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Update from the School of Blessings, Haiti

Good and Important Work

The Haitian School of Blessings is continuing their mission to lift people out of poverty by providing tools and education to women. There are 4 women in the program who are now trained and making beautifully crafted hand made purses and bags that will be sold on a website that is currently under construction. Our Guild has responded to the letter that The School of Blessings sent us asking us to consider helping them with the sewing supplies the project needs to keep going.

Guild member Gari Jones has been to Haiti and knows firsthand how important it is for Haiti to have a helping hand there. Gari offered a chance to win her Longarm services in trade for thread donations at our August 7th meeting. This created a lot of excitement and not only brought in pledges for members to bring in thread, but members also asked if they could just donate cash for the cause. In just a few minutes we had raised $300.00!

Gari took our donations and placed an order with Superior Thread. When she placed our order she included a note to them telling them what the thread was for, and asked them to consider sweetening the order if they found it in their hearts. Superior thread responded by indicating they would MATCH our order.

It warms my heart to have witnessed how the request for help for such a worthy and important cause was embraced by our Guild. The donation of this quantity of thread will meet the needs of the School of Blessings for the immediate future. Of course I will continue to keep the guild updated about the progress of the school.

Thank you all for your good and important work.

Toni Anderson





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