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Title/Author(s)/Classification(s) Date Introduced
Block - Missouri Quilt Company - Spring - Volume 4, Issue 2 - Doan, Jenny, Blocks

Half-square triangles form chevrons;four-patches plus lattice; a braided table runner (plus a recipe for Irish Soda Bread); nine-patch and hourglass combination; a nine-patch "swap;" a pieced kitty cat pattern great looking, simple strip butterflies; a surprise half-hexi, a two-for-one pinwheel star; and the simplest, yet very effective pattern of squares -- the red/white/and blue colors are perfect for patriotic holidays -- or choose any theme -- or make it totally scrappy!  Check out page 89 to see some of the many ways half-square triangles can be rotated  -- a very flexible block.  A very nice donation for our library from Jan Andrews!

Jun 1, 2017
Quilts for Scrap Lovers - Gauthier, Judh, Scraps

Cut 3-1/2, 4-1/2, and 5-1/2" squares from scraps to create traditional or modern quilts in a variety of sizes.   Do not fret if you do not own the Block Template System that is called for as there are instructions for using your favoarite rotary rulers.  And, I cannot really see any reason that you could not adapt any size of square (with a little bit of thought) for these quilts! After seeing the "Snippets" pattern you will never throw away leftover triangles again.  Our thanks to Joanie Bellinghausen for requesting this book for our library.

May 18, 2017
Quilters Path, The - May/June/July 2017 - Veronica, Lea, Editor, Miscellaneous

A quarterly directory of quilting events, activities, and shopping opportunities in California, Nevada, and Oregon. Quilt guilds are listed alphabetically by city. SRQG is on page 41.   Published quarterly.  Filed on the top shelf of the rolling cart (it is a small  4-1/2 x 6-3/4", yellow paperback).  

May 18, 2017
Primitive Style - Folk-Art Quilts and Other Finery - Gaston, Jenifer, Folk Art

Learn the particulars of using wool to create a folk-art sampler, a hooked rug, penny rugs, table toppers, a pincushion, sewing pouch, wall quilts, lap-size quilt, and a journal cover.  If you are not into wool, of course, cotton (or other fabrics) may be used.  Patterns include birds, flowers, Churn Dash, baskets, house, heart-in-hand, Dutchman's Puzzle, Variable Star, and a pumpkin. If your colors not to your liking, learn about dyeing. Embellish with hand embroidery. Our thanks to Cathy Ferrarese for requesting this book for our library.

May 4, 2017
Sew Charming - Scrappy Quilts from 5" Squares - Etherington, Mary and Connie Tesene, Pre-cuts

Each of the 18 patterns show what can be done with your own stash's 5" squares or pre-cut charm packs, from traditional to modern.  Patterns include Hour Glass, Square in a Square, Ohio Star, a zig zaggy Chevron, Flying Geese, Double Four Patch, Churn Dash, Beach Ball Pinwheels, Snowballs and Nine Patches, Nine Patch, Triangles, and more.  Our thanks to Mary Wood for requesting this book for our library.

Apr 20, 2017
Kraft-tex Style - Cerda, Roxane, Miscellaneous

Nope, Kraft-tex it is not fabric, and neither is it leather, but it looks like leather -- it is a PAPER that can be embossed, painted, dyed, embellished, printed, distressed, woven, burned, die-cut, stitched on a machine or by hand, and laundered! What on earth is it used for?  This book is full of ideas, such as placemats, storage boxes, wall hangings, a pocket folder, a travel journal, tech stand, yoga mat tote, bags, pouches, purses, bike bag, wallet, (yea! - instructions for inserting zippers!), earrings, necklace, camera strap, travel backgammon board, paper dolls, treasure map labels, tags, coasters, key fobs, business card or gift card holders, scissor holster, pencil case, and one of my favorites, of course, bookmarks! Our thanks to Mary Ann Hayre for requesting this book for our library.

Apr 6, 2017
Hand Stitched Crazy Patchwork - Blomkamp, Hazel, Embellishing

I have never met the author, but I KNOW that I would really like her as she doesn't pussy-foot around -- she tells it to you straight. For instance, I quote from page 13, "Cheap beads are badly shaped, or have uneven sizing and have holes that are off-centre." Hazel goes on to say: "If you think that it's not worth paying extra for better beads, then don't bother with the beading techniques in this book. The result of your efforts will be iffy."  She gives expert instructions for every aspect of making crazy projects (embroidery, embellishing, beading, silk ribbon embroidery, needle lace, needle weaving, and even tatting, plus patchwork and quilting techniques).  When Rhonda Denny came to me with this recommendation I did not have to question her as to why we would require one more book to add to our Crazy Quilting/Embellishing collection -- this IS different -- and the projects are absolutely over-the-top delicious. 

Apr 6, 2017
Judith Baker Montano's Essential Stitch Guide - Montano, Judith Baker, Embellishing

Even though our library has all of this author's books, Phyllis Gallaway recommended that we invest in this spiral-bound bible of embroidery stitches as it combines information from all of Judith's books in one place. The artist has suggestions for transferring photos/images onto fabric to include, as well as painting the background fabric before the stitching even begins.  Admitting to being dyslexic, she has taken pains to make her instructions as easy to follow as possible.  There are even tips for left-handed stitchers!  Over 180 stitches and 70 combinations. 

Apr 6, 2017
Improv Paper Piecing - A Modern Approach to Quilt Design - Friend, Amy, Foundation Piecing

Paper piecing takes a modern spin with an improvisational approach to block design and gridwork. The author encourages rule-breaking while listening to your artistic voice, and discusses such topics as asymmetry, symmetry, scale, and even wonky.  Traditional blocks are twisted to create one-of-a-kind modern quilts. Our thanks to Pam Brown for requesting this book for our library.

Apr 6, 2017
Cabin Fever - 20 Modern Log Cabin Quilts - Bonner, Natalia and Kathleen Whiting, Lob Cabins

Quoting from the Introduction on page 5: "Log Cabin quilts are the most recognized quilts in history. Just as architecture has changed from the log cabin to the modern home of today, so has quilting. Yet while we've gone from hand quilting to advanced technology, the basics of construction of a Log Cabin block have stayed the same. You start with a strong foundation, or the center block in the Log Cabin block, and then add "logs," or strips, to the foundation. Today, colors, size, and shape have changed our home construction as well as our quiltmaking." Instructions include twenty different twelve-inch square blocks that can be made intothree different sizes (baby quilts, throws, or coverlet, plus pillows).  Our thanks to Barbara Cortelyou for sharing this new book with all of us.

