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Some Unusual and Interesting Websites!

 I don’t know if  any of you have seen these websites. They are very interesting. 

At "Driven to Quilt" Cliff found podcasts by Nadine Ruggles.  Although she is
no longer doing the podcasts (there are 14) all the ones I have listened to
(through #10) are very interesting.  In the tenth podcast she mentions the
next two websites. 

If nothing else, you must check out the quilts at
gofraser….he is a woodcarver, and all the quilts are WOOD!!! 

The next website is an artist who painted quilt patterns on barns in Ohio (you have
to go to "Portfolio" to see them).   ~Sharon Mills

One Response to “Some Unusual and Interesting Websites!”

  1. Administrator Says:

    Hi Sharon,
    I really enjoyed the websites you posted! Nadine Ruggles is very informative and has the nicest voice to listen too. I listened to her here at my computer as I still haven’t made the leap to buying an I Pod. I want one, but just don’t know which model to buy. The wooden quilts are Awesome! Amazing! –and I just loved the barn artist’s website. Can you imagine driving down the roads and seeing these off in the distance. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.


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