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Rollin’ Rhonda Reports

The Jane Sassaman Project
Friday, June 18th, Luther Burbank Art and Garden Center, 8:15 am: Jane flew in from the Midwest as if a she were a gently wafting curtain in a late spring breeze carrying the fragrance of sweet peas.  I called the class to order with my school bell – I do so love it when my charges echo my greeting – and promptly turned the students over to our superstar instructor.  She asked each of us to say our name and a few words about how long we’ve been quilting, and something surprising about ourselves.  This is when the fun began.
Several of our people were on state-ordered furloughs, some played hookie from work, and some were last minute, must-have additions lured in by Jane’s prior lecture, ‘Jane’s Textile Garden’.  Her surprising story had us laughing out loud.  I’ll just say that she had a mouth dropping “wardrobe malfunction” when filming with Alex Anderson that brought the shoot to a stop.  I’d love for you to know what happened but you’d have to attend the workshop to get the inside scoop.
This is the third fusing workshop we’ve had this year.  Being mostly ignorant I wondered how many different ways can a thing be fused?  The Answer?  At least three!  I am crazy about Julie Hirota’s ‘Mosaic Method’ and Laura Wasilowski’s ‘Tiny Homes’ had me closed in my little sweatshop for two days working on my ‘welcome’ flag but Jane’s ‘Suns and Moons’ workshop may be the key to my future blue ribbons.
Her fabrics are divine.  Linda T. and I split our purchases.  This way, we both ended up with beautiful pieces.  I’m not sure if my workshop sample will be of the celestial persuasion but I am ready to rock once I’ve decided on a theme.  Not everyone used Jane’s fabrics.  Tera A. brought in batiks that made a fine example and still others mixed and matched Jane’s with materials they brought.
I am always drawn to black and find these a personal fave with black backgrounds like Diana’s, Joanie’s, Nancy M, and Marilyn H’s.  But my favorite of all was Barbara C’s – not black, but dark and lovely.
We had some new faces; Lori, Marilyn H, and Andrea.  It is always good to have fresh perspective through new eyes.  Thank you so much, ladies, for giving SRQG a go.  Thank you, Joanie B, for dragging the ironing boards to and fro.  Thank you Linda Z for the ride in and thank you Linda T for being a super-trooper and a dear friend in facilitating this endeavor.  Thank you, Lynn, for your backwards helping hands in clean up and thank you Judy M and Phyllis for being lodging hostesses for our distinguished guest.  Finally, thank you Santa Rosa Quilt Guild for this excellent community service of teaching the world to sew.
Yours, Rollin Rho

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