Apr 6, 2017
Secondary Designs - Madsen, Judi, Modern

In the introduction a comparison of quilting styles over the years shows how today the background quilting is very extensive and creates the "secondary design" in modern quilts. The pieced blocks are quite simple and the quilting designs look complex, but we are assured that with a straight ruler, a marking pen, and a "quilting machine" anyone can achieve success.  A CD-ROM is included.  Our thanks to Jana Ulmer for donating this book to our library.  

Apr 6, 2017
Drawn to Stitch - Line, drawing and mark-making in textile art - Hedley, Gwen, Contemporary

Can't draw? Don't worry.  The author encourages us through many exercises. Transfer the information to your own art, whether on paper or fabric, pen or thread, flat or textured. A donation.

Apr 6, 2017
Creative Ideas to Organize Your Home - Peterson, Linda, Sewing Spaces

Quoting page 6, "Dear Clutter Keeper friend of mine, and yes, I'm talking toyou - you have stuff laying around everywhere: piles, stacks, books, pencils, paper, art supplies, bathroom toiletries, this, that, and the other . . . am I right? Well don't think you're the only one! Trust me, I fit the above description just as much as anyone until I took control!" This is a person who understands us.  We already have the tools and materials in our ateliers to whip up these creative ways to display our treasures.  While you have the toys out making something for yourself, make extras to have on hand for gifts or for Boutique sales. One of my favorites are the mousetrap clips. If this doesn't make you curious, don't check out the book - save it for those of us who are a little more eccentric.  

Mar 16, 2017
Block - Winter - Volume 4, Issue 1 - Doan, Jenny - Missouri Star Quilt Company, Blocks

While in the middle of organizing my sewing room I came across a box of squares. Needing an excuse to take a break I grabbed this book, turned to page 80, and had a great time trying out Jenny's technique for making super easy Hourglass blocks. Take four squares, all the same size, different fabrics. Stitch together to make a four-patch.  Repeat to make a second four-patch. MY tip:  Press all seams in a counter-clockwise direction, opening the seam allowances in the center, this way the seam allowances will all nest together nicely. Place the two four-patches right sides together, matching seam allowances. Stitch around the perimeter! Cut diagonally from corner to corner, twice.  Open the triangles, press. Make some more sets. Throw them up on the design wall and play with the combinations. Yes, the edges are on the bias, but a border fabric will tame them. Too much fun!Before I knew it I had two tops made for our Community Quilts! Also included: Broken Orange Peel, Checkered Dresden (a favorite of mine), Disappearing Pinwheel Arrows, Cornered Drunkard's Path, Simple Diamonds, and a few more.  Our thanks to Jan Andrews for sharing her subscription with all of us. Find these "magazines" filed as books under "Blocks."

Mar 16, 2017
Stitched Textiels: Birds - Sumner, Rachel, Animals

Even if you are not partial to chickens, seagulls, blackbirds, puffins, or backyard birds you will still benefit from learning the techniques used for manufacturing the backgrounds in this book.  Warning: you won't ever want to throw away a scrap of fabric again as it could be just what is needed in a future project. These quilts are a great excuse to experiment with all of the stitches on your sewing machine.  

Mar 2, 2017
Abstract and Geometric - Sielman, Martha, Contemporary

300 contemporary quilts from 124 artists representing 18 countries. In-depth interviews with 29 of the artists. 

Mar 2, 2017
Fabricadabra - Nadelstern, Paula, Miscellaneous

The front cover states: "Simple Quilts, Complex Fabric - Discover the Hidden Potential in Your Stash." Quoting the back cover: "Understand symmetry in fabrics and fool the eye with daring design strategies" and "Fussy cut prints to perfection with self-drafted templaets and camoflage seams for luminous effects." You will know the author as the maker of the spectacular kaleidoscopic quilts that spoke to our guild.

Mar 2, 2017
Art and Inspirations Judith Baker Montano - Montano, Judith Baker, Embellishing

Quoting from the back of the book: "Internationally recognized as the consummate authority on crazy quilting, silk ribbon embroidery, and embellishment techniques, Montano has compiled an exuberant body of work during her career.  Enjoy the intensely personal view of this dynamic artist as seen through her words, watercolors, photography, and needlework." Published back in 1997, I am not sure how this book slipped past our library.  We are very lucky that former SRQG member Polly Breckinridge has donated this for all of to enjoy. If you enjoy this book, you will want to check out other books by Judith in our "Embellishing" section.  Note that our very own Honorary Life Member, Diana Roberts, is acknowledged and thanked by the author on page 6 as her technical editor at C&T Publishing!

Mar 2, 2017
Polygon Affair - Fitzgerald, Gyleen X., Shapes

Quoting the inside jacket of the book: "Pyramids, Diamonds, Cones and Hexagons . . . cut out, stitched up and playing together in quilts. Who could ask for more? The shapes interlock and combine like an endless puzzle expanding the geometry in quiltmaking. Modern, contemporary or traditional, the choice is yours." Afraid of Y-seams -- learn Gyleen's butterfly technique.  All of this - plus love stories!  A nice, autographed, donation for our library.  Two templates donated by Carole Behlke are located in an envelope taped to the back cover of this book.  

Mar 2, 2017
New Adventures of Sue and Billy, The - Kato, Reiko, Sunbonnet Sue

When I first saw the cover quilt of this darling book in a magazine I got out a magnifying glass to study the details of the most charming Sunbonnet Sues (and Billys) I have ever encountered. I Googled and found the price of the book quite high (and in Eruos - way too complicated for me to deal with!), and did not pursue the purchase. When Jackie Pitts asked about the book I knew I had to make it happen. The very next day Quiltmania emailed me a Valentine's Day coupon, plus allowed me to order it in US dollars, and that clinched it. I placed the order on Friday and it was on my doorstep on Monday!  How do they do that?! The timing of its arrival was perfect for me to sit on the front porch, enjoy the sun between many days of rain, and read the book from cover to cover, and then went back and looked at it all again. This is going to be a hard book for me to give up, but knowing that Jackie, and a very long list of other SRQG members are going to love it, too, makes it easier. The book is printed in both French and English, and before long readers will look at the French words for such thing as rickrack and forget they are reading in another language -- sewists can communicate in any language! If the entire cover quilt is beyond us, do not fear -  there are also directions for purses and smaller quilts. I look forward to visiting Sue and Billy on many Sew-and-Tell projects to come! 

