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Programs and Workshops

Announcing the 2024 slate of Programs and Workshops.  In 2024, SRQG members can enjoy a wide selection of Speakers and Teachers from around the world, both via Zoom and In Person.  We have the chance to organize our space, explore new techniques, meet new friends from foreign lands, join with old friends both in person and on Zoom, use our stash and precuts, and even get ready for the holidays!  There is a 2 day workshop by the popular Laura Fogg, whose workshop sold out last year as well as a FREE workshop by Sherri Lynn Wood right after program that is open to all SRQG members who view the interactive program.  So everyone gets a chance to try a workshop! 

See below for the full slate of programs and workshops and look for more information in the Stitch’n Times and on the SRQG website.  And don’t forget to visit the SRQG workshop website at for pictures, biographies, supply lists and even videos introducing you to our 2024 Speakers.

1/18/2024        ZOOM Speaker                      Sam Hunter                                                                Organizing your space Ergonomically

1/19/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Sam Hunter                                                                Organizing own space 9 am- 1 pm

2/14/2024*       ZOOM Speaker                      Lisa Walton (co lecture w/ MQSC)                             Traveling Textiles  7pm

2/15/2024        IN PERSON Guild Meeting    No Speaker                                                                 Much Loved Quilts -Guild members show & tell

2/16/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Lisa Walton (co workshop w/ MQSC)                        Fantastic Fusion 3-6 pm  Part 1

2/17/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Lisa Walton (co workshop w/ MQSC)                        Fantastic Fusion 3-6 pm  Part 2

3/21/2024        IN PERSON Speaker             Annelie Belden                                                            Dresden Dance

3/22/2024        IN PERSON Workshop          Annelie Belden                                                            Jelly Roll Split Dresden@ LBA&GC 9am -3:30pm

4/18/2024        ZOOM Speaker/Workshop    Sherri Lynn Wood                                                       Ruler Free Improv Mashup

5/16/2024        IN PERSON Speaker             Colleen Pelfey                                                            Life with a Border around it

5/17/2024        IN PERSON Workshop          Colleen Pelfey                                                            Notan @ LBA&GC 9 am - 3:30 pm 

6/20/2024        ZOOM Speaker                      Diane Harris                                                                Making Extraordinary Scrap Quits

6/21/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Diane Harris                                                                Star Quar Part 1 10 am - 1 pm

6/28/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Diane Harris                                                                Star Quar Part 2 10 am - 1 pm

7/18/2024        IN PERSON Speaker                         Colleen Granger                                                         Playing with Precuts

7/19/2024        IN PERSON Workshop          Colleen Granger                                             Fantabulous @ LBA&GC 9 am - 3:30 pm

7/24-27/2024   PIQF

8/15/2024        ZOOM Speaker                      Tina Curran                                                                 Design Process

8/16/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Tina Curran                                                                 Wreath o rama Holiday pillow part 1, 10 am-1 pm

8/23/2024        ZOOM Workshop                   Tina Curran                                                                 Wreath o rama Holiday pillow part 2, 10 am-1 pm

September - no speaker

10/17/2024      IN PERSON Speaker             Laura Fogg                                                                  Creating Depth in Landscape Collage

10/17/2024      IN PERSON Workshop          Laura Fogg                                                                  Collage quilting @ VSC 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm

10/18/2024      IN PERSON Workshop          Laura Fogg                                                                  Collage quilting @ VSC 10 am - 5:00 pm

11/21/2024      IN PERSON 5X5                    Sister Guild                                                                 5 X 5


 For Programs and Workshops At A Glance check below.

Organizing Your Space Ergonomically with Sam Hunter

Jan 18th, 2024 to Jan 18th, 2024

Program - 10 am on ZOOM

Meet Sam Hunter, a fiber artist and quilt pattern designer, well as super organizer!  Sam started sewing when she was 7 and hasn’t really stopped since.  Sam started quilting in her 20’s, and teaching quilting shortly thereafter.

Sam holds an MFA in Fiber Arts, and blends this classic training with her sense of play in all that she does. She believes that everyone has innate artistic talent, and wants to help you find yours.  As a teacher, she’s relaxed, encouraging, and generous, and loves to share the joy of making beautiful things.

The first thing you need to know about Sam is that she loves helping people have fun while they make more stuff. Start the New Year off by joining us for her lecture with SRQG on Jan 18 ,2024 on “Organizing your Space Ergonomically”.

