 

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Title/Author(s)/Classification(s) Date Introduced
Contemporary Folk - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

Lori Platt not only requested this book, but did the leg-work to locate where I might be able to purchase it, which turned out to be the author's website.  Sue was kind enough to sign the books I purchased.  When you start reading this book you may do exactly what I did and think this is a mistake as it is in written in French and say "darn, I should have studied harder in school." But don't worry as each page is also translated into English.  Start out with an introduction to the artist in her studio, then find many projects from full-size quilts to pillows, a pin keeper, a duffle bag, needle roll, a table rug (a.k.a. table runner), purses, totes, and even three-dimensional birds (that don't talk back) that keep track of scissors, or just amuse you. Sue specializes in wool (and velvet) applique, but do not be scared off -- the patterns are also inspiration for cotton applique using your favorite method.  Find pattern designs for houses, imaginative flowers, trees, a horse, dog, elephant, and the cutest giraffe, and lots, lots more.  Mix or match to your heart's content -- then embellish with embroidery stitches (be sure to check out her CREATIVE STITCHING book!).  Also see Sue on an Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims DVD, which you may check out from our library.  Can't wait to see what Lori comes up with!

Apr 17, 2014
Liberty Love (Liberty of London) - Abegg, Alexia Marcelle ,

Carmen Black very kindly donated this book for our library.  Learn about Liberty of London fabrics, especially Liberty Tana Lawn, and get ideas on how to use them (or any other fabrics). Not only quilt patterns are included, but also a pincushion, how to miter corners on a napkin, a pet collar, "device" cases, tote bag, zippered bag, sew-and-go organizer, purse, and even wearables.  Thank you, "Carm," for a trip down memory lane and my own visit to Liberty of London's store in London (and I still have the souvenir fabric that I purchased!).  

Apr 17, 2014
Creative Stitching - Spargo, Sue, Embellishing

Why tax my brain with a description of this book when I can quote the front and back covers?!?! "How to create vivid, lively textures using 50 of my favorite stitches."  "How to enjoy Creative Stitching: Carry this small book wherever you plan to stitch.  Enjoy the easy access provided by a book that stays open.  Pick a stitch that creates the effect you want by choosing from the categories at the front of the book.  Refer to the alphabetical index at the back to find a stitch for which you have the name.  Learn each stitch quickly from the clear illustrations.  Add to your understanding with the help of the concise, written instructions.  Refer to the photo examples showing how each stitch has been used in my work.  Expand the range of your stitchery from the dazzling array of colorful notions illustrated in the secion on 'Needles and Threads.' "  See the author on an Alex and Ricky DVD in our library, and check out the five books by Sue in our Folk Art section.

Apr 17, 2014
Earth n' Twig - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

Barcelon, Spain, was the inspiration for this quilt filled with fanciflul, colorful  flowers, birds, and animals.  Even though author Sue Spargo specializes in wools (and velvets), these designs can also be used with cotton using your favorite application of applique.  Be sure to check out her "Creataive Stitching" book from our Embellishing section in our library to further enhance your own creations.  Also see Sue on an Alex and Ricky DVD in our library.  

Apr 17, 2014
Imperial Blooms - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

Inspiration for this book came from the floral images in the Suzani textiles creatd in Central Asia.  As it turns out, Suzani is decrived from the Persian word suzan which means needle. Read more about the history of this quilt in this book of nine floral designs.  Be sure to see Sue on our Alex and Ricky DVD, and check out her CREATIVE STITCHING book in our Embellishing section and other books in our Folk Art category.The style of the flowers reminds me of quilter Jane Sassaman!

Apr 17, 2014
Magnolia - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

This Magnolia quilt was inspired by the author's home, garden, and family, and by the small towns of Ohio.  Wool is Sue's choice of fabric, but cotton fabrics will do nicely also.  Use the patterns as is, or choose favorites in your own designs.  Included here is a house, birds, and wild and crazy flowers.  Don't forget that in the Embellishiment section of our library we have Sue Spargo's book CREATIVE STITHING, and find in our Folk Art section more of her books.