Feb 16, 2017
Rulers, Templates, Stencils - ,

YES, our library has a growing collection of rulers, templates, and stencils for its members to borrow.  NO, the list is not located on the library page.  Instead, it is located on the guild's website:  On the left side of our Home Page click on "Download Forms."  Then scroll down to RULERS, TEMPLATES, AND STENCILS for a list that Carole Behlke has put together.  I am sorry to report that the list is not always up-to-date as new items are constantly being donated, but this will give you an idea of what might be available. The items are checked out by writing a description of the item, your name, and date in a red three-ring binder that is located in the ruler/template/stencil box (which is located at the very far end of the guild's storage room, just below elbow-level.  Use the items at your leisure, but remembering that others may wish to also borrow the items, please return (and check them back in) as soon as you can.  If anyone has suggestions about perfecting this system, or would like to up-date the list, please give me a holler -- "it takes a village" and we can use all of the help we can get!  Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this collection! -- Sharon 'the Librarian' Fry

Feb 13, 2017
Quilting is My Therapy - Walters, Angela, Quilting

Quoting from the introduction: "Quilting provides a specific function - holding the layers together - but it is so much more than that. It ehnhances the quilt top by adding another layer of art to the quilt. Quilting can bring out secondary patterns, tell a story, or add a pop of color. Most of the time, quilting plays off of the quilt top. But sometimes, like in this book, it can take center stage." Besides enjoying the colorful modern quilts with their free-motion quilting, learn how Angela got to where is she is with her profession - indeed an inspiration.

Feb 2, 2017
Go! Baby Accuquilt Cutting Machine - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Many, many thanks to Mary Reder for donating this Go! Baby by Accuquilt magical cutting machine to our guild, along with a few dies. This new "toy" has opened up a world of fun for our members. This machine will cut fabric 90% faster than using rotary cutters or scissors, and is absolutely accurate.  It can cut up to six layers of cotton, satin, or silk at one time.  It will cut up to four layers of cotton with fusible ironed to it.  Cut two layers of wool at a time. Cut one to two layers at a time of flannel, fleece, batting, or felt.  Cut one layer of leather or denim at a time.  One-quarter inch seam allowance is included in geometric shapes.  Dog-eared corners are already cut.  8.5 pounds.  This little machine does not work with the 10 x 10" or 10 x 24" dies, but there are a few guild members (including Patti Bassignani and Karen Lavender - email them ahead of time to see if it is convenient for them to bring in a machine) who have the larger machines -- so I recommend cultivating their friendships and offering to wash windows for them in exhange for their schlepping their machines in to guild meetings for you to use the larger dies (including the alphabet that the guild owns).  Hint: to conserve fabric, cover only the shape you want to cut, not the entire die (such as particular letters, or a certain flower).  Hint: for asymmetrical shapes, such as a cat facing a certain way, place fabric-pattern-side-up if you want the shape to look exactly like the shape of the die.  To face the cat in the opposite direction, place the fabric pattern-side-down for the shape to be cut as a mirror image. The machine is very easy to use, but you must be given a short lesson before checking it out.  Our Go! Baby experts are Jan Westerman, Caroline Pope, Patti Bassignani, and Karen Lavender.  If you are also an Accuquilt expert and would like to be listed here, please let Sharon 'the Librarian' Fry know.  We have many dies in our library.  If you own dies and would like to be on a list to loan your dies to fellow guild members, please inform Sharon Fry.  If you see a die that you would like for our library to own, please give all information to Sharon Fry.  The machine may be used at the meetings or reserved to take home. Hint: have your fabric cut and pressed before arrival.  Another Hint: if you are cutting irregular shapes that you are going to "applique" onto your surface, you might want to press a fusible to the back of the fabric before arriving at a meeting to cut (for instance: alphabet, cat, dog, flowers, snowflakes).   The machine and/or dies may be checked out of the library and absolutely MUST be returned to the very next meeting.  If you break or lose the machine or dies, you are responsible for reimbursing the library for the item(s).  Jan Westerman has put together a binder of hints and instructions that should be read.  Also, Jan W. has printed out an entire binder of patterns to be checked out with the 8" Cube set.  When on our Guild's website, on the Library page, type in the Search box the word Go! and find a list of Go! Baby dies we own, or are borrowing from members.  Looking forward to seeing your Go! Baby projects!  Welcome to the 21st Century!  Check out for more information.

Jan 22, 2017
Go Small Value die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55018 - squares and triangles  This die is owned by member Celeste White.  If you would like to borrow the die, please contact Celeste White directly.

Jan 22, 2017
Pomegranate die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55371 - Pomegranate die - Designed by Alex Anderson. Includes two large circles, two cat's eyes, and two leaves. This die is owned by Celeste White.  Please contact Celeste if you would like to borrow it.

Jan 22, 2017
Kay's Bouquet die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55372 - Kay's Bouquet designed by Laura Wasilowski.  One scallop circle, four triangle scalloped petals, two shaped leaves, one curved stem, and a 3/4" circle are included in the die to make up this flower. This die is owned by Celeste White. If you would like to borrow it, please contact Celeste directly.

Jan 22, 2017
Rose of Sharon die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55045 - designed by Sharon Pederson. This die is owned by Celeste White. If you would like to borrow it, please contact Celeste.

Jan 22, 2017
Ohio Star die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55174 - Ohio Star - 12" finished block. This die is owned by Celeste White.  If you would like to borrow it, please contact Celeste.

Jan 22, 2017
Log Cabin die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55349 - Log Cabin - 1.5" wide logs.  May make 5, 7, 8, 9, 9, 10, 11, or 12" finished blocks. This die is NOT compatible with the SRQG's Go! Baby cutter, but needs a larger cutter.  Karen Lavender, Patti Bassiignani, and Celeste White all may be contacted and requested to bring their larger machine in to a guild meeting.  The Log Cabin die is owned by Celeste White.  Please make arrangements with Celeste to borrow her die.

