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Alex Anderson is BACK!

Alex Anderson is Back!  Yeah!  and Ricky Tims is with her!—You know you can’t keep a person like Alex out of the loop for long.  If you are not aware of the currant trend to "watch TV" at your computer—it is the coming thing. If you don’t have access to fast internet service you may want to consider upgrading in 2007 as TV watching as we presently know it is evolving to the internet, big time! Downloading movies and watching them on larger monitors is the latest thing.

"The Quilt Show" is one of those future happenings on the internet—now!  Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims debut their new quilting show on April 2nd, 2007 and you won’t want to miss it.  What a great couple to host a new Quilting Show!  For previews of their new website and previews of the show please visit:

You can view a clip of Alex and Ricky’s flat screen plasma TV show! Join a forum,  chat, shop, view the quilt gallery, blog. and so much more!  It’s going to be FUN!   Basic Membership is Free. From now until the first of April you can sign up for the Gold Star Charter Membership for $16.95 which offers all sorts of neat perks. Please read more about the Charter Membership at the website. As of today—276 Quilters are signed up…growing by the minute! (click on "search" when you get to the website. Ricky’s Mom and Dad are there—)  Read more news from Ricky and Alex on "The Quilt Show" Blog:

~Angie (Member aka: Sparkle on "The Quilt Show")

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