Apr 17, 2014
Folklore - Spargo, Sue, Folk Art

A horse, dog, elephant, giraffe, and birds join flowers, trees, and houses in a quilt that was inspired by the Folk-art Museum in New York City and the author's living in two countries in Southern Africa.  Her choice of fabric is wool, but quilting cottons with the addition of seam allowances to the patterns also work.  Embellishing stitching are included, but for more of her ideas, check out her CREATIVE STITCHING from our library.  

Apr 17, 2014
Small Town Lies - 1st in Helen Crowder Adventure Series - Hudson, Charlie, Fiction

Welcome to the small-town world of Helen Crowder -- and all the lies.  Helen, a widow, her daughter, a policeman for a son-in-law, and lots of quilting friends give us an inside look at Wallington, Georgia.  The novel is easy to read, and hard to put down.  The minute you finish this one you will want to start the second in the series, SMALL TOWN HAVEN (also in our library).  

Apr 17, 2014
Small Town Haven - 2nd in Helen Crowder Adventure Series - Hudson, Charlie, Fiction

It is mandatory that you read SMALL TOWN LIES before starting in on this novel. Helen Crowder and her quilting circle are back for more small-town adventures.  Will an old high school friend who comes back to town (a male who quilts) fit in?  Charlie's books are easy to read and difficult to put down.  There had better be a third book in this series!  If Charlie doesn't write, I might be forced to!

Apr 17, 2014
Sew Necessary - Art-to-Heart - Halvorsen, Nancy,

Our "Ms. Sunshine" Jan Westerman does not only bring sunshine to our members with cards from the guild, but welcomes everyone sunnily from her chair at the Membership Table, and has donated this little book full of cute ideas to create items to make our lives more sunny while sewing. Patterns include:  pincushions, thread catchers, needle wallets, scissor chatelaines, scissor fobs, tote bags, a wall organizer, and a sewing basket to store everything in -- and even a Frankenstein pincushion.  These items all make great gifts, whether for a friend, relative, or YOURSELF!

Apr 17, 2014
Where Women Create - Quilters - Their Quilts - Their Studios - Their Stories - Packham, Jo, Sewing Spaces

Aren't we all curious about other quilters' studios?  Here you can have not only a tour of over twenty atliers, but also meet the artists, view some of their quilts, and read about what inspires them to create.  A few who are included are Judith Content, Liza Prior Lucy and Kaffe Fassett, Katie Pasquini Masopust, Tula Pink, and Amy Butler and her husband David Butler.  As a bonus, the artists' have created blocks with instructions that may be seen at   Definitely a very "modern" flair.  Sorry -- gotta go sort buttons by color . . . 

Apr 3, 2014
App is for Applique - Hire, Dianne S., Applique

I really like not only the way Dianne Hire creates quilts, but also her style of writing as it is fun and creative.  We do have all of her books in our library.   I was rather surprised having known and enjoyed her previous books that she had turned to the more traditional technique of applique for this book.  But let me tell you -- there is really nothing traditional about her applique designs -- and yet there is.  Confused?  Check out the book and see for yourself!   It all started when Dianne stopped by a friend's home and met up with Jeana Kimball and learned her form of back-basting applique.  Jeana is the author of the book that our member Dorothy Ingham found her patterns for Friendship Blocks that were turned into our guild's 2014 Opportunity Quilt!  And, yes, we do have that book in our library also!  Dianne designed fourteen floral motifs, then asked friends to each take a design and "do something."  Each chose their own favorite way of appliqueing, which are discussed in the book, and chose their own color combinations.  Make one block, make a bunch for a larger project, make them all, and/or combine two patterns or more for something unique.  I thought of our own Diana Roberts' beautiful wool applique and wonder if she will find inspiration here.

Apr 3, 2014
Pincushions - Daumer, Carmen,

Years ago a guild member asked me to purchase a book on potholders for our library.  I balked thinking that a serious quilter would not want to be associated with making a lowly potholder, but the member was a hard worker for our organization and I wanted to reward her so I bought the darned little book.  Once again, I was proven wrong -- so wrong.  For a very long time that was the most checked out book in our library!  I learned to listen to my "clients."  And now there has been a request for a book about Pincushions.  This book has some of the most creative pincushions ever -- I had never, ever seen a PIANO pincushion!  Many of these patterns are very complicated and time-consuming, but some are fast and easy -- something for everyone.  I did not realize it until I received a really darling hat pincushion for Valentine's Day and a Sunflower for Christmas that I have quite a collection, and each holds a wonderful memory of the person who created it just for me.  So here is more inspiration!