Jan 22, 2017
Dancing Umbrellas die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55178 - Edyta Sitar has designed the GO! Dancing Umbrella. Everything you need to cut the umbrella handle, umbrella canopies, and even the cap. This die can be used with other appliqué dies to tell a story or you can simply rotate the umbrellas to add dimension to your project. Our thanks to Carolle LeMonnier for requesting this die.

Jan 22, 2017
Strip die - 2-1/4" Unfinished - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55053 - Make binding, narrow borders, string piece, and 1 3/4" finished sashing in a flash with the GO! Strip Cutter. This die makes quick and perfect work of cutting 2 1/4" strips from multiple layers of fabric. The razor-sharp blades are 23" long and open at both ends to cut folded fabric right off the bolt.  NOTE:  This die does NOT work with our Guild's Go! Baby cutter. Please ask Patti Bassigani or Karen Lavender if it might be convenient for one of them to bring their larger cutter to a guild meeting so that you can use it to cut these strips.  Our thanks to Pat Kearns for requesting this die.

Jan 22, 2017
Half Square Triangle - 3" Finished - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55009 - Half Square Triangles - 3" Finished. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Half Square Triangle - 2.5" Finished - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55257 - 2.5" Finished Half Square Triangle. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Isosceles Triangle - 5 x 6 - Accuquilt, Go!

#55016 - Isosceles Triangle 5 x 6" - Isosceles triangles are three-sided shapes with two sides the same length. Eight isosceles triangles sewn together form an octagon. Sew Half SquareTriangle-3" Finished Squares (55009) to the corners of this octagon and it becomes a Kaleidoscope block. Sew several blocks together and play with the colors and you can create a stunning quilt with optical illusions of circles! Note: this die cannot be used with the Go! Baby, but can be used with the larger Accuquilt models. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Square Multiples - 2" Finished - Accuquilt, Go!

#55059 - These 2" finished squares are the basic building blocks of quilting. This die is used in conjunction with additional AccuQuilt GO! block dies that work together to create typical 6", 8" and 12" finished patchwork quilt blocks such as the Spinner and Jewel Box blocks. This die cannot be used with the Go!Baby, but can be used with the larger Accuquilt cutters. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Arabesque #3 - Accuquilt, Go!

#55050 - Arabesque #3 - AccuQuilt presents exclusive Ricky Tims licensed die designs for the AccuQuilt GO! Fabric Cutter. His signature Arabesque designs feature intricate details, graceful curves, and symmetrical flowing lines that would be time consuming and difficult to cut by hand. With the AccuQuilt GO!, you can create the Arabesque #3 by Ricky Tims perfectly in seconds! NOTE: This die cannot be used with the Go! Baby, but can be used with the larger Accuquilt cutters. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Blazing Star - Accuquilt, Go!

#55051 - Blazing Star - 12" Finished - Designed by Eleanor Burns.  Note: this die cannot be used with the Go! Baby, but can be used with the larger Accuquilt cutters. Donated by Linda Silva

Jan 22, 2017
Half Rectangle Triangle - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55411 - Half Rectangle Triangle - 3 x 6" Finished Rectangle - Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Half Hexagon - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55165 - Half Hexagon The seam allowance is included in these half hexies for easy and accurate piecing. Coordinates with GO! Hexagon-1", 1 1/2", 2 1/2" Sides (55011) and GO! Equilateral Triangles (55079). Donated by Linda SIlva.

Jan 22, 2017
Small Value Die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55018 - Small Value -This die precisely cuts three different shapes of squares and triangles. Use them to create 4-Patch, 9-Patch, stars, pinwheels, borders and more. Makes perfect cuts seem like child's play. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Bowties - 4" Finished - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55413 - Bowties - 4" Finished Block - by  Alex Anderson -  Versatile die can also be used to cut 1 1/2": and 2 1/2": squares for a variety of projects. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Signature Block - 4-1/2" Finished - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55356 - Signature Block - 4-1/2" Finished - The GO! Signature Block is designed to work with the GO! Half Square-3" Finished Triangle (55009) and GO! Half Square-1" Finished Triangle (55320). Sew two 3" finished half square triangles to the long sides of the block for a 4 1/2" finished square or four 1" finished half square triangles sewn to the short sides of the block form a 6 7/16" x 2 1/8" rectangle. Use this shape to incorporate signatures to personalize a quilt or prepare signature blocks to be signed at showers, weddings and other celebrations. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Go! Cutter (larger size than the Go! Baby) - Accuquilt, Go!

Go! Accuquilt Cutter - larger than the Go! Baby. Donated by Linda Silva.

Jan 22, 2017
Alphabet (A-M) die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Alphabet A-M, Accuquilt #55092.  NOTE:  This alphabet dies can NOT be used with our little Go! Baby Accuquilt cutter. Make friends with members Patti Bassignani or Karen Lavender and maybe they can be persuaded to carry their cutting machine in to a guild meeting so you can use it there. Email one of them ahead of time to see if it is convenient for them to carry a machine in on the day you are thinking about. A tip: you might want to press a fusible to the back of your fabric before arriving at the meeting in case you want to have your letters ready to be ironed onto your project once they have been cut!  The second die in the set contains the second half of the alphabet (N-Z). To learn about the rest of the Go! Baby dies our guild owns, in the SEARCH box at the top of the Library Home Page, type in Go!  Letters are 3" tall, and the widest is 4-1/2" wide.

Jan 21, 2017
Alphabet (N-Z) die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Alphabet (N-Z) Accuquilt #55092 - in two die set.  This die will NOT fit in our guild's Go! Baby as it needs a larger machine.  Email Patti Bassignani or Karen Lavender to ask if it is convenient for one of them to carry in their machine on the day you need to use it. Hint: iron fusible to back of fabric before cutting out letters! The letters are 3" tall, and the widest is 4-1/2" wide.

Jan 21, 2017
Dog die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Gingham Dog Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55064. 4-1/2" wide x 3-7/8" High, plus a separate piece for the ear.  On loan from Jan Westerman.  

Jan 20, 2017
Clamshell die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Clamshell Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55435.  4" Finished. Donated by Mary Reder.

