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Workshop Photos! “The Merry-Go-Round” with Sandy Klop

Linda, cut, cut, cut and then began to sew!  She looks like a happy camper!

 Sandy Klop gives so suggestions to Lynne Atkinson while Diane LaFoe continues sewing.


 Linda was sew busy sewing her pieces together!


Lynne was busy cutting and Diane continued to sew and sew and sew!

 Jan Andrews smiled most of the day!  She really enjoyed this class!


 Rhonda Denny accomplished a lot.  Notice how many pieces she sewed. 
Will she have her quilt completed by the next meeting?

Linda Thomas stepped away for a minute but her colors are beautiful!

Rhonda was in deep concentration!  But notice the smiles on Linda and Jan?

Joni was very pleased with her quilt and looks so pretty in pink!

Alana may have her quilt ready by next show and tell, too!


 Ann and new guild member Joanne wasted no time.

 Would you believe Diane is still sewing?  No breaks for the weary!


 Gail and Fran were having lots of fun all day!


 Notice how Rhonda never looked up in any of these pictures?  Neither did Linda as she had
lots to do!

Notice how no one even looked up for a photo opportunity?  No, just let us sew!

 Sandy checks on how Joanne and Ann are doing while Justine sewed pieces together.


Jan Robinson and Joni were busy.

Fay Shon had a great day and met lots of new people!

Joni and Alana’s work begins to take shape.


 Wow, just like in the instructions…this is fun and easy!

Sandy gives ideas and suggestions.

Now with two jelly rolls you can… 


 Sandy continues providing more valuable information to the group.


 Yes, it looks complicated but in fact it is rather easy to assemble.


 Sandy reassures Lynne that things will be okay!!


 Gail and Alana visit while never taking their eyes off their work!

 Gail’s smile says it all, “This was a great class!”


 More smiling people!

This was one of the first workshops in which the last participants kept sewing until 3:45! 

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