Apr 3, 2014
Seams Unlikely - the Life Story of Nancy Zieman - Zieman, Nancy, with Marjorie L. Russell,

With this autobiography Nancy Zieman celebrates over thirty years of teaching sewing on television.  She was born in Wisconsin in 1953 and suffered from Bell's Palsy at a very early age.  Read about how that  face paralasis defined her life; sometimes making it much, much worse, sometimes, maybe much, much better.  Having lived in Wisconsin for eleven years and being a sewist (a term I learned in this book), about the time she was getting started on TV, I have followed her very successful career and have enjoyed receiving her catalogs.  Even though this book could have used better editing, I still could not put it down.  

Apr 3, 2014
New Fangled Piecing - Faster & Easier - Busch, Cathy,

The Maple Leaf pattern on the cover of this book is not made in the usual way.  The author enjoys deconstructing blocks and finding ways to eliminate seams to streamline the cutting and sewing process.  The "flip-corner" technique is a favorite of hers.  She also incorporates lots of "flying geese" and "two-square" methods.  Parallelograms and hourglass units will become your friends.  These all sound daunting, but they are not.  Find easier (or different) ways of making such blocks as stars, pinwheels, Double X, and many more.  Maybe Pam Beebe will find a  few block for us to practice on for a Friendship Block for Community Quilts!  

Apr 3, 2014
Fan Quilts an Easy, New Technique - Maerke, Marion L. and M. Carol Schiaffino, Fans

I hadto laugh as I read the title of this book incorporating the word "new" because this oldie-but-goodie book was published way back in 1990, but there ARE some new-to-me items here. I particularly admire the very colorful butterfly quilt, and it is not as hard to construct as it looks. There are also patterns for traditional fans, a Christmas tree skirt, and even fans turned into turtles and fish!  A nice donation for our "Fan" section in our library.

Apr 3, 2014
Batik Gems - Shifrin, Laurie, Batiks

Here you will find everything you need to know about Batiks -- how they are made, how to care for them, how to combine them with other quilting fabrics, as well as 29 quilts, each in multiple sizes, AND a scrappy batik quilt.  Some patterns included are:  ginkgo leaves, stars, and straight-cut pieces that end up looking like circles.  A very nice donation for the Batik Category of our Library.  

Apr 3, 2014
Winning Hand Quilt - Quilt in a Day Series - Burns, Eleanor, Burns, Eleanor

As with all of Eleanor Burns' Quilt in a Day Series, this book of the traditional block pattern "Card Trick" is shown with many different color combinations and "recipes" for quilts of numerous sizes, and with the easiest of directions.  An oldie-but-goodie donation for our shelves.  

Apr 3, 2014
New Classic Patchwork - Saito, Yoko, Japanese

Even if youi did not think the color taupe was your favorite, be sure to check out this book filled with 78 original blocks designs and projects ~~ and replace the colors with your favorites!  Find uinique patterns for a basket, totes, purses, and a clutch.

Mar 20, 2014
Bodacious Quilts from Just One Block - Granger, Colleen, Blocks

Our guest speaker on February 20, 2014, Colleen Granger, very kindly donated and autographed this book for our library.  Here she explains how to make a very simple block that even beginners need not be afraid to try, then gives recipes for a variety of sizes, plus illustrates many ways to twist and turn the blocks into designs that look way more complicated than they really are.

Mar 20, 2014
Patchworks of Lucy Boston, The - Boston, Diana, History

While reading an article in Alex Anderson and Ricky TIms' magazine "The Quilt Life" I was so intrigued by an English quilter that I just had to read more about her work.  Lucy started quilting because she needed to make curtains and quilts for her manor.  We could call her the Queen of Fussy Cutting and Perfect Hand English Paper Piecing.  She sewed into her 90s when her hands and eyes no longer worked.  This book, written by her daughter-in-law, just makes me want to know more about Lucy, and read books Lucy herself wrote.  

Mar 20, 2014
Contemporary Quilts - Original Patterns Based on the Drawings of M. C. Escher - Parker, Kay, Tesselations

Carol Jarvis requested this book, printed in 1981,  for our library.  The aurhor explains "tessalations," gives a little history of M. C. Escher, and explains how to make your own interlocking designs for patchwork.  

