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The Great Quilt Challenge – Vote 2008

  On September 14 the "Quilt Challenge" will be due at
 ourFounder’s Luncheon.

We ask those that have chosen to participate in the challenge to drop off their quilt in a bag, before they enter the meeting hall. We will give you a receipt and a corresponding note card where you will write the name of your quilt and your "inspiration".    

During the luncheon we will show your quilt  "anonymously" and read your  "inspiration". The members will "vote" on the quilt that inspires them the most. 

  This is all in fun. (the prizes are hokey) You might win because the message is funny, inspiring, esoteric, weird, agrees with their political viewpoint, disagrees with their political viewpoint , or the darn quilt is beautiful!  

So come one come all join in the quilt challenge. Every day the election of 2008 has absolutely new material that can be rendered into a quilt. I had heard of Joe Biden but how many had even heard of Sarah Palin?     

There are no color /size requirements. The theme is "freedom ofchoice" and you must say somewhere on your quilt "Vote 2008".That’s it. So do it. And submit a challenge on September 14 in a bag it’ll be fun. And who knows you might win.


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