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Title/Author(s)/Classification(s) Date Introduced
Foolproof Walking-Foot Quilting Designs - Mashuta, Mary, Quilting

Here I quote from the back cover: "Move over, stitch in-the-ditch - a world of maching quilting possibilities awaits." "Custom designs to fit every block, border, and corner - with no marking and no math." "Ideas for using commerical quilting templates, paper cuttings, and traditional sashiko-style designs." From page 10:  " Con-Tact Brand Self-Adhesive Creative Covering shelf paper for templates. You can use any brand as long as it is a solid color (not a pattern), has a paper backing you can draw on, and removes easily.  You should be able to reuse your templates many times. Remember - don't iron the shelf paper!"  A great hint from page 41: "If you can't get a commerical template, try making enlarged copies of rickrack on your photocopy machine."  And thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of using a walking foot (such as quilts over 60 x 60 inches are a challenge on a regular domestic machine).  Lots of photos, but a major complaint from me ~ the author's wild and crazy fabrics make the quilting difficult to see in the photos

Nov 19, 2015
America's Quilted Garden Blocks - Labanaris, Faye, Flowers

Phyllis Gallaway spied this book at the Houston show and thought it should be purchased for our library.  She even had the author sign the front cover for us! All fifty states, plus Washington, D.C., Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and American Samoa, are represented here by their flowers. Quoting from the back cover of the book: "Each 20-24" original design flower block can be made as a wallhanging or combine several into a heritage project showing where your family members live.  Mix and match the basic applique and ribbon work techniques to suit your own taste and home decor.  The pattern CD includes a wonderful bonus - information on each state or territory such as its nickname, motto, state bird, state tree, and more."

Nov 19, 2015
Fat-Quarter Quickies - Brown, Kathy, Fat Quarters

Recipes for efficiently cutting fat quarters into smaller units, with or without the author's Fat Quarter Cutter ruler.  Ideas for using precuts (2-1/2" strips, 5" strips, 5" squares, and more). Eleven patterns for table runners to bed-size quilts. All very easy to construct. Good ideas for Community Quilts! Our thanks to Judy Dieter for requesting this book. 

Nov 19, 2015
Becoming a Confident Quilter -It's Hip to be Square - Caffrey, Debbie, Basics

The author, Debbie Caffrey, spoke for the second time at our SRQG meeting on August 20, 2015, and presented a workshop the next day. My very favorite part of this book are the author's "Mythbusters."  With these special notes she explains such basics as why we need to learn to be accurate when cutting and stitching -- it DOES matter!  Focus is on square blocks that are cut into various pieces.  Our thanks to Rhonda Denny for donating this book for our library.

Nov 19, 2015
Block - Summer - Volume 2 - Issue 4 - Doan, Jenny - Missouri Star Quilt Co., Blocks

Our thanks go to Jan Andrews for sharing another copy of Jenny Doan's BLOCK magazines with our library.  Even though these are technically magazines, they are so book-like that I have chosen to file them with our library books. Find them in the BLOCKS section, of course! Jenny's traditional patterns are easily made traditional or "modern" with a choice of fabrics.  A great bonus to these magazines/books is the link to her website where she goes into even more detail about quilting.

Nov 19, 2015
Primitive Quilts and Projects - Spring 2015 - A Magazine, Magazines

I do not usually include magazines on the new library book area of our SRQG website, but this is a brand new-to-me magazine that I thought you would like to know about.  Sue Gragg has been kind enough to share this with all of us.

Nov 19, 2015
All Things Quilting with Alex Anderson - Anderson, Alex, Basics

If you would like just one book to refer to about the basics of quilting, this is it!  This would be a fine addition to your personal library, and a great gift idea for your quilting friends, and future quilters in your life.  Over the years, Alex has written over a dozen "little" books, that have collectively sold over a million copies, each about a specific quilting skill, and here she pulls together all of those ideas, plus more to make this a valuable resource for us.  We have Janet Shore to thank for recommending this book for our library.

