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Wounded Warrior Quilts

This is a note from Therese and pictures of the quilts I sent to the WWB.

"Therese Thomas, EA"
This one will be a quickie!!  Went to WWB yesterday to prepare income taxes again and lo and behold, a box of quilts had arrived during the week.  They were from the glorious ladies from the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild.  One of the Marines helping as photographic model had just arrived yesterday.  He started telling stories of his mothers quilts, storing up levis to make denim patchwork quilts and other quilting memories.  He had a great big grin on his face as he stroked the quilts and remembered.  Good job, ladies!

Therese Thomas, EA
Thomas Tax Preparation
Home (760) 749-3794
Home office (760) 751-2542
Fax (760) 860-5301


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