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Wounded Warriors News and Quilts

By Therese Thomas
Sorry for the long time between email newsletters.  Fall is supposed to be a fun and relaxing time of preparation for the winter, right?  Instead I was hefting LOTS of wood, getting posts and 20 foot long rails primed and painted for installation.  My neighbors horses ATE 300 feet of wood fencing.  The area is zoned that you cannot use a common property line fence for livestock containment – an inner fence that is five foot from the property line fence is supposed to be a deterrent to equine munching.  My neighbor didn’t follow that zoning rule and over the past four years her animals have gleefully consumed the fence.
There wasn’t much left, and the wire wasn’t held in place enough to contain my doggies (the top rail had been added the prior week….but was too little, too late).  Two weeks later and  many gallons of primer, paint, sacks of concrete and boxes of nails the result is:
Now I just hope the animals are contained and don’t immediately head for the new buffet? 
FINALLY I get to escape into the craft room!
There was a big fire this past week at Camp Pendleton, but I didn’t hear of any structures being lost.  Acres of scorched earth were dramatic reminder of this same time last year.  On the anniversary of last year’s fires there were Santa Ana winds again and a whole lot of folks were nervous – but in San Diego Country we didn’t have anything quite so dramatic (yet).  I did hear from Toni S. after the hurricanes left.  Remember the assortment of gorgeous quilts that she and her husband, Ken, brought out from the Klein Methodist Church last year?  She reported that when they returned home the trees that had fallen had missed their house.  There was, however, no power for 13 days.  Food can be discarded and replaced but I’m not certain about frayed nerves after enduring nearly 2 weeks of hot and humid Texas weather with no air conditioning???  I remember when the power came back on here after the Cedar fires of 2003; when the overhead fans started their delicious whispering again a huge grin split my face;  we, however, didn’t have to endure high humidity, so I can only begin to understand the discomfort and misery.  Any more news from your area, Toni??
The Wounded Warrior Battalion was once again a busy place.  This time there were no drivers with idling vehicles waiting for brass, but Marines were very busily occupied.  Talked with the XO, who told me the plans for expansion into the 200 bed facility were moving forward handily.  Plans are being drawn and approved right now, with ground breaking expected in the next year.  Completion is anticipated sometime in 2010.  It should include some family quarters, which would greatly assist with mental healing of those with families. 
I had three deliveries to make.  A beautiful box of greeting cards and holiday ornaments arrived – even with postage for the cards.  The Marines who spotted the Thanksgiving and Christmas cards were excited.  These were sent by the folks from Malibu who sent such carefully packed and planned assortment of household articles after last year’s fires.  Once again the attention to detail and care for little things really touched me.  Postage can really mount and to have included it was the true icing on the gift cake.  Good job!
Next to it was a bag filled with cotton dish cloths (I call them scrubbies).  Having worked for Food and Drug (in a prior life), I have an aversion for kitchen sponges – those nasty things that smear germs all over your countertop.  Those cotton scrubbies can be laundered and sanitized;  they make kitchen clean-up so easy and ease my mind of the microscopic critters that could be vectored all over your kitchen.
Those scrubbies and the following THIRTEEN quilts were delivered in three huge boxes from Warm the World in Canon City, Colorado.  There was no hint that they were arriving, just a huffing UPS driver.  Beautifully made and very welcome!  I know of at least two of them that were quickly spirited away to bedrooms before they got packed up for storage and future use….
The last thing to share was a fleece blanket I made.  Found these great fabric panels at – made up this one blanket and there was almost a fight over it before it was whisked away.  They also had the other branches of service, should you be interested in Christmas presents for your own family…..
I had to use both types of panels as I couldn’t decide which version I preferred…..soft, nice and the perfect size to settle under for some chilly weather television viewing during football season!
On a personal note I’ve finally admitted that my personal willpower wasn’t sufficient to handle the task and have enrolled in Kaiser’s medically supervised weight loss program.  To date I’ve lost 40 pounds and have another 60 or so to go to reach my goal.  No photos yet – but when I’m closer to target I won’t be so camera shy?  All my fitness training has helped with keeping my balance and flexibility as with such rapid weight loss there is never an equilibrium point and I don’t want to lose balance and fall.  Being around all those fit young Marines who were striving so hard to get back to normal life finally shamed me into getting the help I needed to tackle the weight loss.  Of course  I know that this part is the easy portion;   after the weight is lost begins the life-long struggle to keep it off!!  At least this will be the easiest holiday period in my life, as there will be no temptations nor snacking.  That should start again at the end of January – just in time for the stressors of tax season.  Do I need to be committed to have attempted this in my busy schedule??
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