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Programs and Workshops

Programs and Workshops, 2018 is going to be fantastic!  I am honored to have Phyllis Gallaway as my mentor.  She was the one thing I needed to commit to this all-important part of Santa Rosa Quilt Guild’s incredible line of education.  We took a survey from the members, selecting the teachers and projects most requested.  We start with a color class to begin the year.  Then we move through a slate of soft and gentle curves, raw edge appliqué, mini-quilts featuring three-inch finished blocks, and cats finish the year in the ‘Frolicking Felines’ workshop!  I am so excited to be Program and Workshops Chair and look forward to full classes where wonder and amazement abound in many formats…

Rhonda Denny

At a Glance for 2018

Instructor                   Date                Website                                  Program                     Workshop

Liz Berg                       Jan 18-19        Art Quilter                     Color for Quilters

Joe Cunningham         Feb 15-16           My Life in Quilts            Hand Quilting Omnibus

Michelle Peerson         Mar 15-16     When Life Gives You    Outside the Box
                                                                                                            Scraps, Make Quilts  

Lorraine Olsen            Apr 19-20  Miniature Quilts           Miniature Blocks

Maggie Ball                 May 17-18       Quilters w/o Borders   Op-art Kaleidoscope

Mel Beach                   Jun 21-22      Challenge Yourself     Magnificent Mandala 

Karla Alexander          Jul 19-20     Quilts From Stash       Circle Play

Paula Golden              Aug 16-17           Quilts Sing                   Frolicking Felines

Sue Nickels                 Oct 18-19            Made By Machine      Machine Appliqué

If you have any questions or comments feel free to contact me at


From Traditional to Art Quilter with Liz Berg

Jan 18th, 2018 to Jan 18th, 2018


Liz Berg was raised in a Naval officer's family and, as a consequence, traveled and lived throughout the United States and Japan. Four years spent in Japan profoundly affected her. After attending Trinity University, where her work resides in their permanent art collection, Liz transferred to the University of California at Berkeley. With the reality that she had to have a supporting career, Liz completed her degree in Social Welfare and spent twenty-nine years working with the Alameda County Probation Department. Upon retiring in October, 1999, she began her new career in art full time, having continued working in various mediums through the intervening years. 

In 1971 Liz started making quilts. However, she began diverging from traditional quilts to explore color and composition in more abstract works. She now considers herself a fiber artist rather than a quiltmaker, although many pieces still fit the original definition of "quilt", i.e., a top, a middle and a backing all held together with stitching. Using a sewing machine as her pen, Liz has completed "watercolor wash" landscapes. She paints and dyes fabrics, both to sell and to use in her own work, and is exploring all the variations of working on and with fiber.

Working out of a studio in her home she shares with her husband, she is producing a large body of work which is varied in its color and design ideas. Her work celebrates line, movement and color. Liz works intuitively in the format of abstract expressionism with nature as her inspiration.

She has taken numerous awards at local and national venues. Her work is in private collections throughout the United States and Japan, and in the permanent collections at the Honolulu Academy of Art and Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.


A fun look at how a traditional quilter became an art quilter. Includes a trunk show along with a power point presentation so that the audience may follow this evolution of this artist in quilting.

Enjoy the irreverence of someone who was fearful of the quilt police to that of an artist whose quilts are accepted, and win awards, in both quilt and art shows (where they don't check stitch length!)

*Supply list is in the sign up folder,  not online. 

Color for Quilters with Liz Berg

Jan 19th, 2018 to Jan 19th, 2018

An all day workshop packed full of information about color. Students work on color wheels, learn to understand and use the color wheel and play with different palettes. Students will learn how to utilize the color wheel to make dynamic quilts: traditional, contemporary or art. Students leave with a variety of mock-ups for color combinations. This is a non-sewing class.


My Life in Quilts with Joe Cunningham

Feb 15th, 2018 to Feb 15th, 2018


People always want to know how and why I got started making quilts. In this talk I explain how it happened to me, and how it could happen to anybody! I'll bring my guitar and play some quilt-related songs, and I'll bring a whole bunch of my latest quilts to show and tell stories about.


Hand Quilting Omnibus with Joe Cunningham

Feb 16th, 2018 to Feb 16th, 2018


In this hand quilting workshop I will have an assortment of the tools, needles, threads, thimbles, battings, to let people find out if they like big or little stitch quilting, if they like a poly or a cotton batting, if they like working with a hoop or without. I will teach both the classic rocking stitch and the loose layer big stitch, with variations of each.  This is my favorite class. I will supply materials for the class, as well as thimbles, fabric and batting.  (Bring your own 12" or larger quilting hoop.)


When Life Gives You Scraps, Make Quilts with Michelle Peerson

Mar 15th, 2018 to Mar 15th, 2018

A history of groups of people who heal through their quilting journey.

Michelle is a fiber artist who originally worked with loom weavings, but moved to cotton fabrics a couple of decades ago.  You will find her works to be original, diverse and innovative. She exhibits, lectures and teaches worldwide, however, the majority of her exhibits are in California where she resides. She has designed several quilt patterns. As her work continues to evolve, Michelle is mainly influenced by the scenery around her. As an avid world traveler, her designs are often influenced by many of the beautiful places she has visited.  

