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Rollin’ Rhonda Reports

July 16, 2010

Is that my favorite storyteller, Pam Brown, on her hands and knees under the table on the floor? Good Gosh woman, that’s why Linda T and I are here. Sandy Turner, our instructor was soft spoken, often humorous, easy going, easy maintenance, highly educated in fabric arts and our professional quilt teacher for the month of July. We were lucky to get her. Her perspective on the Attic Window made for a good and creative workshop. We discovered at the lecture that she learned Attic Windows from our favorite Mariners Compass creator, Judy M.

The quilt tops that produced (many completed) were lovely and inspiring. Some were playful like Phyllis’ fun fish in lavender and purples and Norma’s colorful ladies doing the laundry with a song in their hearts. There were formal and Japanese gardens, like Pam B’s and Fran T’s. Judy K had poppy fields and Gerry McD‘s cherry trees were in full blossom. Tera A created an elegant and stunning forest, Pam McV a bay of sailboats. Jan A made a lakeside fishing village that looked like an actual window with a view. I cannot wait for the show and tell when next we meet. I think that Tera’s is competition-worthy. The color combinations are striking.

Some of my peeps left early: our very own Christopher Robin and Linda Z (my chaufous) because mixed up measures rendered their pictorials useless. Joy and Barbara C did tag team duty on the ironing boards. Carol J brought in homemade zucchini bread. It was yummy. It totally hit the spot and kept us going through lunch.

The afternoon flew by. We looked up at the clock to find it 3:30. Time to pack up and clean up which is how we found Pam B on the floor under the table…

Rhonda Your Rollin’ Reporter

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