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Sewing Machine Cart

I have been looking for a good rolling cart to transport my sewing machine, my extension table, sewing accessories, electrical cords, some fabric, books and ect.  I thought I had a O.K. carry case before I found this rolling one at Costco! It is intended for scrapbooking, but it turns out to be perfect to transport my smaller machine (Janome Jem Platnium 760) and everything else I can think of to put into it and make one trip into classes, sew in with friends, retreats and guild meetings.

 Everything in one place, with less trips to the car. I don’t know how often Costco has these in stock. I purchased this in March. If you are interested keep checking. The price as I recall was about $24.00 at Costco. The outside has a ton of storage pockets, and the inside is also lined with oddles of sectioned storage pockets. The cart has nice heavy duty rolling wheels and the extending handles are square metal tubing, so they don’t rotate or twist like the round extension metal handles tend to do.  The actual frame or case is a thick folding plastic type material.  The fabric covering and pockets are a heavy duty nylon. I really like the fact that it  also comes with a cover on top to keep out dust and rain when moving the cart from one place to another, or for storage in the sewing room between outings.   ~Angie

3 Responses to “Sewing Machine Cart”

  1. Sandy Brown Says:

    Hi Angie,

    This cart is super. I will be looking for one at Costco. Thanks for sharing with us.


  2. Pam McVey Says:

    The best part is that it is RED!!!

  3. Administrator Says:

    I like the Red too! I was at Costco this past week—no sign of the cart. However, keep checking. You know how things “come and go” at Costco! ~Angie

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