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WINE COUNTRY QUILT SHOW – deadline date has been extended

Hello fellow quilters!

The deadline date has been extended since there have been so few quilts entered for the show.
The new deadline date is: April 25th. Please don’t be afraid of the computerized entry process. It is very user friendly. Go to and pull down the Quilt Show Tab. Or you can cut and click on this URL or copy and paste it into your browser and it will take you to the form!!! It’s very easy. If you have no comments about your quilt, just type the words “leave blank.” Your notation will be honored.

Also remember if you work a 2 hour shift on ANY day, that entitles you to one free entry into the quilt show your choice of days. If you work two shifts, you get free entry both days!! Otherwise, one shift, one entry and if you want to go again, it’s a nominal fee of $5 for the second day. Volunteers are needed to help make this show a success. So please sign up for something that you would like to do. Forms for volunteering are available on the website click here for Volunteer Sign Up Forms to print the form, complete and mail to Katina Repp.

So PLEASE, enter your quilts on line!!! At the MQSC Spring Fabric sale (Santa Day Guild members, you are invited to attend!) April 18th, there will be several of us available to take a photo of your quilt if you do not have a digital camera. Some forms will be available, but preferably, print one out from the website, have it completed to turn in when you have your quilt photographed. REMEMBER the dimensions, width by length, and it’s very important that you are accurate with these measurements. Attention Santa Rosa Day Guild members, I will be at your meeting on April 19th to photograph your quilts if you cannot take a digital photo of your quilt.

Currently, I have only 170 quilts and that does not make a nice quilt show. We need at least another 130 quilts – come on ladies and gentlemen, enter your quilts!!!

Any questions, please call me, Joanne Thomas, Quilt Show Entry Coordinator, 707-528-3559 or email me

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