Mar 20, 2014
Visual Guide to Working in a Series - Barton, Elizabeth, Contemporary

Linda Morand recommended this author's second book for our library.  And yes, we also have her INSPIRED TO DESIGN in our library, also.  Deepen your quilt artistry by creating quilts in a series.  Learn to choose a theme, explore that theme, develop the series -- all explored in depth with the help of many photographs.  

Mar 6, 2014
Housewarming Patachwork - Saito, Yoko, Japanese

Diana Roberts thought, and rightly so, that this would be a nice addition for our library, and I thank her, and all others, who watch out for good books for our shelves.  Find original block designs for cats, dogs, rabbit, butterfly, dragonfly, beetle, crab, fish, robot,  teapot, teacup, sugar bowl, gift, mitten, harvest basket, clover, thistle, flower basket, Nantucket basket, oval basket, watering can, birdhouse, church, houses, trees, pinwheel, shamrock, cockscomb, primrose, scissors, sewing machine spools, compasses, star flower, plus all the letters of the alphabet, and more.  Use her blocks, or your own, to create projects, including business card holder, water bottle tote, table pocket, shoulder bag, purses, boxes, and pouches. 

Feb 20, 2014
50 Little Paper-Pieced Blocks - Doak, Carol, Foundation Piecing

I am so pleased that Pam Brown spied this book for our library.  These are patterns for 3" blocks, but remember that you can tell your printer to make them any size you want!  Find Carol's excellent instructions for paper (foundation) piecing, as well as patterns for hearts, stars, flowers, a birthday cake, trees, shamrock. umbrella, bluebird, pinwheel, sunrise, hot air balloon, airplane, mailbox, house, crayons, maple leaf, apple, heart/ribbon, dreidel, six-pointed star, candle, tree ornament, gift, and perhaps my favorite ~ a tiny heart in an American flag.  

Feb 20, 2014
Quilt Savvy: Simple Thread Painting - Prince, Nancy, Embellishing

Judy Dieter requested this book for our library.  Quoting the back of the book: "Two simple stitches, straight and zigzag, develop character and attitude as machine speed and hoop manipulation transform them into distrinctive works of art.  Any sewing machine, whether old or new, can make gorgeous thread-painted designs.  Add a new dimension to your quilt, vests and jackets, memory books, and much more!  Five seasonal projects that feature flexible techniques teach you to design in any configuration and size desired.  Without having prior artistic ability, you have the perfect way to be crative with thread painting."

Feb 20, 2014
Mrs. Lincoln's Rival - Chiaverini, Jennifer, Fiction

Kate Chase Sprague was a a real person in the Civil War era.  Jennifer Chiaverini has thoroughly researched her life.  This book is fiction inspired by history.  If you enjoy this story I would recommend Jennifer's MRS. LINCOLN'S DRESSMAKER and THE SPYMISTRESS, also in our guild library.  They do not have to be read in any particular order, but if I had my druthers I would read Dressmaker first, Spymistress second, and Rival third.  These three books are not quilt-related, but as we have ALL of Jennifer's books in our library, and they are very popular, it has been requested that I purchase these for all of us to share.  These books are great ways to learn more about President and Mrs. Lincoln and the times of the Civil War.  

Feb 6, 2014
Paper-Pieced Garden, A - Bakker, Maaike and Francoise Maarse, Foundation Piecing

Tera requested this book to challenge her with new foundation pieced blocks.  Mix and match patterns that include:  a squirrel, pinecone, rose, daffodil, Dutch tulip, amaryllis, poinsettia, plus other flowers, leaves, mushrooms, a basket, a vase, strawberries, cherries, and birds. There are also applique patterns for leaves  Suggestions for settings include wreaths, a garden path, a fairy ring, and a sampler.   