Outside the Box with Michelle Peerson

Mar 16th, 2018 to Mar 16th, 2018

Working with your favorite large prints learn creative, artistic ways to enhance traditional quilts.  Large print fabric will be used in traditional ways and with fussy cut/raw edge applique, with coordinating fabrics in the same colors and values and of various size prints.  Michelle will guide you through “getting outside your box” to enhance your personal creativity.

Supply List

My Passion for Miniature Quilts with Lorraine Olse

Apr 19th, 2018 to Apr 19th, 2018


Lorraine is coming to us from Springfield, Missouri.  A post-partum illness which made it difficult to sew led to her discovery of miniature quilts, whose construction was more manageable for her at the time.  Her book, Little Lone Star Quilts, introduces small versions of classic patterns.  She loves using reproduction fabric, her own hand dyes, and batiks. Lorraine tries to capture the look of a vintage quilt, using saved scraps of past projects and faded old clothes, only much, much smaller.

She will have merchandise featuring her books, thread, and hand-dyed fabrics and socks.

See more of her work on her website:

Paper Piecing Miniature Blocks with Lorraine Olsen

Apr 20th, 2018 to Apr 20th, 2018


In Lorraine’s workshop you will have an opportunity to learn to foundation paper piece miniature blocks (3” finished) of classic patterns.   Paper piecing is a painless way to get accurate blocks of any size, but it works particularly well for small blocks. The workshop includes a demo of narrow (1/8”) binding.  You may choose to do a small 4-block mini-sampler, or do the entire set of 12 blocks in a setting of your choice.

Pattern fee:  $5     payable directly to instructor; includes 12 different blocks

Suppy List


Quilters Without Borders with Maggie Ball

May 17th, 2018 to May 17th, 2018


In June 2004, Maggie visited Mongolia as a volunteer to teach quilting to low income and unemployed women. She returned in June 2006 to help organize the first International Quilt Show in Mongolia, and again in 2009 to teach and visit the new Mongolian Quilting Center in Ulaanbaatar. This illustrated lecture recounts Maggie’s experiences teaching and traveling in Mongolia, a land rich in tradition and beauty, and her continuing association with the Mongolian quilters

Op-Art Kaleidoscope with Maggie Ball

May 18th, 2018 to May 18th, 2018


This quilt, made from sixteen 14” Op-Art Kaleidoscope blocks, is surprisingly easy to construct using my method with no wedge-shaped templates or triangular rulers. Cut the wedges and kites with a regular ruler, mix the pieces and assemble large Kaleidoscope blocks. Slice these blocks and play. Students are encouraged to experiment and explore some of the many options for switching the diced pieces to generate interesting looking Op-art Kaleidoscope blocks for their own unique quilt.

Supply List

Challenge Yourself with Mel Beach

Jun 21st, 2018 to Jun 21st, 2018


Discover the world of Quilt Challenges and the many opportunities awaiting you (and your quilts!). Join me as I recount my adventures (including a few misadventures) while participating in Quilt Challenges at both the local and national/international level.  I hope to inspire you by sharing my own quilts and their stories, along with tips/tricks that I hope will inspire and encourage you to enter your own quilts, regardless of style or level of experience/skill! 

Magnificent Mandalas with Mel Beach

Jun 22nd, 2018 to Jun 22nd, 2018


Are you looking to add zen to your free motion quilting?  We’ll warm up designing mandalas on paper, before learning how to use minimal marking to free motion quilt a whole cloth mandala of your own design. Watch your mandala bloom as you add layers of texture and color!   

This workshop is geared towards more experienced quilters who have previous experience/comfort with free motion quilting.

Supply List

Lift the Quilts Out of Your Stash with Karla Alexander

Jul 19th, 2018 to Jul 19th, 2018


An informative discussion for quilt makers of all skill levels and experience.  You will be looking at your stash in a whole new way and actually start using your fabric rather than just admiring it!  Enjoy the confidence you'll gain exploring traditional and untraditional quilt methods by adding your own twist!  

Tips will inspire excitement, creating unexpected surprises ready to be quilted into your next project! Challenge yourself to take small or bold steps as you learn to work with your fabric and create your own methods and styles.  A trunk show with lots of and lots of quilts will illustrate many different styles of quilts as well as subjects discussed.

Circle Play - Arc Deco with Karla Alexander

Jul 20th, 2018 to Jul 20th, 2018


Sewing circles has never been so much fun! No worries if you've never sewn curves before OR if you prefer straight seams! You will leave this workshop a master of curves!

Come ready to experiment and learn new exciting techniques to create waves, perfect circles, free-form cut ovals, arcs and gentle curves. Nothing is set in stone, changes are welcome and you will be encouraged to follow your instincts while exploring additional options. Of course you are always welcome to follow my preplanned pattern instructions step by step if that is your style.

Tackling and understanding the curve is the objection of this workshop.