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The Sew A Row Challenge is a fun and easy way to take part in the making of a quilt by providing one or more rows to the project.  

Beginning in January, members “start” rows or medallions and they are put up for adoption for the next person to put his/her creative stamp on it.  The original colors and design are considered, and expanded upon as each row is added to the first.  As each person turns in their row, they are asked to include any fabric scraps, so they can be incorporated into the rest of the rows. By the end of the year, several members have added love to the rows, and a nice quilt top has been created.

In December there is a rolling of the dice to determine which lucky participant gets to take the quilt top home.

This year we will have some really creative rows and medallions on hand to be adopted.  Keep checking back to keep an eye on what might pique your interest!

If you are interested in particpating or have any questions please contact Jeanne Parent.



Coffee Break due on April 4

Coffee Break

Kay Hartman

Hawaiian Shirts due on April 4

Hawaiian Shirts

Georgiann Morrissey

Seasons due on April 4


Joanie Bellinghausen

Soaring High due on April 4

Soaring High

Jeanne Parent

Autumn due on April 4


Sharon Oman

Vintage due on April 4


Sharon Oman

Star Checked due on April 4

Star Checked

Sharon Oman

Let's Go Purple due on April 4

Let's Go Purple

Sharon Oman

Summer Sampler due on April 4

Summer Sampler


School Days due on April 4

School Days

Genelle Voorhees

Nature Print due on April 4

Nature Print

Ann Nolen

Dressing Up due on April 4

Dressing Up

Ann Nolen

Spring Garden due on April 4

Spring Garden

Rose Lara

Hearts Desire due on April 4

Hearts Desire

Rose Lara

Midnight Star due on April 4

Midnight Star

Loni McDonald

Something Fishy due on April 4

Something Fishy

Sharon Fry and Joy McGoran

Happy Days due on April 4

Happy Days

Kathy Carrick

Hope due on April 4


Kathy Carrick

Wild Wild West. due on April 4

Wild Wild West.

Linda Silva

BrightvCompass due on February 7


Rose Lara

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