Feb 6, 2014
Quilting with My Sister - Brandeburg, Barbara and Teri Christopherson, Brandeburg, Barbara

Jan Robinson asked for this book to be purchased for our library.  Barbara Brandeburg (who lives North of Santa Rosa) wrote this with her sister.  We have so many of Barbara's books that I have made a Brandeburg section of them on our library shelves!  This book focuses on fusible applique, but of course, the patterns may be needle-turned or machine appliqued.  Quilters who are intrigued with felted wool applique will find one pillow that speaks specifically to that technique, and remember that ALL patterns can be inspiration for wool projects.  Included here are patterns for bunnies, a wreath of hearts, frocks on a dress form, ducks, daisies, star blocks, apples, cherries, birthday cake (with no calories), Fourth of July quilt, Halloween pumpkins and cats, and a Christmas wreath. Besides quilt patterns in many sizes, there are also pillows, placemats, napkins, napkin rings 

Feb 6, 2014
Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts - Martin, Judy, Log Cabins

Here I quote the author: "I aim to make memorable quilts."  "I do not have time to make quilts that do not speak to me."  "I don't have time for anything less than an extraordinary quilt.  It may seem counter-intuitive to suggest that you have time to make a time-consuming quilt but not a less complex one.  However, if you are going to spend X amount of time making quilts, wouldn't you rather make one extraordinary quilt than two or three ordinary quilts?"  "The quilts in Extraordinary Log Cabin Quilts are not only unique and memorable; they are also within your grasp.  These quilts are made principally, if not entirely, from rectangles." And many are made from scraps.   Not only are Judy's quilts extraordinary, but so are her books.  She really puts a lot of valuable information into them, including such items as why strips should be cut from lengthwise strips.  I always appreciate when quilts are shown in other color combinations, and here she also illustrates various settings for each of the blocks.  The Heart quilt might be my favorite in this book.  Please don't be scared off -- these blocks are not really difficult with her explanations.  

Feb 6, 2014
Batch of Quilt Soup, A - Jones, Barbara J., Applique

Jan Robinson suggested this book for our library.  Included are tips for needle-turn applique (but remember patterns can also be machine appliqued, or fused).  Need to learn to make a "quilter's knot"?  Here you will find good written instructions along with photos.  Patterns include houses, hearts, flowers, vases, and even exclamation points speaking to the way we write emails and blogs these days.  The quilts shown have the feel of "modern" yet with softer colors -- but you get to choose your colors to make them any style you wish!

Feb 6, 2014
Painted Applique A New Approach - Poole, Linda M., Applique

Quoting from the back cover:  "Comprehensive instructions for using fabric paints and inks, making bias or braided trims, and designing circle and oval backgrounds are included.  Two applique techniques are discussed in detail."  Mix and match techniques of painting and applique.  Included are  patterns for such things as a bird and a bird's nest, flowers (poppies, daisies, etc.), vases, pincushion, spools of thread, bulmblebee, butterfly, dragonfly, a wreath, and a fancy heart.  

Jan 16, 2014
Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!! Third Edition - McClun and Laura Nownes, Basics

Quoting the back cover: "Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!, selling more than a million copies since its first edition, has earned a stellar reputation as the best choice for anyone learning to quilt or imlproving quilting skills."  "Celebrating 25 years of quiltmaking wisdom, authors Diana McClun and Laura Nownes set a new standard for excellence, taking all the guesswork out of making sensational quilts."  This new, bigger book has it all -- 24 full quilt patterns in multiple sizes and progressively arranged from simple to challenging, samplers, practice exercises, and so much more --  a great gift for a beginning quilter, or a good reference book for others.  

Jan 16, 2014
Carol Doak's Simply Sensational 9-Patch Stars - Doak, Carol, Foundation Piecing

This book is great for beginners, and yet will wonderfully satisfy an advanced quilter as there are very detailed instructions on how to foundation piece very complex looking blocks.  Carol Doak, the Queen of Foundation Piecing, has designed fifty star blocks, and named them for our states.  Charts demonstrate how the units can be mixed to create even more stars.  A CD tucked into an envelope in the back of the book called the "Foundation Factory" allows printing of foundations from your computer printer.  If you do not have a computer and/or printer, there are patterns in the back of the book that may be hand traced.  The last page of the book advertises the special foundation paper that Carol invented and is manufactured by C&T Publishing.  I have purchased this special paper at Beverly's with their 40% off coupon, and I think it is the best foundation paper I have ever encountered.  