Nov 5, 2015
Farm Girl Vintage - Holt, Lori, Blocks

Georgiann Morrissey returned from a trip very excited about a book she had spied that she knew would be a cherished addition to our library.  The author's sense of color is very refreshing.  She has included instructions for such projects as quilts made from all 45 of the blocks or just a few of them (you choose which blocks to use), or pick your favorite block for an individual piece of "kitchen art," a.k.a. "potholder." The "recipes" are for 6 or 12 inches blocks. Blocks include: stars, milk can, house, basket, cherries, American flag, tea kettle, canning jars, a pumpkin, pears, barn, mixing bowls and wooden spoon, Mother Hen, chick and heart, sheep, strawberry, spools, and lots of traditional blocks. 

Nov 5, 2015
Adding Layers - Color, Design and Imagination - Doughty, Kathy,

Quoting the inside cover: "Quilts, in their essence, are layers of color, pattern, and imagination, all working together to form an effective design." In this book you will find a mixture of styles from modern to traditional, graphic, some very busy, some simple.  If you ever wanted to make a "hexie" quilt, take a look at this one -- this block finishes 5" on a side and looks great with large prints. 

Nov 5, 2015
Trispective - The 3-N-1 Quilt - Joy, Flora,

Here I quote the back cover of the book:  "A great choice for quilters who love a challenge."  I will definitely offer a prize to the first person who creates a quilt following these instructions in this book; in other words, this is waaaaaaaay beyond my level of quilting.  Years ago I saw the exact form of artwork in Chicago and Milwaukee art museums and I was so intrigued.  If I stood to the left I saw one picture.  Move to the center, a second, different image appeared.  Shift to the right and magically there was a third scene - all in one frame.  Like a child playing a game, I kept shifting back and forth, completely intrigued.  The quilts in this book do the same only with pleated cloth.  I understand the process, I admire it, but not sure I will ever get around to ever attempting one -- but it sure was fun to see the quilts and read about the process!  And if the center image is not impressive enough, take a very close look at the frame -- it is not wood, it is fabric! 

Nov 5, 2015
Quilty Fun - Holt, Lori, Sew-A-Row

Just because the photo on the cover shows a "row" quilt, it does not mean that you have to only use these cute blocks in rows.  Use one block over and over again for a top and bottom border, or all four borders; combine two different blocks in various colors to make a table runner; try a medallion style with rows surrounding a center piece - the ideas are endless.  Some of the block patterns include:  a bumble bee, tulip, apple (and an apple core), house, spool of thread, tea/coffee mug, basket, butterfly, mitten (and a snowball), stars, a very simple leaf, a flower, a tree, and even an easy fence border.  Her choice of colors (ocean and sky aquas, leaf and apple greens, tomato and cherry reds, mild chocolate browns, silver and pewter grays, butter and squash yellows, and rosy pinks look so refreshing together.  For more ideas be sure to check out Lori's other two books in our library!

Nov 5, 2015
Kaleidoscope Paper Piecing - Mahoney, Nancy, Foundation Piecing

I love making Kaleidoscope quilts. This book takes that simple design to the next level with the assistance of paper piecing.  These complex-looking quilts are totally do-able with the author's excellent instructions.

Nov 5, 2015
Free Range Triangle Quilts - Marston, Gwen and Cathy Jones, Shapes

The back of the book says it best, so I quote: "This is a new look for a seasoned shape with parameters that provide structue, clear direction, and focus for the projects.The projects get back to basics with lessons learned at 'Granny's Knee.' Traditional methods and styles provide a springboard to updated quilt patterns. Quilt projects and patterns encourage taking risks to create your own piece of art. View quilts already made using the free range concept of the triangle. This book speaks to both traditional and contemporary quiltmakers.

Nov 5, 2015
Half-Scrap Quilts - Take and Make Them Yours - Depre, Mickey, Scraps

 If you know the name "Mickey Depre" you will instantly think "art quilter" and "hexagons."  This author has come full-circle back to traditional quilts. Blocks include: Hourglass, Chain and Knot, Pineapple, a woven argyle, and stars, plus new blocks that look old-fashioned. Instructions for various techniques include: flying geese, foundation piecing, and half-square triangles. Get inspired to dig into your scrap bag - in a controlled fashion, that is. 

