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First Quilt-A-Thon of the year a Huge Success!

picture of knit hats
This picture was taken before the Quilt-A-Thon really got going, and look at all the activity!

    A Note From our Community Quilts Leaders:

Thank you all for making this Quilt-a-thon so incredible! Everyone was so friendly, so nice, so helpful, and so enthusiastic, and the environment so charged with positive energy, that we were going strong until about 2 o’clock! By that time every quilt had been pinned, many, many quilts had been trimmed, turned, and sewn closed, and every quilt that needed a label had one on. Once we got the supply figured out, a wonderful number of quilts got quilted by our talented members (that’s all of us!). It was such a joy to be working together today. When we got in our cars, exhausted, we thought it was a good thing we wouldn’t do this again until May, but already, we are ready to do it again!

Thank you to the many who brought their sewing machines and plowed through the huge piles of quilts, to the many who wielded scissors and rotary cutters to trim the edges until their hands hurt, to the many who stood over tables to pin the quilts nice and smooth, the select few who dedicated themselves to the important task of pressing, and to the many who turned the quilts so neatly, and plied their tiny needles to make the quilts closures invisible, and attach our guild name to all the quilts ready to go out. And thank you to the many members of the Community Quilts Committee who helped set up, and later clean up (the clean up took a lot longer than the set-up, but so much had been accomplished!).

At least 52 quilts were completely finished today, but that number doesn’t represent all the work we all did. At least that same number went home with members to be worked on further (trimming, turning, quilting — all who wanted to took home whatever they enjoy most to continue working on), so we have really gotten the ball rolling for the year, and we worked on hundreds more. Our holding cupboard for finished quilts is full – so we’re ready for a some calls to come in now from our recipients who need quilts, thanks to all our efforts.

32″ x 42″ baby quilts will definitely be our biggest need this year, so if you are working on any tops of your own, or would like to work on the baby quilt kits, that size will be the most helpful. We heard a neat idea from a member about what she does with the baby quilt kits that are on the tables to take home from almost every meeting: she takes three at a time, and then sorts them into harmonious color families, so she’ll end up with a greenish quilt, a reddish quilt, and a bluish quilt, for example. We’d like to try that! It sounded like a really fun activity to try.

Thank you everyone for your efforts!
With much gratitude,
The Community Quilts Co-Chairs

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