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Programs and Workshops

Janice Rodgers is the 2017  Program and Workshop Chair.   Assistance and input from Mary Wood, Wendy Feist, Diana Roberts and Betty Upchurch helped make this year's calendar have a variety of lecture topics and workshops for all level of quilters!  We hope you enjoy the programs and will consider taking advantage of these great workshops which are offered at an incredible low price of only $40 each!


Tool Time with Lisa McKissick

Jan 19th, 2017 to Jan 19th, 2017

Lisa McKissick from Petaluma will entertain us with her talk called "Tool Time." Have you ever stared at the notions wall and wondered what all those tools do and which is the right one to buy? Then Lisa is your Tool Time Girl! This entertaining and informative lecture features over 30 of Lisa’s favorite tools and corresponding quilts. Of course, there will be rulers and cutters and marking devices—but be ready for a number of exceptional little gems along the way!




Northern Lights with Lisa McKissick

Jan 20th, 2017 to Jan 20th, 2017

Try this dramatic paper pieced quilt with a unique secondary pattern! This paper piecing class breaks all the rules! Less work, more fun! It is paper piecing, without sewing through and tearing off the paper. We use freezer paper and sew next to the paper. So much easier and a lot more fun! Choose contrasting fabrics to help you get that wonderful secondary pattern!

Tool: Optional but recommended - Add a quarter ruler (at least 12")

Sign up at the next guild meeting! Workshop fee: $40. Remember to include your check when registering to guarantee your spot!

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A Love Affair with Japan II with Tracey Brookshier

Feb 16th, 2017 to Feb 16th, 2017

Tracey's slides will give insight into the amazing Tokyo International Great Quilt Show. You'll see gorgeous quilts, and learn about Japanese quilting culture, which is very different than ours. A trunk show of Tracey's quilts designed with Japanese and Asian-inspired fabrics follows.

Sankaku with Tracey Brookshier

Feb 17th, 2017 to Feb 18th, 2017

Sankaku is the Japanese word for triangle. This quilt was designed to show off beautiful panels or large scale prints and is strikingly graphic using high-contrast values. Concentric triangular borders have a math secret—the blocks in each border are exactly 1" larger than the blocks in the previous border. This relationship continues for each additional border, however large you make the quilt!

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Embroidery Changes Thorough the Decades with Robin Kingsley

Mar 16th, 2017 to Mar 16th, 2017

Robin Kingsley from Bird Brain Designs in Kelseyville will talk about how she got started with embroidery in the early 1960s. From there she will share how embroidery has changed throughout the decades and what enjoyment stitching can bring to relaxing! In addition, you will have the opportunity to realize how you can incorporate embroidery into your quilts to embellish, finish seams, add character and more to make them even more special!

Embroidery Loves Patchwork with Robin Kingsley

Mar 17th, 2017 to Mar 17th, 2017

Participants will embroider the center of a Tiny Treasure Tote with additional decorative embroidery on the Patchwork Tote. You will learn embroidery techniques that will add texture and interest to your quilt. Each participant will be asked to purchase the tote kit which includes all supplies for completing the embroidery except for a pair of scissors and a thimble! This project should be able to be completed by the end of the workshop!

Sign up at the next guild meeting! Workshop fee: $40. Remember to include your payment when registering to guarantee you spot!

Supply list:

Sewing machine