Jan 20, 2017
Cat die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Cats Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55065.  4-1/2" tall, 3-3/16" wide (unfinished).  Hints: press fusible web onto fabric before putting through the cutter so that the cat is ready to press onto your project. Textured fabrics, such as suade, flannel, corduroy, velvet, felt, and minky make great cats! Place the fabric wrong-side-up on the die to reverse the cat so the tail is on the opposite side. 

Jan 20, 2017
Holiday Medley (Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Holly Leaf and Berries) die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Holiday Medley Go! Baby Accuquilt dies #55043.  Christmas Tree, Snowflake, Holly Leaf and Berries. Hint: the snowflake would make a wonderful flower.  We have TWO of this die - one was a donation.

Jan 20, 2017
Critters (Dragonfly, Bee, and Butterfly) die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Critters for Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55030.  Dragonfly, bee, and butterfly.  On loan from Jan Westerman.

Jan 20, 2017
Hearts die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Hearts Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55029.  2", 3", 4" hearts.  On loan from Jan Westerman

Jan 20, 2017
Pumpkins die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Pumpkins Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55323. Wide, short, and tall pumpkins.  On loan from Jan Westerman.

Jan 20, 2017
Funky Flowers die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Funky Flowers Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55042. 2 flowers, 3 centers.  On loan from Jan Westerman.

Jan 20, 2017
Fun Flower die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Fun Flower Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55334.  On loan from Jan Westerman.

Jan 20, 2017
8-inch Block Cube dies - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

8" Block Cube Go! Baby Accuquilt dies #55776. This box contains dies to make many different 8" blocks, plus instruction DVD and booklet.  Be sure to also check out the large binder that Jan Westerman has printed out for us that is full of instructions patterns, and hints.  Included in the Cube:  2 x 4" finished rectangles, 4" finished quarter-square triangles, 4" finished half-square triangles,  2-3/4" finished squares on point, a 45 degree parallelogram, 4" finished square, 2" finished square.

Jan 20, 2017
Flying Geese die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Flying Geese Accuquilt die #55456.  3.5 x 6.5" unfinished, 3 x 6" finished. 

Jan 20, 2017
Orange Peel die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Orange Peel Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55455. 4.5 x 4.5" unfinished

Jan 20, 2017
Strip die 2.5 inches - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55014 - 2.5" Strip Go! Baby Accuquilt die.  The SRQG owns its own die, plus Celeste White owns her own die that she is willing to lend.  Please make arrangements directly with Celeste to use hers.

Jan 20, 2017
Hexagons, die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55011 - three different sizes of hexagons (2" wide, 1-3/4" high, 1" sides), (3" wide, 2-5/8" high, 1-1/2" sides), and  (5" wide, 4-3/8" high, 2-1/2" sides). Quoting from Accuquilt's website: "Traditional hexagon quilts like Grandmother's Flower Garden are absolutely beautiful, but it takes a whole lot of hexagons to make one quilt and just thinking about cutting all those shapes out can make your wrists ache. The AccuQuilt GO! Hexagon die cuts perfect shapes quickly, every time."  HINT: The die not only cuts up to eight layers of cotton fabric at a time, but cuts papers for foundation piecing, also! 

Jan 20, 2017
Circles - 2", 3", and 5" die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Circles - 2", 3", and 5" for Go! Baby Accuquilt die - #55012

Jan 20, 2017
Circles 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2" die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Circles - 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 2-1/2" for Go! Baby Accuquilt die #55155

Jan 20, 2017
Local Color by Bill Kerr die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

Local Color by Bill Kerr die - #55452 - get accurate curved cuts fast and the notches on the die make the curves easy to piece with minimal pinning. Choose fabric colors that blend where the circles meet to create a transparency effect.

GO! Local Color Quilt by Bill Kerr

Jan 20, 2017
Queen of Hearts die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55325 - four Hearts die for Go! Baby cutter.  The guild owns the die, and Celeste White also owns her own and is willing to lend it. Please contact Celeste directly to make arrangements to use her die.  

Jan 20, 2017
LeMoyne Star die - Accuquilt, Go!

#55453 - LeMoyne Star die to be used with the GO! Accuquilt cutter (but not the Go! Baby). This Block on Board (BOB) die allows you to cut all of the shapes you need in just one pass to make a two-color LeMoyne Star block. The GO! LeMoyne Star-9" Finished die is designed with no Y-seams which makes a traditionally advanced block great for all skill levels.

Jan 20, 2017
Bows die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55341 - Bows in three sizes (2-1/2", 3-1/2", 4-1/2") May be used with the Go! Baby Accuquilt die cutter. Team the GO! Bow up with other dies to add something special. The different scale bows are designed to compliment other applique shapes like flowers or work together with swags for a border. Use with Go! Baby.

Jan 20, 2017
Dove die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55350 - Dove die - This die easily cuts a beautiful flying dove. Perfect for holiday quilts, garments, gift tags and home decor, or use as the feature of a peace-themed quilt. Apply fusible web to the wrong side of fabrics prior to cutting for quick and easy applique. Use with the Go!Baby.

Jan 20, 2017
Reindeer die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55353 - Reindeer die - This die easily cuts an elegant reindeer. Use for holiday appliqué quilts, garments, gift tags, home décor and much more! Apply fusible web to the wrong side of fabrics prior to cutting for quick and easy appliqué. Use with the Go! Baby.

Jan 20, 2017
Holiday Accessories die - Accuquilt, Go! Baby

#55321 - Holiday Accessories - Bows, Top Hat Bow, etc. -  create accessories for a snowperson, ornament toppers, and more. Use GO! Circle-2", 3", 5" (55012) die to create the snowpeople, then accessorize them with hats, scarves, arms and carrot noses. Use the ornament toppers with the 2" and 3" circles to create holiday ornaments. Create gifts with the bow using the GO! Square-3 1/2" (55006), GO! Square-4 3/4" (55019), GO! Rectangle-3 1/2" x 6 1/2" (55005) and so much more. Make quick appliqués by applying fusible web to the wrong side of fabrics prior to cutting. Use with the Go! Baby.

Jan 20, 2017
All My Thanks and Love to Quilts - Goke, Keiko, Contemporary

Even though this book was published in 2009 the ideas and techniques are as fresh as the morning dew.  The artist uses her beloved traditional blocks in new and modern ways. Her patterns for a pieced alphabet are creative and are do-able by anyone. Instructions for making dandelion heads are unique and easy. Hearts, log cabins, circles, houses, and more.