Nov 5, 2015
The New Hexagon - 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece - Marek, Katja, Shapes

Inside the hexagon shape is endless potential for new shapes/patterns.  Here are 52-6" blocks that Katja has designed to get us started.  Projects range from a mug rug and candle at to a bed-size quilt.  Learn her glue-basting method to prepare for piecing, and why the author likes spray basting rather than basting the quilt layers together. Here are lots of new techniques for an age-old, cherished block. If Modern quilts are your favorites these days, check out the nursery quilt.  Also included are hints for fussy cutting, calculating your own desired hexagon height, block setting ideas, and various finishes.  Might as well make all of the blocks because it would be too hard to choose just one or two favorites (yup - my favorite is "Hexalicious Wall Quilt on page 74 - ohhhh those colors are so yummy!). My thanks to Jim Jensen for requeeting this book for our library.

Nov 5, 2015
We Love Color - 16 Iconic Quilt Designers Create with Kona Solids - Woods, Susanne, Modern

Our October 15, 2015, SRQG speaker, Jennifer Sampou, very generously donated this book for our collection.  On page 72 see Jennifer's wall quilt "Orbit" and learn her secrets for choosing the colors and creating this piece. Other quilters you might recognize are Jean Wells, her daughter, Valori, Malka Dubrawsky, and Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr.  See how each artist worked with the Kona solid colors to create Modern pieces.  The photography is clear enough to be able to thoroughly inspect the quilting.

Nov 5, 2015
Month of Sundays, A - Family, Friends, Food and Quilts - Arkison, Cheryl, Pre-cuts

Rhonda Denny is sharing this book of "low-volume" fabric projects with our library.  "Low-volume"? If it is a new term to you, also, it is described as "light-based fabrics with colors and graphics that do not overwhelm, offering color and still boldness that is more like a stage whisper than a yell," to quote the back cover of the book. Among the calming quilts the author encourages us to "relax," "slow down and enjoy the moment," and "forget about stress by focusing on something right in front of you."  Projects include aprons, napkins with built-in ties,  a wine carrier, a simple dress for a little one, a treasure bag, an auxiliary scarf, a button sudoku quilt with a bag for the buttons, plus quilts such as a "Hugs and Kisses" (X's and O's), a crossword quilt, a very simple striped quilt, and more.  And when you are hungry -- recipes! 

Nov 5, 2015
Birds and Butterflies - Stained Glass Pattern Book - Sibbett, Ed Jr., Animals

Long-time former member and Guild President Nancy Parmelee has donated this book for our library.  This contains 94 designs meant for stained glass, but tranform very nicely into applique ideas for quilters.  There are lots of different butterflies. Some of the birds included are:  kingfishers, eagles, jays, toucans, hummingbirds, cardinals, penguins, mallard, "love birds," two hooty owls, and parrots (yes, one looks like our African Grey, Rosie!).

Nov 5, 2015
Millefiori Quilts 2 - Hammerstein, Willyne, Shapes

I definitely want to know what the drug of choice is for this quilter, and I want the same!  I was overwhelmed by her first book about Hexagon quilts, and cannot believe tht she has put together enough quilts to write a second book, even after breaking her elbow.  Maybe it has to do with living in the Netherlands.  She listens to classical music (so do I, but my quilts don't look like these!).  Maybe it has something to do with retiring from a 42-year judicial career.  Her quilts are traditional, but there is nothing traditional about them -- doesn't make sense -- so check out the book and see for yourselves!  If English is not your preferred language, this book also contains French.  Or if you don't like reading, the recipes and diagrams are more than sufficient -- and the pictures of the quilts are magnificent!  Our thanks to Jan Andrews for obtaining this book for our library while on her travels. 