Jan 2, 2014
Reasons for Quilts - Sitar, Edyta, Scraps

Quoted from the book:  "Every quilt is a piece of art - but the true art lies among its layers. Deep beneath the colors and patterns are meanings that embrace the fabric of our lives. Through cutting, assembling, and painstaking stitching, we dream of our quilts in their finished form.  Yet the true beauty lies in the making of quilts.  In the hundreds of pieces that teach us patience; in mistakes that make us a bit more humble; and through setbacks that spur even greater resolve, quilting both reflects and shapes our being."  Enjoy the 82 quilts and their stories.  A bonus CD is included with nine patterns (Cross Roads, Western Star, Medallion, Bon Voyage, 9-11, Tropical Turnover, Kaleidoscope, and Sunset).  See Edyta on Alex and Ricky's THE QUILT SHOW DVD in our library.

Dec 5, 2013
Crazy-Quilted Memories - Haggard, Brian, Embellishing

Yes, we do have many books in our library about Victorian Crazy Quilts, but when I saw Brian Haggard on Alex and Ricky's THE QUILT SHOW DVD I knew this was something different and special that needed to be shared with our quilt guild members.  He works in a neutral palette that really shows off his stitching.   Brian says "measusrements don't matter" and "design as you go." Gather your old photographs, buttons, threads, and fabrics and make your own memory quilt.  

Dec 5, 2013
Fabric Embellishing - The Basics and Beyond - Chandler, Ruth, Liz Kettle, Heather Thomas, and Lauren Vleck, Embellishing

More than 50 embellishing techniques are discussed, including fabric manipulations, soft embellishment, and hard embellishment.  Each technique is accompanied by a full-page photo of a finished project for inspiration.  This book was discussed on Alex and Ricky's THE QUILT SHOW DVD, which we have in our library.

Dec 5, 2013
Quilting Modern - Techniques and Projects for Improvisational Quilts - Gering, Jacquie and Katie Pedersen, Contemporary (Modern)

Jackie Gering is a relatively new quilter, but her performance on Alex and Ricky's THE QUILT SHOW DVD makes me wish we could obtain her as a speaker for our quilt guild.  In the meantime, we have the book to help us get into this new phase of quilting.  Seven core techniques are explored (free yourself,  log cabin makeover, slice and dice, strip tease, "to the point," going crazy, and embracing your curves).  The "modern" colors are discussed, as well as fabrics and quilting patterns that make these quilts different.  

Dec 5, 2013
Save the Selvages - Thompson, Sandy, Scraps

Foundation piece the selvages from yardage into new, colorful, interesting fabric, then make into a tote, eReader pouch, tablet pouch, steno notebook cover, zipper purse, armrest pincushion, teabag/card holder, thread catcher, needle organizer, tissue holder, pincushion, purse, paperback book cover, coffee cup holder, and/or bookmark. Don't have enough selvages saved up yet?  Do what I did -- just use scraps of fabric!  A warning:  I could not find magnets small enough, yet strong enough, for the bookmark.  I emailed the publisher and had a response back from the author within a couple of hours!  Sandy was VERY nice and made some suggestions, but so far, I have not found the perfect magnets.  If anyone can give me a clue, please do!  As a "librarian" I could use lots of bookmarks!

Dec 5, 2013
Quilting - Dobson, Jeni, Basics

There is a little bit of everything in this basic book about quilting, from history to different forms of applique, to ideas for quilting.  A nice donation for our library.

Dec 5, 2013
Vibrant Quilt Collage - Ash, Bethan, Contemporary

"Throw away the templates and use your imagination to create improvised art quilts" is the way this book starts out. Press fusibles to the back of the fabric, cut, collage, and quilt.  Yes, it sounds easy, and it is made even easier with this teacher's in-depth thoughts on everything from creativity, to color "science," to utilizing media and technology. Not only are her many quilts included, but others created by artists from the world over. There is one item I will warn you about:  she uses "wax paper" to protect the iron from stickiness.  Maybe in England this is the name for what I call a "teflon sheet," but I would not use the "wax paper" that I use to wrap sandwiches in!

