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2007 Executive Board and Committees

Presenting the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild Executive Board and Committees for 2007

Left  to right back row: Melissa, Marilyn, Glenda, Lee, Pam and Pam M. our new guild President in the background.
Left to right front row: Pat, Janice, Angie, Jeannine, Sharon, Holly, Kathy and Janet

Left to right back row: Pam  M. our new guild president in the background. Sandra, Denise, Linda, Phyllis, Lavella, and Barbara.
Left to right front row: Joanie, Doris, Meri Kay, Mary, Pat and Jan.

Congratulations! and Thank You everyone for making the Santa Rosa Quilt Guild a friendly and fun place to meet with our many quilting friends!

3 Responses to “2007 Executive Board and Committees”

  1. Tera Antaree Says:

    I am a new guild member and just learning my way around. I was excited to see the photos on the blog, but I was wondering if it would be possible to include what role or committee each of these people is in charge of? Also, I imagine you’re choosing not to put people’s last names on the web, but maybe enough of their last name to be able to find them in the roster (like new President could be Pam McV or Pam MV and Kathy who I know is in charge of BOM could at least be Kathy H.)
    Thanks! I’m so thrilled to be part of this guild! Tera

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hi Tera, Welcome to the guild! I respectively did not put members last names here on the Blog for some of the reasons you stated. I always feel some conflict about doing this without express permission from everyone in the pictures, although their full names frequently appear on other place on the website. I decided to not  to include them this time. Whenever possible I prefer to just list everyone by first name only.  Please refer to your membership roster and newsletter for the list of committee members and their roles in the guild at this time. Thank you for taking time to comment here. Looking forward to meeting you "in person". ~Angie SRQG Web.

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