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A Few Notes from Our 2011 Workshop Chairs

We would like to thank everyone for their positive comments regarding the 2011
workshop lineup!

Workshop fees are $45 for quilt guild members including Moonlighters and
Petaluma Quilt Guild. Occasionally there will be an additional fee for patterns or
materials supplied by the teacher. In the back of the meeting room is a binder
which lists the classes per month, a signup sheet for each month and an
envelope in which to place your check.

Currently, the workshops for January and February are full! However, you are
more than welcomed to sign up on the wait list in case an opening appears or
the teacher is willing to have more than 20 in the workshop.
Please remember your name and your check (or cash) holds your spot in the
workshop! If we don’t receive payment at the time of sign up your spot is not
guaranteed! If you choose to sign up for 6 months of workshops we do need
checks for those workshops to hold your spots. If you sign up for May’s
workshop and enclose your check dated for May 1, 2011 and someone signs up
and writes their check for today’s date and the class is full, you will be bumped to
the wait list since we haven’t been able to cash your check.
Why is it important to have the check be payable now for a class in four
months? It guarantees a spot has been filled and lets us know if we can
proceed with the workshop. Workshops are not paid by the guild but by the
members attending the workshops. If the workshop sign ups do not cover the
costs then the workshop must be cancelled. If we need to cancel the workshop
it is stipulated in the contract that a minimum 30 day notice must be given to the

What happens if I must cancel for unforeseen reasons? If you cancel more
than 30 days prior to the scheduled workshop you will be given a full refund
without questions! If you cancel within the 30 days prior to the workshop and
there is no wait list and you can’t find someone willing to take your place, then no
refund will be made. If you find someone to take your place they can reimburse
you directly for the cost of the workshop but please let us know that person’s

We will email participants a couple of weeks prior to the workshop reminding
them they are signed up. Time and location will be sent, we will also provide
supply lists (which will also be available on the SRQG website) and any notes
from the teacher.

We look forward to an exciting year meeting new teachers and learning new

Janice Rodgers and Diana Roberts

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