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Sharon’s Block Enlargement/Reduction Chart

At a recent guild meeting I mentioned that if someone liked a pattern but it was the wrong size it could easily be enlarged or reduced with the help of a copy machine.

I am attaching a primitive chart that I made showing the “math” (a four-letter word for some).

If you have a block that is 6 inches and you want it to be enlarged to 9 inches, find the 6 on the left side. Find the 9 on the top row. Where they intersect you will find 150%. That is how much you will have to set the copy machine to enlarge your block!

If you have a 10 inch block and you want to turn it into a 5 inch pattern, find the 10 on the left side, find the 5 across the top, and where they intersect you will find 50%. That is how much you will set the copy machine to in order to reduce your block size.

Hope this helps! Of course, if all else fails, just take your pattern to a copy store and ask them to help you!!! Block Enlarge/Reduce Chart
– Sharon ‘the Librarian’ Fry

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