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Wounded Warrior Center Update

These updates are provided by Therese Thomas, our liaison with with Wounded Warrior Battalion at Camp Pendleton.

Another Wednesday trip to Camp Pendleton’s Wounded Warrior Battalion for doing tax returns!! Slowly but surely I’m working my way through as many of the 132 residents as I can get; some need convincing that they don’t have forever and please bring me your paperwork……Procrastination abounds….

Going there this time I had two big boxes of wonderful things. First and foremost there were two new beautiful quilts sent by Bev L of Discovery Bay, CA. They were magnificent, and sorely needed. The FRO (Family Readiness Officer) called me, but I’d already left for the base. Remember that there was a spare amount of quilts after that bounty from the Bridgeport group? That is gone and they were out of quilts!! The influx of new residents is tapping into all supplies. I have about five more in my spare bedroom, but those will be the last re-supply until new arrive. Maybe I’ll have to remove the virtual padlock from my craft room….oh the temptation to go there, rather than sitting at my desk, crunching numbers!!
picture of quilt
I just LOVE scrap quilts. Use up lots of colors, take a simple design and have some fun with it, using a basic color (deep navy blue and white) as unifying elements. Simply stunning!

These name tags just might convince me that I need an embroidery machine……
picture of quilt
Quilt #2 is a doozie. Again, the simple repetition of solid outer borders with scrap blocks that look so fun to assemble.
picture of quilt
Had to do a close up to show you the beautiful machine quilting that, using the same deep navy blue as the dark blocks, unified the entire quilt. Bright in color but still quite masculine. Oh, boy, I may have another quilt pattern to make up myself. Surely ONLY working on five patterns at a time isn’t enough; I could easily add a sixth quilt without too much strain?!?!?
picture of quilt
The other box to arrive came from Thomas and Alanna from Malibu. They heard that the CO is planning a big deal family day in June at the beach. Why not, as there is a fabulous sandy beach on the USMC base for use only by Marines and their families. Hearing this, plus the WWB goal of getting everyone physically active and moving – they found the source of USMC red plastic red flying discs (how ever do you describe these things without using the trademark name of Frisbee??). A case of 100 arrived!! Supplies for the Beach Party are starting to be checked off the FRO list!!
picture of quilt

This week I’m hoping to bring all the boxes of toys and prezzies that haven’t been shown to you yet – at least three more boxes. The FRO was quite happy to hear that more gifts were coming their way – as I told, their inventory goes in spikes – got some, oops there it went. We got spoiled when the WWC was smaller and could plan flow of items. Now that everything is on a larger scale it just seems to cycle out of control much more quickly.

One of the Marines who got a quilt last year called me (they all have my phone number from doing their taxes). He told me that he had been discharged from the USMC, has moved back home (the SF Bay area), gotten married to his sweetheart and has bought a new home!! A lot to get accomplished. He said that they just LOVE the quilt on their bed and when they have visitors to the house the quilt is always part of their grand tour. The intended use: warmth both physical and psychological, is working and spreading as their friends are so inspired by your work and support of the wounded, ill and injured Marines. Many, many thanks for all you do. He truly sounded happy with his life and so very appreciative of your work and support. Good job, everyone!!

Therese Thomas

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