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Rolling Rhonda Reports

Hear Ye, Hear Ye:

All hail the Quiltmaker to the Queen! One might think that this is an overstatement but I assure you Jill Schumacher’s work is fit for royalty and now mine will be too. She generously shared her tips and tricks. I wish I could take back the last two years of work for a do-over now that I know so much more. I feel armed and excited and can’t wait to make her proud of my future works.

This SRQG workshop was the best yet. I know, you’ve heard this from me before but it is true. As is the case with each workshop, Linda T had the room set up and ready for business by the time Linda Z and I arrived. Jill was ready with a ton of loot to fill every possible quilting need. We opened with the usual bell and feather promptly at 9am. Jill read us a poem about a hairless woman that gave us pause and encouragement. We were riveted to her every word.

Jill gave us all ideas for quilting as we went around the room, each learning from every quilt top. There were some blue ribbon contenders. Georgieann has an awesome one-block wonder in tiger. Carolle “Lemonaid’s” classic star in Pansy is gorgeous. Pam MC has a black and cream Irish Chain that is stunning. There were three Irish Chains, all different and all beautiful.

Jill brought her store in her car. She calls it her car store and it was brimming over with every possible needle, pin, pen, pencil, stencil, threads of silk, cotton, and filament in clear and other general help aids to make us all Quilters to the Queen. Phyllis and I agreed that we owe Jill our firstborn.

This A.M. I asked my man to take me to the J-store for cotton batting at 40% off in white. I am outside my comfort zone with anything over a bone a yard but I want to be the best. If this cotton experiment goes well I know I am just a Connecting Threads order away from wool and silk batt.;-)

We were graced with some new and lovely faces, Sandra E, Monte, Billie, Adrian, Maryann, and Joy L. Thank you, ladies, for your warmth, smiles, and good company. It was a pleasure to have you there and a beautiful day, albeit a tibblelybit gray.

God save the Quiltmaker to the Queen! Thank you Jill Schumacher!

Rollin Rho

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