Dec 5, 2013
Art Quilt Maps - Goodwin, Valerie S., Contemporary

The author has a degree in architecture and teaches at a university.  She asked her students to (and here I quote from her book) "explore parallels between architecture and quilting.  They studied issues related to composition, ordering systems, color, and pattern.  What began as a teaching tool became a passion and grew into a successful career as a fiber artist." "Most of her work is inspired by her love of aerial views of landscapes and cities.  Many of her quilts are based on maps."  "Find inspiration in real and imaginary sites, in old maps, in poetry, and in memories - Transform a place's essential lines and shapes into quilt designs - Make luminous textures with fabric layering, paints, stamps, stencils, drawing, and applique."  

Nov 20, 2013
Colourful Journey, A - Fassett, Kaffe, Fassett, Kaffe

This donation fills a blank in our collection of very popular Kaffe Fassett books.  Even though this was published in 2003 the colors and ideas are fresh, bright, and new.  The patterns are very easy to make, but the choice of fabrics make them look more complicated.  Kaffe has once again chosen such quilting designers as:  Mary Mashuta, Roberta Horton, and Liza Prior Lucy.   A special bonus chapter is included about quilter Anna Williams and her friend and mentor Katherine Watts. We have Anna's book in our library.  Her scrappy quilts remind me of the Gee's Bend quilts.  I have tried to duplicate her work, but have failed miserably.  They look so simple . . . 

Nov 20, 2013
Quilt Show, The - Series Twelve - 13 episodes - 4 disks) - Anderson, Alex and Ricky Tims, DVD

Don't forget to keep watching after you think every show is finished.  Past the credits you will find the AFTER SET, which is a casual interview with the guest.

Disk 1 - 1201: Sue Nickels (we have her books in our library) - award-winning feather quilter. Tour of Sisters, Oregon, Homes and Gardens that are filled with quilts.

Disk 1  - 1202: Jacquie Gering (we will soon have her book in our library) - Modern quilts. Easy log cabin techniques. Great ideas for machine quilting. Melena Cox uses paint and wood to create quilts. 

Disk 1 - 1203: Marsha McCloskey (has spoken at SRQG - we have her books in our library) - drafts and pieces a miniature Ohio Star using her bias-strip-piecing method, and excellent way to make perfect half-square triangles.  Shows her "really hard to make" Feathered Star quilts.  

Disk 2 - 1204: Cathy Miller (sang at SRQG - we have some of her music CDs in library) sings and shows how to use the Japanese art of Notan in quilting.  Jill Gorski, the Button Lady, shares fascinating things about buttons, such as why they should not be kept in air-tight containers.

Disk 2 - 1205: Sue Rasmussen - demonstrates how to draft patterns and machine sew gentle curves fo pictorial quilts.  Fascinating tips on fabric choices and construction, plus a hint at desiging on an iPad!  A trip to an Oregon correctional facility where quilting changes peoples lives.

Disk 2 - 1206: Lauren Vleck - dollmaker, mixed-media artist - demonstrates "deconstructed" crazy quilt technique and hints for embellishing.  She has co-written FABRIC EMBELLISHING, and we have it in our library.

Disk 2 - 1207: Hollis Chatelain - talks about her life in the Peace Corps and how it has influenced her prize-winning quilts. Talks about her incredible threadwork.   Demonstrates a texture-building technique.  Bonnie Browning teaches Zentangle, a relaxing doodling technique that can be translated into quilting.  

Disk 3 - 1208: Sue McCarty is one of a very few to be honored as a Master Quilter by the National Quilt Association.  Find out what makes a "master quilt."  Sue talks about starting a longarm quilting business, and demonstrates quilting designs.  Ricky demonstrates a quick-and-easy sleeve for displaying quilts.  LOVE his machine basting technique!

Disk 3 - 1209: Veteran quilters George Bonesteel and Charlotte Warr Anderson tam up at a ranch retreat to teach "picture piecing" and the use of organza.

Disk 3 - 1210: Alex demonstrats variations on the Sawtooth Star block. 

Disk 4 - 1211: Ann Petersen demonstrates piecing accurate curves with freezer paper, and foundatiaon piecing with fuss.  Also, a quilter with arthritis tells how she has learned to cope, and shows how to make a folded log cabin block.

Disk 4 - 1212: Judith Baker Montano - in her first books (we have all of her books in our library) she teaches how to embroider perfectly.  Then, like Picasso stated, after learning the rules, we are given permission to break them.  In her newest book, the techniques she gives us a preview of in this episode, this master embroiderer reaches for the stars with her creativity. Learn her secrets for applying painters knowledge in designing a landscape.   In the second part of the show Karin (CAR-in) demonstrates her simple technique for creating a pineapple block.  This is a a really fun block to make.   We have an assortment of her books in our library.  If you spot one that we do not yet have and you wish it, let me know.  