For more details click here.


Organizing Your Own Sewing Space with Sam Hunter

Jan 19th, 2024 to Jan 19th, 2024

Workshop: 9 am- 1 pm on ZOOM  $30 for SRQG members

Do you have the same New Year’s Resolution every year to get your sewing space organized?  Sam Hunter wants to help you do it this year!

Maybe you have dedicated space to work or create, or maybe your space is hybrid and shared. Either way, the space you have isnt fitting you like your fave comfy sweats; its fitting like those jeans that were never quite right, pinching you in weird places when you sit down. Juuuust wrong enough that you avoid the jeans AND the space. Let me help re-work that space to fit you better. Ill quiz you about all the pinchy pain points, and together well smooth them out. No shapewear (or judgement) needed – just some great honest convos about what you need and how best to get you there.

Sam usually charges hundreds of dollars to work with Quilters to organize their space.   Don't miss this opportunity to have Sam help you organize your space for only $30!  Join with SRQG friends when we share our spaces with Sam while she gives us individual attention and pointers.  And if you haven’t guessed it from her picture, it’ll be a lot of fun!

For more details click here.

Traveling Textiles with Lisa Walton

Feb 14th, 2024 to Feb 14th, 2024

Program:  On ZOOM  

This is a co-presentation with MQSC and because of the time difference between Australia and Sonoma County, please note different date and time!  This presentation will be Wed, Feb 14, 7pm on ZOOM

“Creating art with beautiful textiles has been my life for over 30 years.  Starting with traditional quilt techniques, I quickly discovered the urge to break the rules.  My fascinations with dyeing started about 18 years ago and I shared the dyeing with my husband Peter who enjoyed the precision of formula based dyeing while I was able to concentrate on more serendipitous and experimental pieces.”

“I am a former President of Studio Art Quilts Associates (SAQA)and encourage all textiles artists to join. My other obsessions are food and travel.”

Join SRQG and MQSC on Wednesday, Feb 14 at 7 pm for “Traveling Textiles”  In this one hour presentation, you will travel with Lisa all over the world and see how she has been inspired to create beautiful textile art. 

For more details click here.

Fantastic Fusions! with Lisa Walton

Feb 16th, 2024 to Feb 17th, 2024

Workshop: Co Presentation with MQSC $50 for SRQG Members 

Friday, Feb 16. 2024 3pm - 6 pm ON ZOOM  

Saturday, Feb 17. 2024 3pm - 6 pm ON ZOOM


No sewing is required to create this unique quilt top. All fabric is fused together and then the quilting is what holds it together. Learn to cut with no rulers and create your own original quilt.

This can be held as a one or two day workshop and is suitable for all skill levels.

One day workshop completes a selection of blocks. Two day version usually results in a completed wall handing size quilt top.

Skills learned

  • Fusing
  • Freehand fabric cutting
  • Quilt Design
  • Colour theory

Supply List 

Dresden Dance with Anelie Belden

Mar 21st, 2024 to Mar 21st, 2024

Program: 10 am  IN PERSON

Anelie Belden is a nationally known sewing instructor, quilt and pattern designer and author. She began sewing by constructing garments which lead to her degree in Fashion Design.

While working in the fashion industry she began to explore the art of quilting which became her passion. She has taken the traditional Dresden quilt design and created new updated Dresden Designs which are featured in her book “Thoroughly Modern Dresden.” Anelie’s designs are modern and constructed using a breakthrough piecing technique to improve speed and accuracy. She has appeared on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims and has taught at Empty Spools Seminar, the Houston Quilt Festival, quilt guilds throughout the USA and on cruises. Anelie is an accomplished quilter whose quilts have been featured in “Quiltmaker’s Magazine” and “The Art of the Quilt Calendar.” She loves sharing her passion with anyone interested in quilting and learning new ideas!

The Dresden Dance-Program is a stroll along memory lane.  Experience the history of the Dresden Plate Design. This trunk show is a collection of quilts which represents traditional Dresdens from years ago and includes Thoroughly Modern Dresden designs by Anelie Belden.