Jan 19, 2017
Change of Seasons, A - Folk-Art Quilts and Cozy Home Accessories - Sullivan, Bonnie, Christmas/Holidays

These folk art designs for quilts and wall hangings are prime for making with felted wool, or of course, cotton quilting fabrics.  Patterns feature: Spring bunny, flowers, and bird in a compote; daffodils, birds' nests, a three dimensional chick;  Summer beehive and sunflowers; watermelon, birds; a watermelon banner; a three-dimensional sunflower bouquet; Autumn pumpkin, acorns, leaves; three-dimensional crow;  Winter snowperson, mittens, cardinal, holly leaves, snowflakes, stars, hearts, a variety of designs for stockings, and a three-dimensional snowperson. Our thanks to Jan Westerman and Carole Behlke for requesting this book for our library.

Jan 5, 2017
Promenade in a Dutch Garden - Prins, Petra and An Moonen, History

Recently deceased SRQG member Linda Gilbert very kindly lent me this book that she bought in The Netherlands, and now we will remember Linda fondly as all enjoy this beautiful history of quiltmaking in Holland from her library. Linda even created a block pattern called "Dutch Rose" for my "Roses of Sharon" Friendship Block quilt.   Not only do we learn that quiltmaking started in the land of wooden shoes with the arrival of the Romans, but enjoy seeing quilts photographed in the area.  And then there are quilt patterns, too!  Don't miss the "Hexenkring" quilt (see even if you can't speak Dutch, you can figure this name out).  

Jan 5, 2017
Twisted - Modern Quilts with a Vintage Twist - Kerr, Mary W., Modern

Quoting the back cover of the book: "These 22 quilts give contemporary quilters fresh ideas for injecting their works with energy from repurposed antique textiles, abandoned blocks, and vintage fragments." "For each quilt's starting inspiration, a fragment of unfinished vintage quilting was incorporated into a modern quilt aesthetic.  The newly designed 'past-combined-with-present' quilt tops were then shipped to 22 contemporary quilt artists, each among today's best longarm quilters. The new, innovative quilts serve as a bridge between the vintage past and the modern present."

Jan 5, 2017
Modern Twist, A - Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin - Barnes, Natalie with Angela Walters, Modern

Quoting the back of the book: "Twist and turn simple blocks to create impressive, random-looking modern designs. Learn to trust unusual color combinations and choose fabrics with confidence. 13 enticing patterns: quilts, table runners, wall hangings, place mats, and quilted storage boxes." Longarm quilting expert Angela Walters adds valuable comments about finishing the quilts. Pattern for a fabric color wheel included, plus a picnic tote, a utensil roll.  Triangles, squares, circles, oh my!

Jan 5, 2017
Twisted Classics - Amazing Block Combinations for Unique Quilts - Stauffer, Jeanne and Sandra L. Hatch, editors, Miscellaneous

Quoting the back cover of the book: "When two or more quilt blocks are combined, the end result is a third design that is unlike any other. Manipulating a quilt block by stretching or compacting it also results in a distinctive pattern.  This book features 34 such unique quilts and quilted projects." Some of the pieced block patterns included are: Carrie Nation, Nine Patch, Roman Stripe, Bow Tie, Drunkard's Path, Leaf, lots of different stars, Bear Paw, Puss in the Corner, Prairie Flower, Mosaic, Night and Day, Maple Leaf Cluster, Fox and Geese, Churn Dash, Lady of the Lake, and Dogtooth Violet. This will inspire many who are thinking of doing Carole Behlke's Challenge for 2017! A nice donation for our library.

Jan 5, 2017
Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks - Volume 14 - Quiltmaker magazine, Blocks

Applique, pieced, foundation-pieced; a cupcake, poinsettia, snowperson, bikini, American Eagle, gorgeous colorwheel, heart, and many, many more designs; some easy, some complex - something for everyone.  These magazines are filed with our books under "Blocks."  Our many, many thanks to Jan Andrews for supplying us with this collection.

Jan 5, 2017
- , Jan 5, 2017
Artful Improv - Grisdela, Cindy, Contemporary

Quoting from the back of the book:  "Permission to play? Granted. Embrace your creative spirit! Practice improv quilting using five easy blocks, circles, and strip sets. Design with negative space, color, recipes, and even irregular edges. Finish quilts with free-motion texture and sleeve-free wall-hanging techniques."  I instantly knew the author could be a good friend when I saw the photo of her on page 7 with her black cat that looks just mine, PLUS her studio was pristine, but "controlled chaos."

Dec 1, 2016
Creative Quilt Challenges - Pease, Pat and Wendy Hill, Modern

Quoting from the back of the book:  "Explore your creativity! 7 quilt challenges help you design your own quilts, with 2 unique perspectives on each challenge.  Tools, tricks, and techniques, including quilting-as-you-sew that really looks good and facing finishes with smooth corners." 

Dec 1, 2016
Textile Collage - Pattullo, Mandy, Contemporary

Quoting from the back of the book: "Discover a new way to reuse old fabrics and textiles to creatie beautiful collages - including quilts, clothes, portraits and books."  As the author is from England I had to look up a lot of words, and have added a page of notes to the inside cover :)  Our thanks to Rhonda Denny for requesting this book for our library.

Dec 1, 2016
Art Quilt Collage - Boschert, Deborah, Contemporary

Quoting from the back of the book: "How to get from 'start' to 'art.' Tap into your creative muse! Art quilt inspiration, techniques, and checklists presented in 8 easy-to-use design guides. Uncomplicated visual guide to fabric collage with practice pieces to help you gain experience. Tell your own artistic story with colors, materials, and beloved symbols."  Instructions for mounting pieces on canvas.

Dec 1, 2016
New York Beauty - New Quilts Rrom an Old Favorite - Tetrev, Kimberly Holland and Caitlin Ridings - American Quilter's Society, New York Beauties

Quoting from the back of the book: "The New York Beauty block is taken to new heights in 18 unique designs! The intent of The National Quilt Museum's annual New Quilts From An Old Favorite Contest is to engage quiltmakers' creativity and ingenuity."  "Aside from learning the personal stories of each quiltmaker, there is an in-depth look into their creative porcess. This includes original sketches, design problems and solutions, and specific techniques utilized in the construction process.  This companion volume to the contest also explores the history of the New York Beauty block."  We have the entire series in our library (approximately 22 books), and more contests are scheduled for the future.  