Disk 4 - 1213: Carol Doak "Queen of Paper Piecing" demonstrates methods for tweaking block designs, from her newest book (which we have in our library).  


Nov 19, 2013
Spymistress, The - Chiaverini, Jennifer, Fiction

This historical novel opened my eyes to another side of Civil War history than I had ever contemplated.  Elizabeth Van Lew lived in Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate Capital, but had Northern loyalties.  She was extremely helpful to many in the Union, including then General Ulysses S. Grant.  Posthumously she was inducted into the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.  Even though this novel never mentions the word "quilt," I have included it in our library as we have collectected all of the author's works, and many of them concern the Civil War.  Be sure to read Jennifer's MRS. LINCOLN'S DRESSMAKER -- it is the best novel I have read about that era and has awakened an interest in that part of history for me.  You do not have to read these two novels in any particular order.  

Nov 7, 2013
Loyal Union Sampler from Elm Creek Quilts, The - Chiaverini, Jennifer, Samplers

121 traditional pieced six-inch blocks and stories about the women of the Civil War era.  Mix and match, make one, dozens, or all.  The Gallery features quilts in a variety of settings and colors, and includes a qilt titled "Santa Rosa Sunset."  Our very own SRQG member, Fran Threewit, is acknowledged as having made a block for this book!  

Nov 7, 2013
Circle Pizzazz - Sisneros, Judy, Circles

Full-size emplates for three different easily pieced circle blocks.  Instructions for a dozen quilts in various sizes.  Never ending possibilities from this author who has spoken at our SRQG twice.  We have all of her books in our collection.  

Nov 7, 2013
Quilt National 2013 - The Dairy Barn, Contemporary

Three judges had a very tough job to find 85 of the best contemporary and innovative qilts from over 850 entries from all over the world.  Every other year since the 1980s The Dairy Barn Arts Center in Athens, Ohio, has sponsored this contest, and we have all of the books in our library.

Nov 7, 2013
Gathered Garden, A - Armstrong, Carol , Embellishing

When the name of the author, Carol Armstrong, is mentioned, thoughts of her beautifully appliqued flowers and birds come to mind.  Here she has included fifteen applique projects that feature three-dimensional flowers.  She starts out with a chapter on basic applique, then explains plainly with words and photos how to make the flowers.  A few of the included flowers are poppies, roses, daisies, buttercups, and tulips, along with buds and leaves.  Besides wall quilts are ideas for decorating gift boxes, sachets, tussie mussies, napkin rings, jewelry, and filling containers.  A nice donation for our library.

Oct 3, 2013
Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker - Chiaverini, Jennifer, Fiction

 Since we have all of Jennifer Chiaverini's books in our library, when I saw that she had a new novel I immediately purchased it.  Imagine my surprise when I started reading it and found that it had nothing to do with her Elm Creek Quilts series!  I discovered that this is called her first "stand-alone historical novel."  At first I was disappointed, then I realized that this was a very sneaky way for me to learn more about the history of our Civil War era.  The more I read, the more I wanted to learn.  We are seeing history through the eyes of a woman born into slavery in 1818, who buys her freedom, and eventually becomes the dressmaker for our 16th president's wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, as well as many other ladies in the elite "Washington City" society.  There is much controversy over how much of Mrs. Elizabeth Hobbs Keckley's story is true, some even dispute whether or not she ever lived, but there is much evidence that she did.  The screenwriter of Stephen Spielberg's movie LINCOLN, Tony Kushner, stated that "in many ways she was the cornerstone of the film" (even though she plays a limited role, but steals a pivotal scene).  A quilt that is "believed" to have been made by Elizabeth Keckley from the scraps of Mrs. Lincoln's dresses resides at the Kent State University Museum in Ohio.  You may go to their website to view photos of the quilt that Jennifer describes in this fascinating novel that has made me want to read more about the Civil War.  I have typed up my notes and adhered them to the inside front cover of the book as Jennifer had me consulting the dictionary numerous times.  


Mar 21, 2013