Jelly Roll Split Dresden with Anelie Beldon

Mar 22nd, 2024 to Mar 22nd, 2024

Workshop: Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center IN PERSON 9am-3:30pm

$50 for SRQG members

This class will teach students the new Modern way to Piece a Dresden Plate Block using Anelie's piecing method of Stitch-n-Flip. This Technique gives quilters a choice to Appliqué or not and removes the difficulty of getting the Dresden to lay down flat. In addition, the designs made in class will incorporate the "Split Blade" design. Students will be surprised as to how easy the cutting and piecing technique is. Split Blades are one of the most popular designs from my Patterns and Book "Thoroughly Modern Dresden." Students will also learn several Border techniques which includes Putting Borders on without measuring, Pieced Dresden Border, and "Peaked Top Dresden Border." Students will have a variety of design options to choose from.

Students will learn all they need to know to complete the Jellyroll Split Blade Quilt in the one day class. Of course the entire quilt will not be constructed in one day. Students will have a little bit of work to do ahead of time in order to be prepared for class. A full supply list and instructions will be given and a pattern for the class is supplied for each student.

For ,ore details click here.

Ruler Free Improv Mashup with Sherri Lynn Wood

Apr 18th, 2024 to Apr 18th, 2024

 LIVE Interactive Program and Workshop:  10 am - 12 noon  ON ZOOM

On April 18, SRQG will welcome Sherri Lynn Wood for a LIVE interactive lecture sew-a-long!  Sherri will take prompts from Guild members to create a ruler free improv quilt.  After the demonstration, Sherri Lynn will stay on Zoom with our Guild as we join her in creating our own pieces.  This live sew-a-long is open to ALL SRQG members for FREE!  So be sure to sign into the Apr 18 Zoom Speaker Meeting ready to create your own improv piece.   No special supplies needed, but here's Sherri's suggestion

"Regarding materials… sewing machine, thread, mat & rotary cutter plus a pile of scraps. No need for folks to curate or bring special fabrics. It’s scrap play. Size and amount doesn’t matter. Whatever they want to play/experiment with. It’s fine if they want to bring fat quarters but not necessary. They can use solids and prints or whatever they prefer."

This fun interactive improv quilting demo begins with a short brainstorming session about the limits of patchwork and how to easily apply limits to access your creative flow and focus your improv patterns. Sherri will demonstrate a variety of ruler-free quilting techniques and the process of improvisational quilting by following audience prompts to improvise a quilt composition on the spot.

Note - this workshop will take place DURING and AFTER the Speaker meeting and is FREE to all SRQG Members

Life with a Border Around It with Colleen Pelfrey

May 16th, 2024 to May 16th, 2024


Program: 10 am IN PERSON  

Colleen  grew up in Northern California, attended college at UC Davis, and started teaching school as a 4th grade teacher in 1983. She retired in June of 2017.  During 33 years teaching, she taught 2nd through 8th grades, and a variety of subjects.  She finished her teaching career at the middle school level, teaching what she refers to as the fun stuff … math, art, drama and PE.  She also taught dance to classroom teachers for the Northern California Art Project during the summer for 12 years, and still does an occasional dance workshop for educators.   She has been sewing since she was in the eighth grade (she sewed dresses back when she used to wear dresses).  Her mom was a charter member of the local quilt guild, and her sister also quilted, so it made sense to try quilting. She made her first quilt after her first year of college in 1976.  She made her second quilt much later in 1990.  When her two sons got older, she started playing with designing quilts, and creating with and on fabric.   Just as much as she likes quilting, she likes telling the stories that go along with her quilts, hence the lecture title of “Life with a Border Around It”.   In addition to quilting, she likes hiking, biking, motorcycling (a Honda 700), cats, family, and hugs, not necessarily in that order.

In her lecture and trunk show, Colleen shares an eclectic collection of quilts.  She starts with a few made by her great grandmother, grandmother, and mom, and then moves on to her own quilting and designing journey.  As she shares her quilts, she also shares stories about her quilts or stories that inspired her quilts.  Don’t be surprised if she throws in a quilting song or two.


Notan Design with Colleen Pelfrey

May 17th, 2024 to May 17th, 2024

Workshop: IN PERSON @ LBAGC 9am - 3:30 $50 for SRQG members

Notan in Japanese means light dark harmony. The technique taught in this workshop is based on a version of Notan involving cut paper. We’ll be using the same technique, only with fabric. After the initial instruction, participants will experiment first with paper, and then with fabric to create Notan designs. Participants can choose whether to just play making blocks, or to choose a pattern and create a small quilt using blocks they have made. This works really well with any fabric that basically looks the same on both sides. My favorite is batiks.

