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What Sizes are Community Quilts?

Frequently I get questions about what size of quilts we need for our Community Quilts projects.  Here is that information:

  • Primarily 32" x 42" which is the smallest (Sutter Hospital Neonatal Unit).
  • Then I prefer 42" x 42" for Toddlers.
  • For the bigger kids I make 42" x 50".
  • —and then 42" x 45" on up to 60" long for Seniors.

This gives me a good range of sizes. I just try to avoid piecing "quilt backs" as much as possible. Thank you Everyone!

Hope this helps,

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One Response to “What Sizes are Community Quilts?”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Hi Lavella,
    Some lucky days I find extra wide flannel on the back sale table at our local Beverly’s. Also, there is a website that sells nothing but wide backing fabric. They have good clearance sales on 108″ wide backing fabric. Sometimes for $6.50 a yd. No shipping charges.


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