Oct 15, 2015
Wool Applique the Piece O'Cake Way - Goldsmith, Becky and Linda Jenkins, Applique

Felted wool and wool felt are two different things.  Learn the difference here.  Cotton is often the fabric of choice of quilters, but find out why linens works beautifully, too.  "Always use fusible web," plus other great tips - the hows and whys.  Perfectly sensible written instructions with excellent photos -- the usual for this duo.  Projects:  basket of flowers;  basket of grapes, pears, watermelon, pumpkin, pineapple;  a foot warmer; zippered bag with strawberry motifs; strawberry pincushion; "kitchen quilts;" pillows; table topper; tulip; a basket made of yo-yos!; "vintage gone modern" wall quilt;  and a wall quilt featuring houses and trees.  Our thanks to Diana Roberts for requesting this book for our library. 

Oct 15, 2015
Cut and Shuffle - Ochterbeck, Jan, Stack 'N Whack

These quilts are described as "simple," but they sure don't look simple -- but they really are! The blocks are really just ol' Nine-Patches.  Learn how to choose the best color combinations. Each block starts with a "Block Mama." Then cut, sew, slice and dice, shuffle, and reassemble! The alternate colorways for each of the given patterns proves that the possibilities are endless.  This technique would make a good group challenge.

Oct 15, 2015
Color Strata - Seam, Cut, & Sew - Abstract Quilts with Minimal Guidelines - Appell, Rob, Pre-cuts

Our SRQG Program Chair, Jan Nilsen, has scheduled Rob Appell to entertain us in 2016 -- and from having seen him on our SRQG Library's Alex and Ricky DVD, you won't want to miss out on the fun!  Quoting from the book, "These quilts were born from a fund raising challenge to help cover some of the medical expenses for Libby Lehman.  I was very inspired by her use of color strata in some of her more geometric quilts.  I had so much fun creating the quilts and playing with the color, I literally could not stop. My goal is to provide a basic set of guidelines to help those of us who have a bit of trouble starting when faced with a blank canvas for design.  In other words, the freedom is paralyzing.  Now simply organize your strips, seam them together, cut your rows, sew them together again, and done." 

Oct 15, 2015
Butterfly Album - Monarchs & More - Oglesby, Bea, Animals

Over three dozens patterns (and a bit of scientific information) for such beautiful butterflies as Monarchs, Swallowtails, Anglewings, Coppers, Skippers, and more.  Included are a variety of projects to use one type of butterfly, or a sampler to showcase all of them.  Our thanks to Mary Wood for donating this book of applique patterns for our library. 

Oct 15, 2015
Uncoverings - 2015 - Volume 36 of the Research Papers - American Quilt Study Group (AQSG), History

With dues our SRQG pays to The American Quilt Study Group we receive a copy of their books of in-depth studies each year.  We have all 36 volumes in our Library's History section. This issue includes:  "Vase-Pattern Wholecloth Quilts in the Eighteenth-Century Quaker Community," "The Elizabeth Stanton Inscribed Quaker Quilt," " 'Candlewicks': White Embroidered Counterpanes in America 1790-1880," and "Erica Wilson and the Quilt Revival." 

Oct 15, 2015
Learn to Quilt with Panels - Vagts, Carolyn S., Miscellaneous

Quoting from the book:  "There are so many ways to use panels.  Some are meant to be used whole, and some have other components that can be used for other projects or incorporated into unique settings.  You're limited only by your imagination."  Ideas for quilts of many sizes with various borders.

Oct 1, 2015
Surprise Yourself! - 2nd copy - Angotti, Charlotte and Debbie Caffrey, Miscellaneous

On August 20, 2015, our speaker, Debbie Caffrey donated this autographed copy, along with the sister DVD.  We already have a copy of this book in our library, but as so many members are waiting to check out the book, we now have an additonal copy.  Debbie and her friend and co-author go about designing quilts in completely different ways -- learn which ways are best for you. 

Oct 1, 2015
Surprise Yourself! - DVD - Angotti, Charlotte and Debbie Caffrey, DVD

Reading the companion book is great in itself, but watching these two friends interact with so much laughter and love is that yummy frosting on the delicious cake. As a bonus Debbie shows how to miter borders with such ease you will wonder why you ever were afraid to try.  Our thanks to Phyllis Gallaway for obtaining a second copy of their book for our library, as well as this very informative DVD after Debbie spoke to our guild on August 20, 2015.