Supply List

Make Extraordinary Scrap Quilts with Diane Harris, the “Stash Bandit”

Jun 20th, 2024 to Jun 20th, 2024

Program:   10 am ON ZOOM

How do you make a successful scrap quilt? Learn my best tips and a few secrets during this trunk show of more than 50 scrappy quilts made over many years.

Diane Harris is a scrap quilt specialist. After 11 years as an editor for Quiltmaker magazine, she formed StashBandit to help quilters bust through their stash and make quilts that are both unique and beautiful. She never met a fabric she didn't like. Her work is featured in a variety of publications in the US and abroad. Diane lives on a working farm in rural Nebraska. Learn more at and on Instagram @stashbanditquilts.

How do you make a successful scrap quilt? Learn my best tips and a few secrets during this trunk show of more than 50 scrappy quilts made over many years.  Discover ways to pull your scraps together, strategies for using your stash and even what does not work.   You may never make an ordinary quilt again!

Star Quar Scrap Quilts with Diane Harris

Jun 21st, 2024 to Jun 28th, 2024

Workshop:  June 21, 2024  on ZOOM 10 am- 1 pm & June 28, 2024 on ZOOM 10 am- 1 pm $50 for SRQG members

Cut scraps into one useful patch size and make these blocks without any fuss at all. Let Diane Harris of Stash Bandit show you the secrets to great scrap quilts!

Learn a fast and simple way to turn your scrap stash into a gorgeous starry sky—and so much more! Most fabrics work into these quilts beautifully so you can use leftovers or your most favorite fabrics. Concepts include value, contrast, color, scale, difficult prints and more plus many ideas for using these units in a variety of ways. You'll catch a vision for how diverse fabrics can work together and become something much greater than the sum of its parts. StarQuar scrap quilts could not be more fun!!!

Skill level: Confident beginner and beyond.

LOOKING FOR A SUPPLY LIST? - It's all scraps, so raid your stash!  Other than that, sewing machine, rotary cutter, mat & iron.  Join us for some scrap play!


Playing with Precuts with Colleen Granger

Jul 18th, 2024 to Jul 18th, 2024

Program:  10 am   In Person at Veterans Building 


Colleen is proud to be an Air Force veteran where she worked as a helicopter mechanic for 7 years.  It was the Air Force that brought her to Alaska where she raised her family.  This is where her quilting life began.  She went kicking and screaming into the quilting world over 20 years ago and she hasn’t looked back.   


Months after making her first quilt, she bought a Gammill quilting machine.  She has been quilting for others ever since. But that’s just the way she rolls.  


She has had the privilege to teach quilting in Alaska, Arizona, California, at Quilt Festival in Houston and Chicago.  She is always ready to share her passion and knowledge with others.  Her motto is “If you’re not having fun, then you shouldn’t be doing it.”  Whatever “it “ might be.  


Colleen will be presenting her program “Playing with Precuts” where she will demonstrate use of precuts to create some of Coleen’s patterns.  She’ll show tips and techniques for using pre-cut fabrics.  Her presentation will also include a trunk show of quilts created with precuts.

Fantabulous with Colleen Granger

Jul 19th, 2024 to Jul 19th, 2024

Workshop:  9am-3:30pm.  IN Person at Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center. 
$50 for SRQG members

"Fantabulous” starts with a 10" square pack of 40 pieces. Combine those 40 pieces with 40 pieces of background fabric and let the games begin.  Freezer paper templates are used to cut the fabric, no special rulers!  Then mix and match to create a fabulous fan type quilt.  There are several layouts to try or create your own!  The pattern is included in the cost of the workshop, so grab one of those layer cakes or cut up some scraps and join us!

My Design Process - From Concept to Quilt with Tina Currran

Aug 15th, 2024 to Aug 15th, 2024

Program: 10 am  on ZOOM

My interest in making art quilts was jump-started by seeing my dear friend Sara. Take a variety of patterned fabrics, cut them into pieces and combine them in such an artistic way.  As a life-long sewer (having experienced my first sewing triumph with a skating skirt I made in Girl Scouts), I took to quilting quickly. One of the great thrills with this art form is that my options are as infinite as those of a painter working on canvas -- landscapes, portraits, geometric patterns, abstract impressions, etc.  I enjoy both the deep American roots of traditional quilting and the unlimited possibilities today's art quilts present.  Combining elements of both extremes is great fun, as I often use contemporary fabrics in century-old quilt patterns.

