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About Color Catching Sheets & More…

There have been some emails about making color catchers and other hints for helping with running colors….

#1 – Here is a link to making your own “Color Catcher Sheets” as provided by Lori Platt.

#2 – “So instead of reinventing the “wheel,” here is my suggestion: check out synthrapol in the washing machine with a variety of fabrics. See “rupert, gibbon and spider” and then click on synthrapol. You can order it from RG&S or buy it locally at art stores. You need to use rubber gloves. I used the product over 30 years ago. Need more info, call or email me.” JUNE MOES

#3 – “Dharma Trading Company has a cheaper, non toxic detergent that works as well as Synthrapol. No need for the rubber gloves. Sythrapol is toxic. Dharma’s warehouse is in Petaluma, so no need to pay shipping if you call in an order and then go pick it up..” Linda Morand

AND my comments –These are all great ideas and if you haven’t visited DHARMA’s shop in San Rafael, you have missed a real treat.
AND, also, I think making some of the color catching sheets would make a great Christmas Gift for my family members. I have bought the commercial ones and do use them over a second time if there isn’t too much color in them.

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