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Wounded Warrior Center at Camp Pendleton

Just wanted to send you the info on the Wounded Warrior Center at Camp Pendleton. This is where I send the quilts. We have sent 3 and soon I will send 3 more. This is such a great project.

Hello everyone!
I went to the WWC on Wednesday but have been so busy with tax stuff that I didn’t have time to write this.  Everyone there is BUSY, too!  SSgt was out; GySgt was dealing with a repair order and the Marines there were just about ready to leave for chow.  Believe me you do not want to stand in front of a man heading for the mess hall…

My regular digital camera disappeared as I was searching for stuff in preparation for the trip so I used my backup.  Hopefully the shots will attach as usual rather than the irritating little attachments you have to open one at a time.

If you remember the last news I had a shot of the long hallway in the living quarters.  What didn’t show was the door hardware.  They have a lock to enter the dorm, but to exit you push on the metal bar which opens the door.  Turns out a LOT of the Marines have a side-effect from their wounds – wretched headaches.  The clanging and banging of that door hardware exacerbated their pain so it was removed.  The GySgt was working with a man to figure out a suitable replacement that met fire code but was QUIET.  No detail is too small to keep these guys on their path to healing.  Pretty impressive in my book…..

Because everyone was so busy (or preoccupied with food….) I didn’t get a head count of how many had been discharged like I promised.  There are twelve residents now, so each room has a person and any more will mean double occupancy. 
What was delivered?  Jane L from MN sent one, as did Jeanette G from CO.  Theirs arrived on a day when I was doing a tax return for a GySgt not from the WWC.  He told me that as a Marine he had seen so much that **nothing** surprised him.  When we opened the boxes and he saw their two quilts he was quiet, then told me that he had not been shocked into silence in a very long time.  He sent his heartfelt thanks for the work that is being done on behalf of his fellow Marines.  Janet D of CA sent a Giants baseball team fleece throw, and Alyce A from the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Maynard MN sent FIVE quilts.  My math tells me that this makes 29 quilts I’ve delivered since they opened in August.  Blessings and thanks to you all, and to everyone who is still laboring on these wonderful gifts.

These shots were definitely candid shots, as the Marines were trying to make a rapid exit for chow. 

I’ll be crunching numbers for a while to earn my keep, but please know my thoughts are with you, in spite of the dancing numbers spinning around in my brain….

Therese Thomas, EA
Thomas Tax Preparation
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4 Responses to “Wounded Warrior Center at Camp Pendleton”

  1. Jan Andrews Says:

    These are great pictures! Thanks for sharing this Lavella!

  2. B. Epps Says:

    My quilt group is working on two quilts. What size is best for this project?

  3. Administrator Says:

    Dear B. Epps,
    We have found that Full Size bed quilts work best for this project. These guys are big! Full size is 54″ x 75″ as listed in Fons’ and Porter’s quilt book. Hope this helps.


  4. Administrator Says:

    We use Gloderworks for our website hosting. They do a great job for us.

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