Nov 17, 2016
Uncoverings - Volume 37 (2016) - American Quilt Study Group, History

With our SRQG's dues to the American Quilt Study Group we receive a complimentary issue of their annual research papers. Indepth studies include: "Migrant Quilts of Southern Arizona," "Funeral Ribbon Quilts," "Why Ernest Haight Made Quilts," "The Godey Quilt," "Protofeminist Thought in Mid-Twentieth Century Magazine Articles," and "Mary Catherine Lamb: Lady of Perpetual Garage Sales."  We have the entire collection filed under "History" in our library. 

Nov 17, 2016
Addicted to Scraps - Hunter, Bonnie K., Scraps

If you use Bonnie's system of cutting and storing your fabrics into specific sizes you will be a step ahead in creating her quilts, but don't worry if you don't -- you can still make up her patterns. Bonnie has invented a special ruler, "The Essential Triangle Tool," for making half-square triangles, quarter-square triangles, and flying geese units, all cut from easy strip widths, but you do not have to purchase this particular ruler to construct her blocks.  

Nov 3, 2016
Preserving History - Patchwork Patterns Inspired by Antique Quilts - Hendricksen, Julie, History

If you ever have the opportunity to explore Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, (near Madison), be sure to stop in at the author's JJ Stitches quilt shop.  It is one of the very first quilt shops I ever visited, and I was totally charmed.  Nearby is Frank Lloyd Wright's home, Taliesen and The House on the Rock. Back to the book ~~ Julie has a passion for collecting old quilts and reproducing their patterns. Here are not only directions to make the quilts, but also the stories behind the quilts. Quilting motifs are discussed. Patterns include: Sawtooth Star, Capital T, 1930s Checkerboard (will you be tempted to make the version with 289 1" tiny squares in each block, or opt out for the block with only 100 little squares?), two variations on Flying Geese, Triangles, Nine Patch (2,024 blocks!), two variations on Snowball, a Chain, two different Baskets, an X-Block, Windmills, and Sugarloaf (pyramid triangles).

Nov 3, 2016
Tree of Life Quilts - Price, Trisch, Contemporary

Begin with a history of the traditional Tree of Life design and see it grows and branches out with today's quilting techniques. When studying her "Treetop" quilt with fussy cut images of birds and animals I thought about printing family photos to add to the tree instead! For those who have been making Kaleidoscope blocks, "Web of Life" (which uses selveges in the blocks in this quilt) could be an idea for setting them. "Street Trees" could be a fun group/Friendship Block quilt to make with everyone contributing different "leaves" for their "lollipop"-shaped trees.  And then there is "City Park" - oh, the variations . . . from something as simple as changing the leaf colors on each edge of the quilt, to adding family photos to the center border. Let your imagination go crazy with these quilts -- I can see a "Challenge" here! 

Nov 3, 2016
Baskets and Bumblebees - Brandeburg, Barbara, Brandeburg, Barbara

Folk Art patterns for houses, flowers, baskets, bee and bee skep, trees, stars and cats. A donation.

Nov 3, 2016
Hometown USA - Quilter's Guild of Dallas., Inc., The, Houses

A pattern pack containing full-size patterns for 30 original 12" house blocks done in appliqued piecing.  Makes an 85 x 99" quilt (or whatever you wish, of course!).  A donation.

Nov 3, 2016
100 Paper Pieced Quilt Blocks - Causee, Linda, Foundation Piecing

CD in front cover to make 100 blocks in seven different sizes (2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8" - and if you want larger blocks, instructions for enlarging them are included on page 3).  Patterns include: Log Cabin, Cake Stand, Pineapple, Snail's Trail, canoe, helicopter, yacht, motor scooter, train, car, jetliner, pick-up truck, bicycle, scooter, hot air balloon, sailboat, curved pinwheel, Pickle Dish, snowflake, hearts, leprechaun hat, Easter egg, shirt and tie, beach sandals (flip flops), Jack-o-lantern, angels, leaf and acorn, lots of stars, Christmas tree, candle, candy cane, gifts, ornaments, wreath, sleigh, Santa, stocking, Christmas lights, flowers, butterfly, watering can, ladybug frog, snail, bee and hive, hummingbird, and lots more. A good donation.

Nov 3, 2016
Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting, The - Seward, Linda, Embellishing

You don't have to be an art quilter to appreciate this book.  With more than 1,000 step-by-step illustrations there are ideas to keep any type of fabric artist busy for the rest of their life.  Chapters include information on basics, surface design (dyeing, cyanotype, transfers, stamping, and tons more), patchwork, applique, quilting, embellishments and 3-D, and finishing.  The instructions are interspersed with a gallery of quilts.  Read from front to back, or open any page at random.  This is a really good book for any level of quilter.  

Oct 20, 2016
180 Doodle Quilting Designs - Free Motion Ideas for Blocks, Borders, and Beyond - Burns, Karen M., Quilting

If you can doodle (and who can't?!?!) -- you can doodle quilt!  Fill shapes on quilts with lines, squiggles, curves, pebbles, swirls, feathers, florals, spools of thread, peas in a pod, holly, snowflakes, hearts,  and more. Continuous-line quilting motifs adapt to blocks, triangles, and borders.  Long-arm and home machine quilters will both benefit from these designs.  Our thanks to Jana Ulmer for requesting this book for our library.

Sep 15, 2016
Build-A-Barn - No Pattern Construction - Sefton, Julie, Houses

As quoted from the book: "Free Piecing - My Definition: Open-ended, original, and personal. Joyfully dependent upon individual interpretation. Deliberate yet spontaneous.  Sometimes Whimsical. Sometimes serious. Always engaging."  Use this process to design a barn (or house, or building, or just about anything). Lots of ideas for quilting.  Visit Julie's blog to see other quilter's interpretation of her process ~~

Sep 1, 2016
Terrific T-Shirt Quilts - Burns, Karen M., T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts just keep getting more popular, and here is another book to add to our library collection with some new ideas on how to tackle those projects.  The secret to taming those stretchy knit fabrics is a fusible interfacing stabilizer -- a must -- do not skimp with the budget when making a T-shirt quilt -- this will pay you back ten-fold.  A large square ruler is terrific to have on hand.  If you do not have one, check one out of our library's collection of rulers/templates/stencils located in the guild storage room, or email me (Sharon 'the Librarian') and I will loan you mine.  Lots of different quilt designs included by various contributors -- something for everyone.  

