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Wonderful Quilt-a-Thon Day!

Dear Friends,

I could not have asked for a better Quilt-a-thon day. This was the best one ever! There were at least 25 sewing machines going and a counted  82 people working on the quilts. Such excitement filled the air! People were laughing and visiting and having a great time. To me this is what quilting is all about. All of us working together to accomplish so much for our community. I was really tired when I came home but it was a good tired because I enjoyed what I was doing.

When I came to our meeting yesterday I brought 190 quilts to be completed. I thought that would be enough for us to work on for one day. To my surprise and amazement we had been working for only a short time when I thought we might run out of quilts.  I sent Mirna home to pick up the other 60 I had ready. We had 250 quilts we worked on!  I brought home only 6 quilts with pins in them, and the rest were all stitched at least once, but  ready for the next steps to completion. 


A fast count was 30 are completed, and 190 ready to trim, turn and quilt.  Many more  went home with members to finish.

Barbara and the kitchen volunteers had such a great lunch for us. Starbucks provided coffee  which is always such a big hit. A special thank you to those of you who provided the wonderful food.
During our lunch break Sharon Fry gave us a great preview of all the new books. I really enjoyed hearing about the new books and I want to thank Sharon for postponing her report until we broke for lunch.

I hope everyone had a good time yesterday.  As for me it was one of the best days ever!
 Thanks to all of you.


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