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Hi Everyone!

I was looking over the stats of the website and the blog this a.m. We average over 743 hits on the website on any given day! and even more members and visitors read the Blog.  That is encouraging news that our guild members and also other guilds that are linked here are using the website/blog on a daily basis for information.   I’ve also received several emails from other quilt guilds wanting to know more about how our Blog works in connection to our Website, and how they can start a Blog of their own. 

If you haven’t already subscribed to Feedblitz, our automated email notification system, please try it.  This will keep you  keep updated daily with ongoing information that is posted  here at the  Blog. ( the Feedblitz option is over to the right, and down the page here) Just follow the directions and confirm your Feedblitz subscription when it arrives in your email—and you will be subscribed. :o)

If you have any articles or information you would like posted to the Blog, please forward it to me and I will post  it here on the Blog for you.  It can be about anything —really.  Not just quilt related.  A reminder: please come back and check the "comments" left on messages you have requested to be posted here, and then you can respond back to the person commenting. 

The website Blog is interactive and set up for members to chat and exchange all sorts of information. Also, each month  messages are Archived, so you can go back and look at what was posted in Feb. Jan. and Dec. —etc. whenever you want.

We have 11 Catagories at this time to post messages into:

Guild News
Library News
Machine Embroidery
Places to Go & Things to Do
Pointless Sisters Art Quilt Group
Sewing Spaces
and Uncategorized

I can add more —anytime!  Email me at with your  questions or blog messages! 

SRQG Webby


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