Sep 1, 2016
Quilter's Academy - Volume 5 - Masters Year - Hargrave, Harriet and Carrie Hargrave-Jones, Basics

A skill-building course in quiltmaking.

Jul 21, 2016
Inspired by the National Parks - DeSoto, Donna Marcinkowski, Miscellaneous

2016 marks the 100th birthday of our National Parks Service.  The author reached out not only to quilters to make quilts representing the 59 U. S. National Parks' landscapes, flora, and/or fauna, but also requested employees at each of those parks to share some of their favorite thoughts.  A quote from John Muir begins each park, along with the location, size, date established, and unique facts about the park. Being quilters we might think we would focus on just the quilts and the quilters' stories, but each and every part of this book is a treasure.  I have been in contact with Donna via email and she has an invitation to visit me (and attend our guild meetings), and it would not surprise me at all if we have the opportunity to meet her in person and escort her to Armstrong Redwoods.  Enjoy your visit to these phenomenal parks in your jammies as you add to your bucket list of parks you want to visit (and then make your own quilts to capture your favorite memories).  Our thanks to Elizabeth McDonnell who requested this lovely book months before it was even printed.

Jun 16, 2016
Animal Parade - Adorable Applique Quilt Patterns for Babies, Babies and Kids

Our thanks to Cecile Clabaugh for requesting such a cute book (and also its sequel).  The quilts start with a traditional pieced background, then critters are appliqued on top.  Full-size patterns are included for: frogs, dragonfly, ducks, butterflies, monkeys, owls, foxes, flowers, hummingbirds, penguins, snowpeople, snowflakes, fish, turtles, seahorses, jellyfish, crab, koalas, giraffe, and sheep.

Mar 3, 2016
Animal Parade 2 - Charming Applique Quilts for Babies - Leffler, Cheri, Babies and Kids

Start with a pieced background, then add the cutest critters ever with your favorite type of applique.  Full-size patterns include:  elephants, hedgehogs (one of my favorites), flowers, raccoons, pandas, turtles, butterflies, birds, pigs ("pigs in a blanket"), deer (oh deer!"), lions, bunny rabbits.  Thanks, Cecile Clabaugh, for requesting this book, plus ANIMAL PARADE for our library. 

Mar 3, 2016
Outstanding Owls to Applique - Ashton, Darcy, Animals

This skinny book is filled to overflowing with the cutest owls ever!  Ideas not only for quilts of many sizes, but also a tote bag and a needle keeper.  Neat use of selvages to make fabric. Mix and match.  Halloween and Christmas "costumes."  Owls holding tiny quilts.  WHO knew owls could be such a HOOT!  Thanks, Phyllis Gallaway, for finding this treasure for our library in Houston!!!

Dec 1, 2015
Stitches to Savor - Spargo, Sue, Embellishing

Here I quote from the back cover of the book: "Experience the rich texture of extraordinary quilts by acclaimed folk-artist Sue Spargo as you explore a treasury of her indulgently detailed handwork." This is a "picture" book with very few words. When you see the bouillon knots on her sheep you will want to pet the photo as it really does look three-dimensional and soft!  Then you are going to want to make those bouillon knots yourself. Embroidery instructions are NOT included in this book, but don't fret ~~ we have all of Sue's marvelous books in our library collection!  I love "Coffee Cups"  and "My tree of life" -- and "Magnolia" -- and "Circle Play 2" -- and Earth 'n' Twig" -- and "Leaf Play 1" -- etc., etc., etc. --  OK -- you get the picture -- I LOVE THEM ALL!

Dec 1, 2015
Building Blocks Quilt Pattern - Day, Leah, Quilting

In this book learn to piece 12 blocks using many traditional and non-traditional skills, then quilt it using the full-size quilting guides for all 42 blocks. This book is specially designed for quilting on the home sewing machine.  Each block is quilted seprately keeping the project small and easy to move.  At the end you will learn to connect the blocks using an innovative quilt-as-you-go technique, resulting in a 48 x 56 quilt.  When I received this in the mail it was just 93 loose pages.  Oh dear.  How on earth would I be able to "control" this publication as a library book to be shared by many.  I whined about this problem while introducing library books and the responses from the guild members were so helpful. Not only did Cathy Rapp come up with a solution, but she adopted the book and had it professionally bound as a gift to our guild!  It DOES take a village!

Dec 1, 2015
The New Hexagon - 52 Blocks to English Paper Piece - Marek, Katja, Shapes

Inside the hexagon shape is endless potential for new shapes/patterns.  Here are 52-6" blocks that Katja has designed to get us started.  Projects range from a mug rug and candle at to a bed-size quilt.  Learn her glue-basting method to prepare for piecing, and why the author likes spray basting rather than basting the quilt layers together. Here are lots of new techniques for an age-old, cherished block. If Modern quilts are your favorites these days, check out the nursery quilt.  Also included are hints for fussy cutting, calculating your own desired hexagon height, block setting ideas, and various finishes.  Might as well make all of the blocks because it would be too hard to choose just one or two favorites (yup - my favorite is "Hexalicious Wall Quilt on page 74 - ohhhh those colors are so yummy!). My thanks to Jim Jensen for requeeting this book for our library.

Nov 5, 2015
Millefiori Quilts 2 - Hammerstein, Willyne, Shapes

I definitely want to know what the drug of choice is for this quilter, and I want the same!  I was overwhelmed by her first book about Hexagon quilts, and cannot believe tht she has put together enough quilts to write a second book, even after breaking her elbow.  Maybe it has to do with living in the Netherlands.  She listens to classical music (so do I, but my quilts don't look like these!).  Maybe it has something to do with retiring from a 42-year judicial career.  Her quilts are traditional, but there is nothing traditional about them -- doesn't make sense -- so check out the book and see for yourselves!  If English is not your preferred language, this book also contains French.  Or if you don't like reading, the recipes and diagrams are more than sufficient -- and the pictures of the quilts are magnificent!  Our thanks to Jan Andrews for obtaining this book for our library while on her travels. 

Oct 15, 2015