Oct 1, 2015
Great Granny Squared - Holt, Lori,

Who has not curled up under a colorfully crocheted Granny Square afghan!?!?  This skinny little book is full of terrific ideas for giving the traditional block a new twist -- with fabric instead of yarn.  This is a great way to use Jelly Rolls or Fat Quarters (or cut squares from your own stash).   From Fat Quarters, if cut to specification, three will be blocks left over, but do not fear -- there are ideas for using them included in this book.  Recipes for various sizes blocks, different sizes of quilts, plus a table runner, pillow, and label ideas are jammed into this easy-to-read book.  Choose to make your project traditional or modern looking depending on your colors and quilting. 

Sep 17, 2015
Nine Patch - New Quilts from an Old Favorite - American Quilter's Society - edited by Linda Baxter Lasco, Nine Patch

For the past 22 years American Quilter's Society (AQS) has put out a challenge ~~ turn the specifically chosen traditional block for that year into something new and exciting.  Learn about the Nine Patch block, then admire the winners' and finalists' quilts.  Each quilt has a biography of the maker(s), the inspiration, and/or tips, techniques, or patterns.  Our library has the entire set of 22 books (including such blocks as Sunflower, Baskets, and Carolina Lily). 

Sep 3, 2015
Ancient Art of Applique, The - Patterns from the Tentmakers of Cairo - Browning, Bonnie K., Applique

From the back of the book, I quote: "Based on ancient Egyptian art and architecture from buildings, tombs, and scrolls, these 18 designs will enhance traditional or modern applique quilts.  The story of how this obscure traditional work came to the attention of AQS is complemented by on-the-scene reporting from the tentmakers' street in Cairo.  Photos of the 17 tentmakers add a human touch and connect the reader to a people, a place, and an ancient artistic heritage from halfway around the world."  AQS = American Quilter's Society.  Our thanks to Jim Jensen for requesting this book for our library.

Aug 20, 2015
Strip Delight - Jelly Roll - 2-1/2" Strips - McNeill, Suzanne, Pre-cuts

These patterns are designed especially for Jelly Rolls (those 2-1/2 inch pre-cut strips), but remember that you can make your very own Jelly Rolls from your existing stash as fabric requirements are also listed.  The quilts in this book can each be made from just one Jelly Roll, plus the addition of borders.  These patterns are excellent for beginners -- and think "Community Quilts!"  Our thanks to Anne Dondero for donating this book to our library.

Aug 20, 2015
Block - Summer - Volume 2 - Issue 3 - Doan, Jenny - Missouri Star Quilt Co., Blocks

These magazines are so book-like that I am filing them with our books.  You will find them (when not checked out, which is infrequent!) in our "Block" section in our wonderful Storage Room.  A variety of patterns, from easy to fussy, are illustrated with photos and Jenny's charming stories of her large, beloved family. Included:  American flag, Dresden Sunburst, an unusual Star, a frenzied 4-patch, a holiday table runner, Dresden Christmas Tree, a design that appears to be woven (easy!), super-simple pine trees, a Disappearing Pinwheel, and a traditional Star.  Our thanks to Jan Andrews for sharing her subscription with all of us! 

Aug 20, 2015
Earthly Delights - The Perfect Finish - Buckley, Karen Kay,

There are so many subjects covered in this book that I cannot decide where to file it, so look for it on the cart! Here you will learn about Karen, follow her thoughts as she creates her prize-winning quilts, find out about her top ten tips for piecing and applique (such as making perfect circles to applique).  She also discusses the pros and cons of bias and straight grain bindings, binding with a mitered corner, scalloped borders, swags, flanges, piping, and so much more.  A wonderful donation for our library. Autographed.

Aug 16, 2015
Colebridge Quilted Christmas, A - Hazelwood, Ann, Fiction

This is the seventh and final installment in this fictional series.  Easy, quick reads.  MUST read in order. 