My art quilts have been on display in multiple art shows and quilt shows as well as in national quilt magazines ("Quilters Newsletter" magazine and "Quiltmaker") over 20 times and in three books (including Ricky Tims' "Kool Kaleidoscopes").

While I have no formal art training, I have taken some wonderful classes over the years. However I know my greatest learning has come in the over 10,000 hours I’ve spent making more than 125 art quilts to date. And it’s exciting to realize that there seems to be no end to this learning curve.

As a quilt pattern designer, I am often asked if my designs come to me fully formed. The answer, of course, is, No.” The goal of this lecture is to demystify the design process I use by breaking it down into its elements. I'll provide many examples of the design & execution challenges I've faced and my solutions to overcome them. My hope with this lecture is to inspire other quilters to design their own quilts.

Wreath-o-Rama Holiday Pillow with Tina Curran

Aug 16th, 2024 to Aug 23rd, 2024

Workshop: Aug 16, 2024 and  Aug 23, 2024, 10 am - 1 pm on ZOOM

$50 for SRQG members

Get ready for Christmas in August.   These pillows are made from 18” paper-pieced quilt blocks and make a wonderful Christmas present.  Or keep it to dress up your home!

We'll have the choice of ONE of the different holiday-themed quilted pillow projects (all participants make the same pillow, but we can choose as a group which one we want to do). These pillows are made from 18” paper-pieced quilt blocks.  Be among the first to sign and get in your vote which pillow to make!

Creating Depth in Landscape Collage with Laura Fogg

Oct 17th, 2024 to Oct 17th, 2024

Program:  IN PERSON at Vets Bldg

I have been an art quilter for twenty-five years. My work is shown regularly in major quilt shows across the country, including Visions, Quilt National, and numerous SAQA shows. Articles and photos of my work have been published in most of the quilting magazines in the US, as well as in a number of national and international books and calendars on art quilting. I have also been featured in two documentary films (one by the American Quilters Society and the other by Lifetime TV in conjunction with the Vagina Monologues production) and on the Alex Anderson show.

I am the recipient of two art-related awards in Mendocino County- the Women’s Art: Women’s Vision award in 2008 and the Art Champion award in 2012.

I have lived all of my adult life in Mendocino County, where I worked for 30 years as a teacher of the visually impaired. In that capacity I won the Schoolmaster of the Year award in 2011. I am now retired.

I was an art history major at UC Berkeley, with a minor in art, and I have a Masters in Education from CA State University-San Francisco. I am mostly a self-taught quilter, though I studied briefly under Natasha Kempers-Kullen many years ago. I currently lecture and teach art quilting classes and retreats throughout northern California.


Oct 17th, 2024 to Oct 18th, 2024

Workshop: Oct  17 1:30 - 6 pm and Oct  18 10 am-5 pm  2  day workshop at Village Sewing Center $75 for SRQG members

When Laura last visited with us in 2022, her workshop sold out and there was a long waitlist.  Don't miss out this time!  Our friends at Village Sewing Center have offered to let us hold Laura's workshop in their space, so students can work on their projects uninterrupted for 2 days.  After Laura's talk on "Creating Depth in Landscape Quilts" with SRQG on Thursday, Oct 17, head over to VSC and take a deep dive into Collage Quilting. 

Expect this to be a fun, creative, beginner-friendly, out-of-the-box class. You do not need to have any quilting skills besides basic knowledge of how to do freehand machine quilting on your home sewing machine, nor do you need to be a recognized artist. You will discover the “artist within” as you play with the fabrics of your choice to create a small (about 18”x24”’) collage wall quilt. Subject matter can be a landscape, a still life, or even a fantasy scene… whatever moves you to want to create it in fabric. You will start with a photo of

your chosen scene for inspiration and beyond that your own imagination is the limit. (One caution though… for beginners it is smart to avoid subjects that include people, pets or complicated architecture. You will get frustrated trying to get the perspective and details “right.” It will be more fun to stick to nature scenes, where nothing you do can possibly be “wrong.”)

Basic technique is raw-edge fabric collage, where cut or torn pieces of fabric (and/or other materials) are layered and freely arranged to create as much or as little detail in your piece as you see fit. Nothing is pinned or sewn until you are happy with your design, so the stakes are low and the composition can be changed infinitely. There are no patterns, no directions, and no rules.

The piece you create in class can be machine quilted in class or at home.