Aug 6, 2015
All Points Patchwork - English Paper Piecing Beyond the Hexagon - Gilleland, Diane, Shapes

If you are considering exploring English Paper Piecing (EPP) you are going to want to own this book for your reference library!  Even though there are tons of photos of projects, these are only for inspiration as the patterns are not included.  What is included are more instructions, photos, references, tips and hints about EPP not only for hexagons but also for octagons, diamonds, "jewels," triangles, tumblers, pentagons,clamshells, "Dresdens," and curves than you will find in any other volume.  We have Jan Andrews to thank SEW very much for suggesting this book for our library. 

Jul 16, 2015
Merry Christmas with Kim Schaefer, A - Schaeffer, Kim, Christmas/Holidays

Christmas in July!  Quilters know that we can never start too early as those holidays creep up on us so quickly.  Patterns included:  three different tree skirts, numerous place mats, table toppers, table runners, quilts, wreaths, banners, coaster, gift tags, pillows, and even a unique ornament tree.  Designs included: a whacky snowperson, and even whackier reindeer and Santa, a cuddly Santa face, snowflake, bird, holly, and a Rudolph face that makes me want one of my very own. 

Jul 16, 2015
3 Times the Charm - Book Two - Groves, Barbara and Mary Jacobson (Me and My Sister Designs), Pre-cuts

Grab a charm pack, or cut 5" x 5" squares from your collection, and whip up one of the seven easy designs.  Each pattern is illustrated in three different color combinations. 

Jul 16, 2015
Japanese Flowers in Applique - Campbell, Eileen, Japanese

The best way to solve a bidding war on the Silent Auction Table?  Add the item to the library so all can share it!  What a lovely donation this is for all of us.  Beautiful patterns for Iris, Camellia, Hydrangeas, Waterlilies, Chrysanthemums, Wisteria, Roses, Peonies, and "blossoms" (maybe Cherry blossoms?), and even instructions for three-dimensional butterflies.  Make one block, or combine many or all into a beautiful sampler. 

Jul 16, 2015
Sashiko Designs - A Collection of 200 Motifs - Pippen, Sylvia, Japanese

Our June 18, 2015, speaker, Sylvia Pippen, very generously donated this autographed copy for our library.  Here is a brief history of Sashiko (Japanese for "little stabs"), easy instructions, and patterns (such as cranes, family crests, butterflies, fans, flowers, ocean waves, knots, foilage, geometrics, and more).  These designs need not be limited to Sashiko -- try them for quilting!

Jul 2, 2015
Fabulous Finishes - Knapp, Susan Brubaker, DVD

DVD -  finishing, hanging, and binding techniques, including mitered corners, satin stitch edging, pillowcase-turn method, facing, framing in a shadow box, hanging sleeve, and more.  Susan is one of the most well-prepared, well-spoken DVD teachers that I have encountered.    Requested by Judy Dieter.

Jul 2, 2015
Creative Cloth - Mayer, Anita Luvera, DVD

2-DVDs in the box filled with ideas for wearables -- but the ideas can easily be transferred to other projects.  Great beading tips.  Journal ideas.  Wrapped (carbone) rings.  CROCHET your own braid! Painting and dyeing.  Don't forget -- there are PAUSE and REWIND buttons that you can use if she speaks too fast or you wish to go back to examine something!  My question is:  what keeps this woman, who was 79 years old in 2012 when these DVDs were made, so YOUNG!    Our thanks to Norma Viglienzone for this donation to our library. 

Jul 2, 2015
500 Traditional Quilts - Bresenhan, Karey Patterson, Juror,

Juried by Karen Patterson Bresenhan, the woman who started International Quilt Market (and more!), this collection of quilts represents work of national and international artists.  A little of everything, with many Baltimore quilts and lots of hexagons.  Be sure to check out page 53 to see the quilt created by former guild member Jan Head!  Something for everyone in this book.  A huge complaint from me -- why was this book not printed in a larger format!!!  Should be on coffee tables!!!

Jul 2, 2015
Sun-Kisssed Quilts and Crafts - Baker, Barbara K. and Jeri Boe, Dyeing and Painting

This book could not have been donated to our library at a better time.  Sylvia Pippen mentioned "sun printing" in her lecture on June 18, 2015, and there was so much interest that Phyllis Gallaway immediately started putting together a special workshop,.  Learn this very simple technique, with lots of variations, and use the results in quilts or in other projects listed in this book, such as pillows, a table runner, lingerie bag, a director's chair, lampshade, greeting cards, gift bags, baby clothes, aprons.  This is a fun project for kids, too!

Jul 2, 2015
Art Quilt Design with Hand-Carved Printing Blocks - St. Charles, Cynthia, DVD

Start out by painting and/or piecing a background fabric, then learn to easily cut your very own designs on blocks and print them onto the fabric.  Our thanks to Judy Dieter for requesting this DVD for our library.

Jul 2, 2015
Robert's Rule of Order - Newly Revised - In Brief - Roberts,

Our Santa Rosa Quilt Guild's "Policies, Procedures, and Reference Manual" (PPRM) states that our Guild supply our President, Vice President, Parliamentarian, and Library with copies of a ROBERT'S RULES that we may refer to if we need assistance in clarifying how to run a meeting.  One copy will be kept in the Librarian's tote bag for use at guild and board meetings, and the other Library copy will be on the cart and may be checked out by any Member.  Dianne Cheli, our Parliamentarian, researched and found this version the easiest to use, and found the best price at  for us. We thank her for her efforts! 

Jul 2, 2015
Quilter's Practical Guide to Color, The - Goldsmith, Becky, Color

Here I quote the introduction to the book that Diana Roberts has requested for our library: "Knowing why color scares you is half the battle.  What comes next is figuring out how to move forward.  This book is designed to help you do just that.  It is a 'practical' guide to color, with information that will benefit both beginning and experienced quilters alike."  Lots of very helpful examples.  Projects include easy to more complicated applique patterns.  Make the quilts traditional or modern with the flick of color and fabric choices. 

Jun 18, 2015
By the Block - Rogers, Siobhan, Modern

Here I quote the back cover of the book:  "Today's quilters have many demands on their time but still want to create beautiful quilts.  'By the Block' shows the time-poor quilter how to make sophisticated, complex-looking quilts that are based on easy-to-assemble quilt blocks.  The 18 quilts in the book feature modern fabric choices and clever design, but all use standard quilting techniques that are in virtually every quilter's skill set." 

Jun 18, 2015
Learning EQStitch - Menear, Yvonne, Computers

An introductory guide for basic machine embroidery, applique, and quilting for EQStitch, a plug-in program to Electric Quilt 7.  Quoting from the back of the book:  "Yvonne's straight-forward style makes learning the tools of the Stitching worktable in EQStitch clear and accurate.  Discover how to export files for your sewing machine in minutes!"  The author suggest learning EQ7 before tackling EQStitch.  Our thanks to Jan Andrews for this book. 

Jun 18, 2015
Modern Machine Quilting - Redford, Catherine, DVD

I have been machine quilting on a regular ol' home machine since before 1987, have read many books and articles about the process, and was therefore shocked to learn so many new things in this DVD.  Phyllis Gallaway suggested this DVD for our library as Catherine will be speaking at our guild on July 16, 2015.  If someone out there doesn't already know ~~ a walking foot for your machine is the best investment you may ever make.  Learn tricks for stitching parallel straight lines, dense matchsticks, curves, spirals, serpentines, grids, and more.  Catherine, an English lady, is easy to understand and well organized in her teaching.   This one-hour DVD flew by!  Great information for every quilter!!! 

Jun 4, 2015
Modern Sashiko - Bosbach, Silke, Japanese

Quoting from the introduction: "Sashiko is a beautiful sewing and embroidery technique that originated in rural Northern Japan many centuries ago.  The simple technique consists of basic running stitches and was originally developed for economical purposes to breathe new life into old and repaired fabrics. Traditionally, sashiko used white running stitches sewn onto dyed indigo fabrics.  Today, modern sashiko combines historic designs with contemporary materials (e.g., multicolour threads and felt) and it is no longer necessary for fabrics to be dyed indigo."  Learn basic sashiko here and see unique ways to use the technique. Requested by Rhonda Denny.

May 21, 2015